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Having big breasts may make you able to draw men’s attention and be the focus of attention. However, in time, big breasts may cause different health problems. Back, neck and low back pain is the TOP3 among these problems. With breast reduction exercises that you will perform regularly, you can make your breasts smaller. This way, you can prevent the mentioned problems. What are the 5 most effective exercises for breast reduction? Can their effects and results meet your expectations? All are in our article.


Breast Reduction Exercises: 5 Effective Ones

Having big breasts is a dream for many women. There are even considerable number of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery to reach this dream. Breasts should be resized ideally depending on a person’s body type. Breasts larger than they should be may compromise risks for an individual’s health. Women who are aware of this, on the other hand, spend effort to have smaller breasts.

As a part of normal development phase, breasts may enlarge. Except that, some factors like hormonal changes, obesity, genetic factors, side effects of medicines etc. may cause size increase. With regular breast reduction exercises, these mentioned problems can be prevented up to a point. Here are the exercises that you can perform to make your breasts smaller:


1. Dumbbell Pullover

You need to use dumbbells for this exercise. Lie down on a bench and keep your dumbbell above your head. Then, move your arms towards behind your head. Finally, bring your dumbbell back to its initial position. You can perform this exercises for 3 sets, 10 repetitions each set.


2. Side Raises

Stand up with two dumbbells that you picked up. Then, while you are holding your dumbbells, raise your arms on your sides. Raise your dumbbells until your arms reach up to shoulder level, then slowly bring them down. You can perform this exercises for 3 sets, 10 repetitions each set.


3. Wall Push-Ups

Face towards a wall and get close. Ensure that your feet are a bit far from the wall. Put your hands onto the wall at the same level with your shoulders and let yourself fall towards the wall. Then, push your body with your hands and return to your initial position. You can perform this exercise 10 times.


4. Shoulder Press

This is an exercise performed with 2 dumbbells. For this exercise, you can sit onto a cushion or you can perform the exercise standing. Pick up your dumbbells and raise them up until your elbows reach to the same level as your shoulders. Then, bring your dumbbells together above your head. You can perform this exercise for 3 sets, each including 5 or 8 repetitions.


5. Push-Ups

Lie down on the ground with your palms and toes touching the ground. Ensure that your arms are straight and below your shoulders. Then, lower your body and then raise it again in this position. You can perform this exercise for 3 sets, each including 5 or 8 repetitions.

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Why Are the Effects of Breast Reduction Exercises Limited?

Exercises that can be performed to reduce breast size without needing a surgery have limited effects. For some women, these effects are even not visible. For women with big and saggy breasts, the effects are much more limited.

Breast reduction exercises can provide expected results only if they are performed before excessive size increase and sagging occur. Yet, it is difficult to say that it will provide expected results if very big and saggy breasts exist.

In case you realize or you get suspicious about your breasts are getting bigger or started sagging, you can perform these exercises. But, if you have big and saggy breasts for long time, the most effective solution for you is breast reduction surgery. If you don’t forget to change your nutrition and exercise habits after this surgery, it can be said that its effects will last very long.


How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

When breast reduction exercises do not provide expected results, you can prefer surgical method. Breast reduction surgery is a safe procedure that consists of 3 steps, which are:

Benefits of Breast Reduction

  • Consultation

In this phase, information about the surgery is shared with you and your expectations are noted. Your existing weight, desire to have a child and your medical history are evaluated. This way, it is decided if you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery or not.

  • Planning

If you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, the next step is planning stage. In order to determine the amount of tissue to be removed from your breasts, close examination is performed. Locations, sizes and other specification of areolas are evaluated in details and planning is done accordingly. Your surgeon may request mammography if necessary.

  • Surgical Operation

Breast reduction surgery is performed most of the time under general anesthesia. Yet, depending on different conditions, sometimes local anesthesia or sedation may be preferred. During the procedure, first incisions are done on nipples and bottom parts of breasts. The incisions are shaped like upside-down T letter. After incisions, nipples are repositioned and excess tissue and skin are removed. Finally, overall appearances of breasts are adjusted, incisions are closed and the procedure is finalized.

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Breast reduction exercises are effective when they are performed on the right time and regularly. Yet, their effects are limited. It is not possible to reshape big and saggy breasts as desired with these exercises. Because of this, in order to obtain certain results, breast reduction surgery should be preferred.

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