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Every morning, do you realize a change in your appearance when you look at yourself in the mirror? Especially, can you see your scalp? Many people say “yes” when these questions are asked. The sentence “My Hair Is So Thin I Can See My Scalp” is a sign that shows hair thinning and hair loss. Then, what should be done? Does this situation cause permanent baldness? All details are in our article.


Is Seeing Scalp Through Wet Hair A Symptom of Baldness?

Your hair strands get together when wet. Therefore, it is very normal if you see your scalp in this case. This is not a symptom of baldness.

Wet hair strands tend to get together. Wet hair strands stick each other and your hair get clustered. Due to this, your scalp starts to be visible.

It can be said that, for people who say “I can see my scalp through my hair when it is wet”, there is no risk and this situation is completely normal. Yet, the main thing here is that scalp should only be seen while hair is wet in this case. If visible scalp area enlarges from day to day, it means there is a problem. Such a case may be accepted as a baldness symptom.

I Can See My Scalp Through My Hair


Is It More Probable to See Scalp Through Blond Hair?

Having blond hair makes it easier to see scalp due to the color. On top of that, if a blond person has thin hair as well, scalp can be seen more. Therefore, this situation is accepted as normal.

The main thing to consider at this point is whether the visible scalp area changes in time or not. If visible area enlarges in time, this is a symptom of hair loss. By considering this possibility, necessary controls should be performed.

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Is it Normal to See Scalp through Short Hair?

The shorter hair is, the easier it is to see scalp. It is very normal for short-haired people’s scalp to be visible.

When hair get longer, respective visible area is covered more effectively. The more volume there is, the more area is covered. By considering this simple rule here, it can be said that there is an inverse relationship here between hair length and visible scalp area. When hair is short, scalp is seen more easily and when hair is long, it is in a more difficult way.

If you say “I can see my scalp through my hair” but the area that you can see does not change in size as time passes, this is normal. You shouldn’t be worried.


Reasons of Hair Thinning

Hair thinning due to different causes is realized when it becomes easier to see scalp. Whatever the reason behind is, the first thing that comes to mind is baldness. Therefore, firstly the cause and then related treatment are wondered about.

There may be different reasons of hair thinning. However, nowadays, one of the main reasons of this problem is genetic factors. Sensitivity to DHT hormone due to genetic factors causes hair thinning.

In order to understand if you have such a risk from genetic point of view, you can check if you have any elder members of your family who experiences this problem. The first person to check should be your mother’s father.

People who are sensitive to DHT hormone due to genetic factors experience hair thinning after a certain age. The reason behind this is the fact that healthy hair follicles are affected by the existence of DHT hormone. Because of this, first hair strands get thinner and afterwards, if necessary treatment is not applied, permanent hair loss may occur. It is very important for you to see a dermatologist and get examined.

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How Can I Cover Scalp?

People who complain like “I can see my scalp through my hair” can try different ways to cover visible scalp area. The first option at this point is to use existing hair. Combing towards the front, creating waves and curls are simple methods to cover visible scalp.

I Can See My Scalp Through My Hair

If these are not sufficient to obtain desired result, different cosmetic products can be tried as well. With products like Toppik, you can easily cover visible scalp area. However, unconscious use of such products bring many different risks as well. Before that, it is better for you to consult your doctor.

Another method to cover visible scalp area is using wigs that only cover problematic area and that are suitable to your existing hair. You can select the option suitable for you and you can cover your visible scalp area. It should not be forgotten that this is another temporary solution.


My Hair Is So Thin I Can See My Scalp through My Hair: What Should I Do?

If you say “I can see my scalp through my hair”, first of all, it should be evaluated if this situation is normal or not. If visible scalp area enlarges in time, that means you are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. After this stage, you can solve this problem with suitable treatment options.


  • Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a medicine used to treat hair loss. It is applied directly onto scalp. This medicine makes blood vessels enlarge and blood flow increase. This way, hair follicles get nourished better and consequently, hair thinning and hair loss significantly decrease.

Minoxidil may cause a little bit of hair loss at the beginning. This is normal. In later phases, positive effects can be seen even by other people. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it may not provide desires results for everyone.


  • PRP

PRP for Hair Intensity

PRP can be expressed as enriched plasma treatment. Blood taken from a person is centrifuged and enriched. Then, this enriched plasma is applied into scalp. Growth factors and other beneficial factors inside affect hair follicles positively. This is a natural and effective method against hair thinning and hair loss.


  • Hair Transplantation


If you say “I can see my scalp through my hair”, another treatment that you may prefer is hair transplantation. If your hair loss stopped completely and you cannot restore your hair after all treatments, you can solve your problem permanently with hair transplantation. FUE and DHI methods are two most advanced methods at this point.

Hair transplantation consists of transferring grafts, which are obtained from donor area, into bald area. For this procedure, grafts are obtained from back of the neck, the area durable against hair loss. This way, planted grafts don’t fall later. Visible scalp area problem is solved this way.




Hair thinning or hair loss is among reasons behind the sentence “My Hair Is So Thin I Can See My Scalp”. If you experience such a problem, you can solve your problem with PRP or Minoxidil treatment. As Cosmeticium, we want you to know that we use our expertise and experience in this field just to meet your requirements. With treatments applied by our surgeons who are experts in their fields, we solve your problem in short time.


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