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Do you know that itching on the scalp can cause hair loss? Hair loss due to scratching is a condition that should be taken seriously. If necessary precautions are not taken, the consequences may be much worse than anticipated. So much so that at the end of the process that starts with itching, serious thinning, and baldness may occur in your hair. Why is hair loss due to scratching risky? Could it be the beginning of a process leading to baldness? All the details are in our article.


Why Is Hair Loss Due to Scratching Risky?

Itching on the scalp is normally a simple and common phenomenon that can happen to anyone. However, the fact that it is associated with hair loss is the most important sign that it shouldn’t be ignored.

When you scratch your hair, there is usually very little hair loss. Most of them are ignored and considered insignificant. However, if scratching becomes a habit, after a while it will weaken the hair.

When scratching your scalp, you can sometimes exert too much pressure unconsciously. This may damage the hair strands or hair follicles. Splitting your hair due to scratching is usually reversible. However, damage to your hair follicles can cause permanent hair loss.

Constant itching can be a sign of different allergic problems on the scalp. In such cases, you may face much more serious consequences.

If the itching on the scalp has become permanent, it is necessary to be examined by a dermatologist. Thus, the cause of itching can be determined and treatment can be started immediately. In this way, the risk of hair loss due to scratching and other health-related risks are eliminated.


Disorders That Cause Itching

There are many different causes of itching on the scalp. And some of them are certainly not innocent. The main conditions that cause itching can be listed as follows:

Gynecomastia Procedure

  • Allergic reactions
  • Stress
  • Fungi
  • Eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Others

Allergic reactions: Different allergens cause itching. After the examination, you can completely get rid of them by using the medications prescribed by your doctor.

Stress: Stress is a condition that affects the human body and psychology in different ways. Itching can also occur due to stress. In such cases, the stress level should be reduced or, if possible, the stress should be eliminated.

Fungus: Fungus can cause unbearable itching. It can also negatively affect the hair follicles. Therefore, it is one of the situations where the risk of hair loss is high. With appropriate treatment, these effects can be eliminated.

Eczema: Eczema can affect hair follicles irreversibly. It is one of the worst causes of itching. Therefore, it should be treated without losing any time.

Seborrheic Dermatitis: With this problem, yellowish scales occur on the scalp. The itching they cause is often unbearable. Apart from itching, Seborrheic dermatitis makes hair follicles defenseless. In such a case, irreversible hair loss can be seen.

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Scratching After Hair Transplantation Can Damage Your New Hair

Hair transplantation, which is the most effective solution to hair loss, is a surgical operation. After hair transplantation, the scalp immediately goes into the healing process. One of the expected and natural signs of this is itching. The severity of this itching may differ from person to person.

Itching that occurs immediately after hair transplantation constitutes a great risk for the newly transplanted grafts. Grafts that have not fully settled yet may come out with itching or they may be exposed to different negativities. In such cases, it will be inevitable that the grafts will be damaged and the success of hair transplantation will decrease.

Scratching the wounds caused by hair transplantation will make the crusts fall that are formed after healing. This will increase the risk of infection. Infection is one of the least wanted conditions on the scalp during this period.

In this period, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary not to scratch the scalp to avoid hair loss due to scratching and not to reduce the success of the procedure. It is important to seek help from your doctor and act according to his instructions if the itching becomes unbearable.

Hair Loss Due to Scratching


Will the Hair that Falls Due to Scratching Grow Again?

In case of permanent hair loss due to scratching, you may consider hair transplantation. With a detailed examination, it will be decided whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. If it is decided that you are an eligible candidate, the grafts taken from the donor area will be transferred to the hairless area and the procedure will be completed. Check out this page for the application stages of hair transplantation.

With successful hair transplantation, you will have natural hair, no different from your existing hair. People who do not know that you have had hair transplantation will even think that your hair is natural. Thus, you will both regain your hair and increase your quality of life.



Hair loss due to scratching is unfortunately not an urban legend and must be considered. Especially in cases such as fungus, Seborrheic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis, it will be inevitable to scratch your hair. Therefore, both the effects of diseases and itching will damage the hair and result in serious hair loss. To avoid these problems, one should be examined by a specialist and the necessary treatment should be given.

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium

If you have baldness on your scalp as a result of hair loss due to scratching, you can consider the option of hair transplantation. At COSMETICIUM, we have significant expertise and experience in hair health and hair transplantation. Considering your expectations, we perform hair transplantation with the most advanced techniques (FUE and DHI)  and ensure that you regain your natural hair. You can contact us for free detailed information and support on the subject.


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