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Among the most asked questions about hair transplantation operation are the recovery process and what to do after. There are some recommended things to reduce the risks such as damaging the new hair follicles and swelling in the area and, in particular, getting an infection. In this article, you will find some information about what you should be aware of after hair transplantation. If you are careful about our points, your new hair will grow as you like and you will have a natural looking lush hair at the end of the required time.

How to prevent the swelling in the first 3 days after hair transplantation? What else should be considered?


First 2 Weeks

The first 2 weeks after hair transplantation is an important process. There are some points you should be careful with during these 2 weeks. Some of those are as the following:

  • You should not engage in any sports,
  • Not enter the sauna,
  • No enter pool or sea,
  • Avoid hairdressing,
  • Not use the solarium.

Because at the end of this kind of activities, your new hair follicles may be damaged or you may face with hygiene and infection problems. It is also recomennded to avoid sweating during the first 3 days.


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When Can I Wash My Hair After?

You should not wash your hair for the first 36 hours after hair transplantation. It is important that you wait before washing your hair if you do not have any special situation that your doctor told. After 36 hours, do not wash your hair on your own. The first wash should be carried out by the doctor or paramedics at the place of the operation. This is very important in order to prevent damage to hair follicles. After that, it is recommended to be washed daily as described by the doctor for 15 days. You should also be careful about drying. You should dry your hair without using a dryer and contacting with anything. You should dry it with soft touches with the help of a clean towel. During the first week and also in the future, you should do your hair care with the products suggested as recommended by your doctor.


Nutrition Considerations

Although it is not necessary to give a special diet list after hair transplantation, it will be useful to stay away from heavy foods for a while. The main point to pay attention to is smoking, alcohol and drug use.

It is not recommended to drink alcohol at least 3 days before and 1 month after hair transplantation. Do not use cigarettes, especially on the day of operation and the next day. Do not use any blood thinner pill unless necessary. In this case, your hair follicles may cause minor bleeding. If you need to use painkillers or antibiotics, you have to follow the advice of your doctor.

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Protecting New Hair Roots

The main point that should be considered after hair transplantation is that any contact with the hair follicles should not be made. Also, if you live in a very hot or cold climate, you should not go out as much as possible and not expose your new hair follicles to hot or cold air. You must not participate in any sporting activity or any other activity at risk of any kind of contact with hair follicles. On the 5th day, you can start light cardio workouts that do not make you very sweaty like walking and cycling. Starting from the 15th day there is no obstacle to starting the weight training.



How Should I Sleep?

As we said, the most important issue after hair transplantation is to protect the new hair follicles. Generally, hair transplantation operations are performed on the front of our hair; therefore, you should definitely not lie down in a prone position. If possible, the patient should sleep with a pillow at an angle of 15 degrees for the first 3 days and with the neck cushion given after the operation to prevent swelling. The important thing is that any pillow, quilt or blanket does not touch your hair roots.

Another important issue is the clothes you will wear. If possible, you should choose clothes that can be taken off easily, such as buttoned or zippered clothing. Clothes that are easy to wear and do not need to come in contact with hair roots will be the right choice.


About Swelling

Another problem after hair transplantation is that swelling occurs especially in the area where the transplantation is done. In order to avoid this, you should lift the neck pillow up for the first 3 days and lie down to make a 15-degree angle between your head and your bed. If you lie down by lifting your head this way, your swelling problem will be minimized. This angle should also be maintained while sitting.

Generally, the formation of this swelling is a reaction of our body to the new hair follicles, which is quite common and, thus, the natural course of the operation. This swelling is not permanent and has no harm. Swellings that may occur on the head are a normal stage of the healing process. If these swellings are accompanied by excessive irritancy, pain or fever, you should consult your physician immediately.

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