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You can use the facelift procedure to permanently get rid of wrinkles and sagging on your face. This procedure, known as rhytidoplasty, gives extremely effective results. After the facelift, you can get younger by a few years and surprise everyone around you. So how long does the healing process take? Most of those who want to have the facelift procedure wonder about the healing process. Because they want to return to daily life or to be ready for a very special day. You can find the answer to this question in the rest of our article.


How Long Does Recovery Take After Facelift?

Facelift is a surgical procedure. The main purpose of this procedure is to completely remove wrinkles and sagging. Since the amount of sagging and wrinkles on people’s skin will differ, the procedure to be performed will also be different. In other words, it is not possible to apply the same procedure for everyone. The mentioned situation directly affects recovery time.

Recovery after facelift takes 8-10 weeks on average. At the end of this period, patients can return to their normal lives. Their faces will be completely healed at the end of this period. However, it should not be forgotten that the procedure must be performed by a specialist physician in order for the period specified here to be valid. Otherwise, the healing process will be prolonged and different problems will be inevitable.


Post-Facelift Healing Stages


The recovery process after a facelift operation takes place in certain stages. General information regarding these stages is given below.


The First 10 Days After the Procedure

Some conditions such as redness and swelling will occur in the first days after surgery. Your wounds will be covered with a bandage. Your doctor will remove these bandages after 2 days and check your wounds. During this period, you can walk very slowly. However, you should not do anything that will tire you.

Since your movements will be limited in the first periods after surgery, it will be appropriate to find a companion.


Between 10th and 20th Days After the Procedure

There will be a serious acceleration in your recovery after the first 10 days after facelift. During this period, bruising and redness may continue in the incision area. However, it can be said that these are now in the recovery process. In the mentioned period, if your doctor deems appropriate, you can gradually participate in daily life. Since your wounds will not be fully healed yet, you can hide your wounds with a scarf or similar clothing.


Return to Normal (3-12 Weeks)

After the first 20 days, a serious recovery occurs. Redness, bruising, and tingling will have greatly improved. In some people, it is considered normal for such symptoms to last a little longer.

During this period, all symptoms will begin to disappear. After a while, you will see that there is no scar and colour difference on your face. After the 8th week, if your doctor deems appropriate, you can return to your normal life completely. You can start physical activities.


Last Period (3-6 Months)

It can be said that you have completely recovered after the first 3 months. The change in your face will also be settled. However, although it continues gradually, the healing on your face may continue for up to 6 months. Therefore, remember that you have to wait at least 6 months to see the final result. To emphasize again, at the end of 8-10 weeks, the recovery seems complete when viewed from the outside. Therefore, there is no obstacle to your participation in daily life. However, healing inside continues slowly and slightly.


How to Plan Facelift?

There are important issues that should be known before as well as after the facelift. If you are considering having this procedure for a special day, it is extremely important to plan correctly. Experts state that recovery takes about 8-10 weeks on average. However, if your time is available, you should have this operation at least 6 months before your special day. Thus, you will be able to comfortably prepare for your special day.

Facelift is a very special procedure. There is also a consultation phase before the operation. Therefore, the operation may not be performed immediately after consulting with your doctor. Different examinations may be required. He can schedule the date of the surgery as in 2 weeks or later. Remember that you need to plan by taking all these into account.

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