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The growth of grafts after hair transplantation is a process for which the patients wait excitedly. It is extremely important to have information about this period after the operation in order to understand that things are going well. Otherwise, you can worry and stress unnecessarily. In this article, we will give detailed information about the regrowth stages after hair transplantation. If you are one of those who say “A few weeks have passed since the hair transplantation, but my hair is still not what I want”, make sure that you read these steps.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that takes 6-8 hours on average. The growth period of the grafts transplanted with this procedure differs from person to person. However, it can be said that this period is between 8-12 months in general. It should not be forgotten that at least this period should pass to get the definitive results. The results you see in earlier periods are satisfactory, but they are not in perfect shape as the final ones.


The First Week After Hair Transplantation

In the first days after the surgery, some swelling may be seen on the scalp. The amount of swelling can vary from person to person. Swelling usually starts at the end of the 3rd day and is gone before the end of a week. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the swelling will be much less and recover early. In the donor area, exfoliation will be seen within 5-7 days, which is extremely normal. A slight pinkish appearance of the scalp in the first week is also considered normal. During this process, there is no growth in your hair or even if it does, it is not noticeable from the outside.

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Second Week After Hair Transplantation

Scabs occur on the scalp. You can wash your hair as described by your doctor to remove these completely. In addition, it can be said that the hair will grow 1-2 mm at the end of the second week. Your general condition is significantly better than the previous week.

After Hair Transplantation


3 Months After Hair Transplantation

After the first week, the grafts begin to grow with itching. Itching can be considered as a kind of improvement sign. However, it should never be forgotten that the scalp should not be scratched by pressing! During this period, conditions such as fat forehead and acnes are extremely normal. You may also notice that the hair growing during this period is thin. These hairs will thicken as they grow. It is normal for some grafts to be shorter. Again, with the completion of the growth process, these will return to normal.


4-6 Months After Hair Transplantation

It can be said that almost all grafts have completed their growth phase after 5 months since the hair transplant. However, some grafts may be in the form of a feather and some under the skin. Other than these, the hair is usually 2-3 cm long. Thin ones have thickened and turned into a normal hair strand.


8-10 Months After Hair Transplantation

In this period, it can be said that almost all grafts complete the growth phase. There is a serious change in the hair compared to the previous period. Hair strands are both long and thick. This shows that the final results are getting very close now.

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1 Year After Hair Transplantation

Now we can say that when you look in the mirror, you see the exact results. After this period, some positive changes may occur in the hair. However, the result that emerges in a 1-year period is extremely close to the final result. Hair in this period meets the expectations of the patients in general. After this process, the hair will grow normally. With a haircut, hair can be styled as desired. There is no need for special products for hair care. Standard shampoos and other hair care products can be used. However, when your doctor has a different recommendation, you should act accordingly.

After Hair Transplantation



The growth stages after hair transplantation are generally like these. It should not be forgotten that there may be some differences in the stages mentioned depending on the situations of the persons.

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