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Liposuction is the operation of removing the excess fat in the body. With liposuction, it is possible to get rid of the stubborn and regional fats that are mostly complained about. Local fats that occur in people’s bodies over time become quite stubborn and do not leave the body easily. Thanks to the developing technologies in medicine, it is now possible to get rid of excess fat without difficulty. With painless new techniques, excess fat in the body can be removed in a very short time and this will provide a more proportional appearance in the body.


How Is Liposuction Applied?

Liposuction is a professional application in terms of removing excess fat in the body. In this method, which is recommended as a definite solution, patients can return to their daily lives by regaining their health in a very short time. People who apply for liposuction are firstly taken to a detailed examination locally and studies are done in order to find out which areas have excess fat problems. The procedure starts with anesthesia depending on the conditions of the regions to be treated. General anesthesia is not needed because liposuction is not a heavy application.

  • Unless otherwise required, operation starts with local anesthesia.
  • Once the area to be treated is determined, small incisions of 2-3 millimeters are opened in this region to reach the fatty area.
  • A tube called cannula is placed in the adipose tissue in order to carry out the procedure easily.
  • With the movements of this tube inside, the fats begin to liquefy and the syringe on the end of the tube makes it easier for the fats to be withdrawn from the body.
  • Vacuum is applied with back and forth movements during this process and this process continues until all the fats in the area are removed.

It is very important that only the experts carry this procedure in order to prevent the distorted appearance and fatty gland protrusion during application. After the fats are removed from the area, the incisions are closed without using stitches. Patients can usually leave hospital on the same day unless otherwise occurs.

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Who Is It Suitable for?

Liposuction cannot be applied to everyone. Whether you are eligible or not will be determined after a pre-interview with your doctor. At the same time, your doctor will inform you about what you need to know about liposuction.

  • No smoking is permitted before liposuction. Smokers are asked to stop smoking at least 2 months before the operation.
  • People who do not have any health problems that may affect the recovery process can have liposuction
  • People with good muscle and skin tissue at 30% of their ideal weight.


For Which Regions Can Liposuction Be Preferred?

Liposuction, in general, can be applied to the patients who gets fat as they don’t have time to do sports or who can’t get rid of their fats in normal ways. It is a practice regardless of gender and has very long-lasting results on each individual. Liposuction treatment can be performed easily in almost every area where unnecessary fat accumulation is detected in the body. Since it is a local application, it is frequently preferred especially in abdomen, hips, arms and legs.


Normal Fat Balance in a Body

The amount of fat that a healthy man should have in his body is between 12% and 18%. This ratio is determined by the proportion of muscle in the body. In normal equilibrium, fat accumulations above these measurements progress with time and cause obesity problem. In women, the rate of fat should not exceed 30%. If this rate is exceeded, excess fat may accumulate in the body in a short time.


Will the Fats Accumulate Again?

With Liposuction technique, fat is taken from many areas such as hip, buttocks, arm and chest. After liposuction, if people do not pay attention to their nutrition, regaining fats may occur after a while. Therefore, it is very important that you avoid unhealthy diet and stick to the nutrition style recommended by your doctor after the application.



Results of Liposuction Treatments

In liposuction techniques, the patient himself/herself determines how much fat should be taken from his/her body. Normally, all overweight people want to get rid of all the fat in their bodies permanently. This is generally the case for those who weigh more than 20-30 pounds. Having too much weight does not mean that you get that much fat from your body.

There is a certain amount of fat to be taken from the body, and even if people are obese, liposuction can only absorb a certain amount of fat in the body. Especially in people who have too much weight; even if a large amount of fat can be removed, it is still not possible to get all the fats in the body.


Liposuction Method Body Fat Ratio

Liposuction treatment is an intensely preferred procedure in terms of both giving a definite result and enabling the patient to return to normal life in a very short time. It is one of the favorite choices of many people especially because it makes it possible to get rid of fats in the local sense. It is a preferred operation especially in the waist and thigh areas. However, it is important to know that the ratio of fat to be taken in each region is up to a certain amount. In other words, although the patient wants to see a result according to his own wish, the amount of fat to be taken is limited in the technical sense.

  • Maximum amount of fat to be taken in liposuction in the waist area is limited to 3 liters. If this amount over-exceeds, the body will be trapped in a difficult situation or becomes disproportionate. The average values are therefore around 3 liters.
  • Liposuction procedures for the abdomen are again limited to 2 or 3 liters. Due to the fact that it is a local operation, the amount of fat to be taken in each area is calculated separately.
  • Buttocks and hips are the most preferred areas for liposuction treatments and the amount of fat to be taken is limited to 4 liters.

As a result, the maximum amount of fat that can be removed in the liposuction procedure is limited to 4 liters. Taking more than this amount in a single session is not applied because it may cause complications. For overweight people, more fat removal is possible by applying more than one session according to the doctor’s recommendations.

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