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Hair transplantation is one of today’s most favourite procedures. Considering the fact that more than fifty percent of the people suffer from hair loss, the size of the density experienced in hair transplantation centres can be understood. Especially in cases with individuals over 40 years of age who have hair loss problems due to their hormones, hair transplantation operations are quite successful.

Many countries around the world experience an intensive hair transplantation process. Each country carries out these hair transplantation operations in the places they find most suitable as a result of the large-scale researches they make. Turkey has a wide reputation in the field of hair transplantation and thanks to the use of high-tech medical devices in this field, it is now a country that welcomes patients from all over the world.

Turkey and Denmark are the 2 leading countries in hair transplantation sector. We have compared these two countries for you in terms of price, performance and success rates.


History of 2 Countries With Hair Transplantation Techniques

Both Turkey and Denmark have a fairly long history in hair transplantation surgery. Both countries attract attention with their hair transplantation procedures performed on their own citizens. In this regard, Turkey is a step ahead with the services it performs in a professional manner. Because, in Turkey, transplantation does not only serve the people of the country and welcomes patients from all regions of the world. Hair transplantation techniques have also changed due to the developments in the field of technology for many years and these techniques are now actively used in many European countries and especially in Turkey.

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Turkey’s Favourable Geographical Location Affect Hair Transplantation Preferences

Turkey welcomes patients from every country in the world in the field of hair transplantation. The most basic reason is the geographical positioning of Turkey. Turkey, at an equal distance from many countries, welcomes many patients from each country during the year due to its proximity. Following its worldwide reputation in the services offered, even patients who have never undergone such hair transplantation procedure before favour Turkey as their first choice for this service. These reasons are also valid among the reasons for the preference of Turkey for hair transplantation operations.



Professional Hair Transplantation Services with Advanced Technology Used In Turkey

In terms of hair transplantation techniques, Turkey progresses using highly advanced technologies. It has established a solid medical infrastructure by following closely all kinds of studies carried out in the health sector which is developing day by day and all the techniques and materials it uses consist of state-of-the-art medical devices. Turkey attracts a lot of attention of many patients from all over the world with the techniques it uses and the high satisfaction it provides.

Turkey always makes moves considering the health of the patient while providing these professional services. Every step of hair transplantation procedure is with professional healthcare professionals who are closely interested in the patient’s health status and they usually result in success. The patients are treated with a smiling face during all stages and the aim is to keep their morale high.


The Importance of Health Tourism in Turkey

Many different health services such as hair transplantation get too much government support in Turkey. The state mobilizes every opportunity, especially in the field of healthcare. When considering that Turkey has taken quite successful steps in the field of healthcare and that it has unlimited opportunities, it is possible to have an idea about the level of care it gives to patients. Due to many different reasons such as this one, Turkey is one step ahead in the preference list when it comes to hair transplantation procedures.

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Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey and Denmark

It is known that countries have different prices in the hair transplantation market. Each country rewards different prices for its own healthcare services. In return, it tries to come to the forefront with the services it provides. The prices offered for hair transplantation service worldwide present astonishing figures. Package prices that are claimed to cover all kinds of treatment costs are often overcharged.

The amount to be spent on hair transplantation in Turkey has very reasonable costs compared to other countries. For example; today, the minimum fee charged for hair transplantation in Denmark is around 5,000 – 6,000 Euros. And these figures are requested only for the hair transplantation operation itself. It does not cover any other fees such as accommodation, transportation, food and beverage outside the hospital. Patients are obliged to make additional payments for all non-hospital expenses, the country or hospital does not provide any support for payment.

In Turkey, the situation is completely different. The total cost to be requested from patients varies between 2,000 and 3,000 Euros. This requested fee will be used both for the hair transplantation costs of the patient and costs incurring outside the hospital. In line with the service given at very reasonable prices, patients coming from abroad get a complete hair transplantation service and do not have to pay any additional fees.



Best Hair Transplantation Solution Is Available In Turkey

Today many countries of the world are aware of successful hair transplantation operations in Turkey. Consequently, people living in these countries come to Turkey without losing any time to get hair transplantation services following the references they receive back in their own countries. Patients, who are always satisfied with the service they get, tell others about their satisfaction and they recommend the country’s services to these patients in the safest way.

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