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Combining hysterectomy and tummy tuck procedures allows two major problems to be solved in one operation. For this, at least 2 surgeons with different expertise should be involved and perform the surgery together. So, how to combine hysterectomy and tummy truck procedures? Are there any risks? What are the opinions of experts on this subject? All in our article.


What is Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy is uterine removal surgery. This surgery is performed when it comes to removing uterus completely due to different reasons. There are two different ways for hysterectomy. The first one is to remove uterus through vaginal channel, the other one is to remove it from abdominal region. When removal from abdominal region is preferred, open surgery or laparoscopic methods can be preferred depending on patient’s condition.


In Which Situation Is Hysterectomy Required?

Removal of uterus means that the relevant person will not be able to have a child again. Therefore, taking the decision to perform a hysterectomy is extremely difficult. This method is often considered as one of the last remedies. However, it should be known that there are many conditions that cause hysterectomy depending on the health problems experienced. These are generally as follows:

  • One of the most important reasons to perform hysterectomy is presence of smooth muscle tumor in uterine tissue. However, when uterine myoma is detected for a patient, uterine removal surgery does not come up first. Priority is the methods in which uterus is protected. When these methods fail, hysterectomy is performed as the last remedy.
  • Hysterectomy comes up when abnormal and unstoppable bleeding happens in uterus. At this point, it is checked whether the patient is at the end of fertility age or has completed it already. If patient has no idea about any future pregnancy, removing uterus is considered in such bleeding cases.
  • Hysterectomy can be performed to treat uterine cancer and other gynecological cancers.
  • It can be preferred to treat uterine sagging problems experienced by old women.
  • One type of adenomyosis on uterine wall, also known as chocolate cyst, can cause severe menstrual pain. If patient has completed her fertility, hysterectomy option is considered.

*In the cases above, hysterectomy may be required. However, to emphasize again, uterine removal is the last option. If the patient is planning to get pregnant in the future, all options that preserve uterus are evaluated.


How to Combine Hysterectomy and Tummy Tuck Procedure?


Tummy Tuck Turkey Surgery Day

It may be possible to combine hysterectomy and tummy truck procedures. If necessary conditions are met, those people who have to get hysterectomy can also get tummy tuck procedure. Those who want to reshape abdominal area may consider combining it with tummy tuck after it is certain that hysterectomy will be performed. Previous operations have proven that these two procedures can be done together. However, there are a set of important points that patients should know at this point.

Hysterectomy is a procedure that can be applied in different ways. Although, abdominal hysterectomy (open surgery) is a common option, it should be noted that this procedure can also be performed by laparoscopic methods. Even, the recovery time is shorter since these methods are less invasive. However, hysterectomy in the form of closed surgery and tummy tuck procedure cannot be combined. Therefore, patients should choose abdominal hysterectomy option for this.

Tummy tuck is an open surgery that directly targets abdominal area. In this surgery, excess fat, tissue and skin in abdominal region are removed and muscles in the region are tightened. Tummy tuck recovery time should also be considered when you are making your plan.

Hysterectomy and tummy tuck are completely different procedures. It is necessary to ensure that expert surgeons are in the same operating room in order to perform these surgeries at the same time. This way, both procedures can be applied at the same time. Combining procedures will cause reduction of surgery costs and bring other similar advantages.


Different Expert Opinions About Hysterectomy and Tummy Tuck Combination

Experts have different opinions on this subject. Some of the featured opinions are as follows:

Cost of Tummy Tuck

Glenn M. Davis, MD, FACS

When necessary conditions are met, hysterectomy and tummy tuck can be performed at the same time. The time of recovery and anesthesia are saved. However, it may be a bit complicated to save money from surgery. It should not be forgotten that surgeons should make a detailed planning before such operation, if two surgeries will be combined.

Michael Bermant, MD

It is possible to combine tummy tuck and hysterectomy procedures. However, hysterectomy should be performed for a reason except infection and cancer. If such reasons exist, it may not be appropriate to combine these two procedures.

Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS,MBA

Hysterectomy and tummy tuck can be combined as long as there is no cancer or infection situation. Patients should discuss this subject with their surgeons and decide whether the mentioned procedure is appropriate or not, depending on their situations. Combining surgeries may not be appropriate for everyone. If it is decided combine the two, surgeons must be in a full coordination and cooperation.

When the expert opinions above are considered, it is understood that these two procedures can be performed together when necessary conditions are met.