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Each person has unique hair and different hair type. Hair may be fragile, oily, strong, rough etc. All these differences make shampoo selection more important. Hair type has to be considered while selecting a shampoo and suitable products have to be selected. Then, how to select the correct shampoo? Let us find the answer to this question together.


Should Hair Be Washed Every Day?

Hair may be exposed to different external effects. Pollution, dust, UV lights and similar factors inevitably cause some hair damage. These do negatively affect not only hair strands but also scalp.

Sebum amount in hair may increase due to getting dirty. In such a case, hair gets oily and starts to obtain a shiny look. This situation can be considered as a message from hair, saying “wash me”. Depending on pollution you are exposed throughout a day, you can wash your hair daily as well.

There are some people claiming that washing hair every day is harmful. However, if a shampoo product that does not include harmful chemicals and that is suitable to hair type, daily washing will not cause any harm.

Scalp with clogged pores due to dirty hair simply breathes after being washed. This way, hair health is ensured. Additionally, clean hair and scalp are two important factors before hair growth.


Shampoo Selection for Thin Hair

This hair tends to get oily. Oily hair loses its volume through a day and become still. In order to prevent this situation, hair must be cleaned and de-oiled.

Select Shampoo for Men

While selecting shampoo product for thin hair, you have to ensure that the shampoo product you would like to select has neutral pH value. Additionally, it shouldn’t include excessively nourishing substances, since such substances may overwhelm thin hair strands. Except these, it should not be forgotten that thin hair tends to be oily so selected shampoo product should not be rich in oil.

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Hair Moisturizer Should Not Be Neglected

Negative effects that are exposed to during a day may make hair go dry. In order to prevent such problems, hair must be moisturized. During shampoo product selection, this factor has to be considered.

In order for hair to be protected against external effects, sebum deficiency must be compensated. However, while doing so, excess oiling should be avoided. Hair must be nourished without being exposed to excessive oil content and must be left for self-repair.

Together with shampoo, some nourishing oil products can be used. Almond oil, coconut oil and argan oil can restore hair color and elasticity. These oils preserve the benefits that hair can obtain after being moisturized and nourish hair thoroughly.


Causes of Damaged Hair and Proposed Solutions

Hair may get damaged in time due to different causes and starts losing its quality. There may be different reasons behind hair damage. Yet, some common reasons are as below:

  • Direct and continuous sun exposure
  • Repetitive hair dying
  • High temperature hair drying or hair styling
  • Stress
  • Hair malnourishment

Such effects will make your hair get damaged in time. If you have damaged hair, you can use moisturizers like arginine and natural products that can provide neutral cleaning. With these, your hair and scalp will be cleaned and nourished thoroughly. Furthermore, regular use will restore your hair’s elasticity and gloss. Diet, stress management and a healthy lifestyle also help hair treatments.

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Avoid These While Selecting a Shampoo

While selecting your shampoo, be sure that you check its content. Even in some products that look so innocent, there may be some chemicals that are dangerous for hair and scalp. When you select such shampoo products, the result may be a complete disappointment. Try not to select any shampoo product with one or more of the following substances:

Selecting a Shampoo for Hair Types



Shampoo products with silicone help effective renewal of hair. These products surrounds hair strand and fills broken areas. This way, these products provide a healthy look. However, on the other side, it simply strangles scalp. Due to this, hair follicles can’t get nourished. Hair that can’t get nourished well and can’t grow may break in time and even may be lost.



Paraben is a substance that prevents bacteria in shampoo products. However, when shampoo is applied onto hair, it may mix with blood. After that, paraben may cause negative effects in hormonal system. Shortly, paraben is a substance that is not innocent and that threats human life. While selecting a shampoo product, be sure that it does not contain paraben.



This is a substance that is used for shampoo to foam. However, it has some negative effects like irritating scalp, decreasing natural keratin level in hair and weakening hair strands. Therefore, it is not included in natural shampoo products.

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While making a shampoo selection, first of all, general status of hair and its nature should be considered. Besides, harmful chemical should not be an ingredient. When these are taken into account, hair will be more healthy and durable against external effects.

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