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Hair transplantation is a method used by many people of almost all ages. Our hair has a very important role in changing our appearance. Hair loss negatively affects men and women of all ages. It is also a problem that weakens most people psychologically. It is a serious problem, especially for men. In fact, hair transplantation is not a procedure performed only in the 30s as it is believed. Many men, both in their 30s and 50s, do consult this method. Nowadays, with developing technology, hair transplantation surgery produces quite positive results. Therefore, hair loss is now a preventable problem. However, if you want to take advantage of this technology, there are some issues to consider.

How is hair transplantation procedure performed after the age of 50? What are the differences compared to the standard procedure? It’s all in our article.


Hair Transplantation in The 50s

With the changing conditions of today, the 50s is no longer considered advanced age. It is also a natural desire to want to regain our lost hair at this age. Especially for those who lose their hair later for genetic reasons, having this problem for the first time can be quite disturbing. Therefore, the applications for hair transplantation after the 50s have increased considerably. Is it harmful to health to get hair transplantation after a certain age? Also, can hair transplantation produce a positive result even at this age?


Can People Get Hair Transplantation at Any Age?

First of all, you should find a healthcare centre or clinic that is experienced and professional and has all the necessary certifications for the hair transplantation procedure regardless of your age. This choice is very important to avoid risking your health and achieve successful results. Hair transplantation is now a very comfortable surgical procedure, but it is very important to have it done by a qualified doctor because of the risks and problems that may occur during the operation.


After doing the necessary research and choosing a reliable healthcare centre, you and your doctor can decide on the hair transplantation procedure. You should not decide until you get enough advice and find a healthcare centre with specialist doctors. A good healthcare centre will give you all the information you need on this. You should have realistic expectations about the results of the hair transplantation operation and seek the advice of a specialist doctor. Once you have confidence in the clinic or healthcare centre, you can make a clearer decision about hair transplantation.

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Details of Hair Transplantation in the 50s

If you are not very old and do not have any serious health problems, you can also have hair transplantation in your 50s. Health issues are extremely important as there will be minor bleeding during this operation. However, there are other considerations after the 50s. First of all, naturally your hair will become lighter and whiter after the 50s. Therefore, the hair transplantation procedure should be performed more meticulously and carefully. Because it may be more difficult to collect and place a non-dark hair follicle after opening a channel. Therefore, as we have already mentioned, the expertise of your doctor in the clinic or healthcare centre is very important.


Channel Opening and Placing Hair Follicles

No matter what colour your hair is, channelling and placing the hair at the right angle is the most important step. The more successful this is done, the better the result will be. The natural appearance of the transplanted hair depends on this. Expert knowledge and experience are absolutely necessary for hair collection from the donor area and optimal placement. If the whitened hair follicles are to be placed, this procedure needs to be performed with much more attention. Because naturally, this hair colour is much more difficult to notice and process. If you have a fully qualified surgeon in a very good healthcare centre to do the job, hair transplantation in your 50s can also produce very successful results.

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The Success of Hair Transplantation Results

If you are over 50 and you are uncomfortable with hair loss, you should know that your hair transplantation procedure will also produce very successful results. However, thorough research may be required. You can discuss all these details with a qualified surgeon before transplantation. The surgeon who will perform the procedure for you will also give you detailed information about the possible results you can expect after the operation. The regrowth of your hair and the natural appearance of your new grown hair entirely depend on your doctor’s expertise. Our country has made very important progress in the field of hair transplantation. Many hair transplantation centres in Turkey provide services in this field.

You have to do careful research to choose the best one. You can then discuss the details of the operation with doctors at this centre. Your hair transplantation centre should also provide you with the necessary support in counselling. The hair transplantation procedure can still be successful after the age of 50 if the physician who will perform the operation has sufficient knowledge and experience on this subject. The doctor should also be able to perform channel opening and placement perfectly. As long as these are provided, there is no age limit or sex discrimination for hair transplantation procedure.

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