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Hair transplantation procedures are among the most popular applications of recent times. In hair transplantation procedures developed to fix hair loss problems, hair growth is obtained as a result of the hair transplantation applied to the areas where hair loss occurs. Hair transplantation has managed to become one of the most popular applications of recent times with the high success rate achieved.

Increase the success rate of the operation with scalp exercises before undergoing hair transplantation.


Issues to be Considered While Hair Transplantation Procedure Is Being Performed

Patients who decide on hair transplantation should be informed about many subjects and make their decisions accordingly. First of all, it is necessary to understand the logic of hair transplantation operations and to know the application methods in detail. This is at the top of the list of rules to be observed.

Accurate diagnosis is always a factor that makes the results more successful. When the examination stage is reached after the diagnosis, the hair follicles must be treated very sensitively during the collection and this process should be terminated without damaging the roots. Damaging the roots during this process is proof that the procedure will fail in the end. 

Hair follicles to be taken from roots must be stored professionally. When it comes to transplanting the hair follicles, the direction of hair transplantation should be paid attention to with special care when doing this. Because the hair starts to grow in the direction of transplantation. When there is hair transplanted in the opposite direction, it causes an appearance that distorts the order.

After the successful performance of these procedures, the patient should pay attention to fluid intake on the same day. Since alcohol intake is a condition that affects hair follicles, it will directly damage these. It is also important not to experience stress for a certain period of time after hair transplantation.

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Quality of Hair Transplantation Centre Preferred

Although hair transplantation is seen as a simple procedure, it is actually accepted in the class of surgical operations. Therefore, it is an operation that must be performed by a team with expert knowledge. It is possible to achieve very successful results with operations performed by an experienced specialist team.

Hair transplantation operations are accepted in the field of medicine. Therefore, these are the operations that must be performed in sterile centres with necessary healthcare equipment. Working with experts who follow the world’s technologies in this field always brings success.


Consider Comments About the Hospital or Clinic That Will Perform Your Operation

In order to obtain information about the hospital conditions and to witness the results obtained, it is very important to communicate with the patients that the centre has previously served. These facilities provided by the hospital or treatment centre play a decisive role in the preference of the potential patients in line.

Professional hair transplantation centres should have patient counsellors who can guide patients in the right way and provide information about what needs to be done in the future. These specialists should inform the patient about the pre- and post-treatment phases and provide information about what to consider before undergoing the operation.



The Importance of Exercising in a Successful Hair Transplantation Procedure

It is observed that exercising the bottom of the hair provides positive returns to the hair transplantation procedure.  With regular exercises, the skin gains the flexibility it needs, and the hair grows in a more natural environment. Therefore, before and after many hair transplantation procedures, patients are advised to do hair exercises. However, there is a point that must be considered during this treatment stage. A certain period of time must elapse after treatment. Otherwise, the pores may reopen, resulting in failure of the operation.

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Recommended Scalp Exercises for Hair Transplantation Procedures

Model 1: It is possible to get more beneficial results in a shorter time with the exercises which are very useful for the healing of hair pores. 

  • First, the hands are taken behind the back of the neck.
  • After the hands are placed evenly on the neck, they are moved up and down at the same level and the skin is moved.
  • With this process, the skin has a softer structure and blood circulation is improved.
  • You can practice this exercise for 5 minutes every morning and evening.

Model 2: Exercises in this second technique differ slightly from the first one.

  • In the second exercise, the hands are fixed to the side skin of the head.
  • The skin must be moved up and down so as not to let the hands move away from the skin.
  • You can practice this exercise for 5 minutes every morning and evening.

There are quite different exercise movements that can be performed on the skin. When doing these exercises, it is important to know the tricks and not to damage the skin in any way. If done with the wrong techniques, this creates a very serious reaction on the roots where hair transplantation is performed.

The success rate of hair transplantation procedure may decrease with the continuous repetition of the wrong applications that may adversely affect the healing process. Therefore, the techniques should be applied as accurately as possible and should be performed with the right moves.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be applied to almost everyone from the age of seven to seventy. As a result of these operations performed at very reasonable costs and with professional solutions, it is possible to have healthy hair again.

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