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Facelift is a special procedure which is developed for removing wrinkles on the face. Serious improvements occur in people’s appearance thanks to this method. At this point, some people wonder whether the facelift procedure will remove acne scars. Let’s look for the answer to this question all together.

Facelift is a surgical procedure and is known as stretching or lifting the face. The main goal of this procedure is to permanently remove the wrinkles that are caused by aging. In addition, it can be effective in getting rid of wrinkles and similar skin problems resulting from different reasons. The extremely effective results of the facelift procedure are becoming a beacon of hope for those who are bored with acne scars.


Can Acne Scars Be Removed with Facelift Procedure?

Acnes enter our lives with adolescence and disappear spontaneously after a while. However, it is known that some people experience more intense acne and for longer periods. In such cases, serious scars remain in the face area even after the acne is gone. These marks are in the form of a crater and pit on the skin which distorts people’s general images. Thus, those who have acne scars on their face look for different ways to get rid of these scars. Facelift stands out as one of them.

acne scars

The tension of the facial skin is restored in the facelift procedure. In this way, all wrinkles on the face are gone. However, it is difficult to say that deep acne scars disappear completely with this procedure. Because acne scars are not a wrinkle, but rather a pit. Therefore, they are not affected much by tightening the skin. However, it can be said that small acne scars have disappeared to a great extent.


Removing Excess Skin to Get Rid of Acne Scars

It may be necessary to remove the excess skin to ensure full skin tension in the facelift procedure. At this point whether it is possible to permanently get rid of acne scars is wondered a lot.

In the face lift procedure, the excess skin is removed only from the edge area of the face. There is no such thing as removing excess skin from other regions. Therefore, it is possible to remove the scar if the acne scar is in the area where excess skin will be removed. However, removing excess skin in other areas will not have any effect on acne scarring.


What Kind of Change Can Be Seen Thanks to Facelift?

Although the facelift procedure does not remove deep acne scars, it provides a serious change in your face.

  • First of all, you will get rid of sagging skin, wrinkles and shallow acne scars permanently.
  • You get a younger look.
  • If you have problems such as loose skin and protruding jaws, you can fix them.

Remember that the procedure must be done by a specialist physician in order to provide the benefits here. In addition, the medical infrastructure of the clinic you prefer should be suitable for this operation.


Which Methods Can Be Used To Eliminate Acne Scars?

Although Facelift is extremely effective in removing wrinkles on the face, it does not give what is desired about acne scars. Therefore, it will be much more accurate to examine alternative treatment methods. The treatments that can be preferred for the removal of acne scars and the explanations about them are generally as follows:

1. Dermabrasion

It is a process in which the outer layers of the skin are scraped and it is made with a special abrasive tool. After the procedure, healthy and new skin cells are provided. Acne scars will disappear permanently with new skin cells.

2. Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling provides removal of dead and damaged layers in the outer layer of the skin. Topical agents are used for this. The roughness on the skin is permanently removed Thanks to this non-invasive method. It is an extremely effective method on acne scars.

3. Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is a method based on creating skin injuries. Thanks to these wounds opened with the help of micro needles, collagen production and healthy skin cell growth are triggered. In this way, the skin renews itself and allows some scars to be permanently lost.



The above methods are extremely effective. However, you should decide with your doctor which one you should prefer. You can be sure that you will have the face you dream of with the right method.

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