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Do you notice thinning in some parts of your hair when you look at your mirror? In such a case, the first thing that comes to your mind is that your hair is falling out. Yes, due to hair loss, density in some areas decreases and eventually baldness may occur. Okay, but why is your hair falling out? To understand the exact reason for this problem, you can have hair loss test done.

You should not rely on any advice given by those who are not experts in hair loss. Instead, going to an expert dermatologist and being examined will help you overcome your problem more effectively. During this help which you will receive from experts, different tests and examinations will be performed, especially hair loss test. Thus, any problem will be clearly revealed and a suitable treatment plan will be made.

How is hair loss test done? What findings are examined during the test and how is the main reason determined? All are in our article.


How is Hair Loss Test Performed?

Although there are many advertisements about hair loss tests on the internet today, it should be noted that this subject requires professionalism and experience. Only a dermatologist, who is an expert in this field, can perform the test and interpret the results.

In order to fully understand the causes of hair loss, comprehensive hair analysis and a detailed scalp examination are required. If the reason of hair loss cannot be determined as a result of these procedures, a comprehensive blood test is performed. With blood test, main target is to detect your hormone balance, genetic predisposition to hair loss, thyroid gland diseases and dysfunctions.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Procedure

Is PRP Treatment A Real Solution?

The easiest hair loss test is to follow hair strands that shed during the day. Checking the amount of hair that stays on your comb, that goes with water while you take a bath and that falls onto clothes can yield meaningful results. If you lose more than 100 hair strands a day during your controls, you should be examined by a specialist. Here, you can find out the main reasons of your problem by having a hair loss test done.

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Visit a Dermatologist

It is clear that remote examinations in the online environment are not reliable diagnostic tools. You may have doubts that your hair sheds more than before and accordingly, baldness will occur on your scalp.

If you have doubts about hair loss, you should first visit an expert dermatologist. Especially, if you suspect a disease, you should definitely be examined by an expert doctor and present your reasons. At this point, online hair loss test does not replace a dermatologist’s examination.

Treatment is adjusted according to the reason of hair loss. At this point, symptoms are in the background. Therefore, it can be said that a professional examination is mandatory.

Gynecomastia Procedure


What Are Examined in Hair Loss Medical Test?

Hair loss test that is performed by a dermatologist is extremely comprehensive. In this test, hair and scalp are examined in detail, as well as blood values. Damage status to hair strands and hair follicles are examined with the hair analysis. Depending on this reason, it is checked whether you experience hair loss or not. In scalp examination, existence of the following situations are checked:

  • Fungus,
  • Inflammation,
  • Sebum formation
  • Similar situations

By looking at the results of your blood tests, it is checked whether your thyroid is performing its function properly or not. Because there is a direct relationship between thick and healthy hair and thyroid. Imbalance in hormone levels is one of the most important reasons of hair loss. Therefore, the control made here has great importance.

An online hair loss test cannot be as comprehensive as a professional examination that is mentioned here. Therefore, in such cases, an expert dermatologist’s examination should never be neglected.

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Determining the Main Reason of Hair Loss

Hair loss is considered as a symptom. So this problem is not a reason. Therefore, for treatment, not the problem itself, but the reason of it is taken into account. Baldness can be prevented as a result of knowing the exact reason of hair loss and applying an appropriate treatment.

If you notice that your hair started to fall out, you should go to a dermatologist as soon as possible and be examined. Hair loss rarely goes away on its own. If the problem is diagnosed early, treatment is easier. After eliminating the reason of your hair loss with treatment, your hair loss will end. In this process, you can support the treatment process with shampoo and diet recommended by your doctor.


PRP Treatment to Stop Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair loss test, which is performed by an expert dermatologist, will provide the reasons of your problem to be understood. Among these reasons, androgenetic alopecia or DHT caused by male hormone testosterone can cause irreversible hair loss.

Hair loss due to nutritional disorders and similar reasons can be reversed with appropriate treatments. At this point, one of the most effective options is PRP, which has the effects as completely stopping this problem and increasing hair density.

In PRP treatment, enriched plasma is obtained from patient’s blood. Then, this plasma is injected into scalp. Growth factors and rich nutrients in plasma provide nutrition to hair follicles and support  blood vessel formation. All these effects can stop hair loss and allow hair follicles in resting phase to start producing hair again.

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Online hair loss test and a test done by an expert dermatologist are definitely not the same. A dermatologist’s examination is almost mandatory to determine the reasons of hair loss and to eliminate related problem. With early diagnosis, hair can be saved and baldness can be prevented.

PRP treatment can give effective results for hair loss that is noticed in the early period. However, it is very important that PRP treatment is applied correctly by a specialist doctor.

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Our doctors in Cosmeticium clinic have significant expertise and experience in this treatment. You can stop your hair loss with PRP treatment that will be applied at our clinic. If you have completely lost your hair, our expert doctors can also help you restore your hair with hair transplantation. You can use our free online consultation service to get detailed information about hair loss test, PRP treatment and hair transplantation.


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