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Hair transplantation is the only procedure that provides a permanent solution to people’s persistent hair loss and baldness problems. Therefore, the interest in the relevant procedure is extremely high. New hair transplantation techniques have been developed to meet the needs of people much better. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the last and most successful of these techniques. The cost of the DHI technique, which has different advantages over other methods, is slightly higher. In this article, we have gathered for you the reasons for this.


The Reasons Why the DHI Hair Transplantation Method is Expensive

DHI is a technique known as direct hair transplantation. To understand why the cost of this technique (approximately 20%) is high, it is necessary to have some information about the DHI first.

  • In the DHI technique, grafts are collected one by one
  • It is then placed in a special pen called Choi Pen.
  • Then the graft is transferred to the hairless area with this pen.

Generally, the DHI method works like this. The most important difference is that the canal opening process and the graft placement can be done simultaneously with this pen. Now let’s specify why this method is more expensive.


1. Using the Choi Pen

The tool known as Choi Pen or DHI pen opens the canal to the bald area and places the grafts directly into this canal. Thus, the grafts taken from the donor area remain outside for a very short time. This situation is extremely important in terms of the success of the procedure.

dhi hair transplant pens

The main reason why using Choi Pen increases the cost is the use of a special pen for each patient. These pens are manufactured with millimetric precision following the hair structure of the patient. This means extra cost.

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2. Intensive Hair Transplantation

In the DHI technique, much more intense graft transplantation is performed compared to other techniques. For example, in the FUE method, another advanced technique, 45-60 grafts are transplanted per cm2. In the DHI technique, on the other hand, it is possible to transplant 80-90 grafts per cm2.


3. Being More Difficult and Requiring More Labor

In this technique, the grafts collected are placed one by one on a special pen. This process is performed with great precision. It is a more difficult and demanding procedure. The doctors and other team members must keep their attention throughout the operation. All of this causes the DHI procedure to take longer.


4. Participating in More Doctors

Cosmeticium Doctors

In the FUE technique, a single doctor can transplant an average of 4,500 – 5,000 grafts during one session. In the DHI technique, this figure is around 3,000. If the number of grafts to be implanted is high, a second doctor will be included in the session. Thus, two doctors can transplant around 5,000 grafts in a single session. The high number of doctors participating is among the factors that increase the cost.


5. Low Number of Lost Grafts

Depending on the technique used in hair transplantation, a certain percentage of graft is considered as direct loss. That is these grafts do not grow after they are transplanted. In the FUE technique, this rate is around 2%. In other words, 2 out of every 100 hair follicles transplanted die and do not grow. Thanks to the special pen used in the DHI technique and other details in the process, the lost graft rate is 20 times lower than the FUE technique. The lost graft rate in this technique is only 0.1%. In other words, only 1 out of every 1000 grafts do not grow. This is the basis of the very high procedure success.

Differences between DHI and FUE

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DHI Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey

Hair transplantation is an expensive procedure all over the world. Looking at all the techniques, you will see that the amounts are extremely high. It is also quite normal that the cost of a special technique such as DHI, which has an extremely high success rate, is more expensive than others. When the cost of DHI hair transplantation is examined in Turkey, it is seen that the price is lower than the world as it is in the FUE technique. So, the Turkey option has serious advantages to have hair transplantation with DHI.

First, it should be known that this technique is performed in Turkey with great success. High-quality clinics and specialist surgeons in the country are the main factors of this success. The fact that tens of thousands of people choose Turkey for hair transplantation every year clearly shows the case. There are some reasons why this technique is cheaper than the other hair transplantation centers in the world.

These can be listed as follows:

  • Government supporting health tourism and providing different incentives
  • Being some of the services to be cheaper in Turkey
  • Reasons arising from exchange rates

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