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Jane Fonda is one of the first names that come to mind when “not getting old“ is mentioned. 83-year-old famous actress leaves her opponents in the dust when it comes to health and vitality. Fonda, who has adopted a healthy life, is also a fitness guru. Yes, exercise is very important for human health. Well, how much do you think it can prevent aging? Did Jane Fonda have plastic surgery? Or, does this beauty just depend on exercise and lifestyle? Details are in our article.


Jane Fonda’s Special Secrets to Look Young

Whatever the reason might be, having such a look at 83 is a great achievement. The fact that Jane Fonda is a fitness guru and does sports regularly are very effective on her health. However, the famous actress has other special secrets that she applies to look young.


1. She Exercises Regularly

Fonda continues exercising regularly despite her age. She tries to stay active by doing exercises like walking, yoga and cross-country skiing. She constantly states that the most important way to stay strong is to be active.

Exercising is very important for a person’s health and appearance. However, exercise will show its effect when it is done regularly and continuously. Fonda says that the biggest mistake that people make about exercising is quitting after a while.


2. She Believes in the Impact of Lifestyle Changes

Priority of diets today is to focus on weight loss. Many experts stated that diets lead to temporary and unhealthy behaviors.

Fonda prefers to switch to a healthy lifestyle, not diets, at this point. She doesn’t even use a scale at all. She says that a lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise will give more permanent results in the long term. When looking at the result, it is understood that this is true.

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3. She Spends Time Not Just For Work, But For Her Passions

Fonda doesn’t take her life as just work. She spares time for her passions and even pursues them. Fonda, who has been having a clear attitude on climate change for a long time, makes a great effort to raise awareness at this point. She even moved to Washington DC for this and started to protest regularly. She was detained several times due to her protests. Due to the pandemic, she started to do her protests virtually. In short, she gives importance not only to work but also to her passions while she lives her life.


4. She Prefers Natural Makeup

It should not be forgotten that makeup also has a share in this image which Fonda has. At this point, she adopts a natural style and such a perfect result comes out. Jane Fonda’s makeup is done by famous makeup artist Shawnelle Prestidge. This makeup raises the question whether Jane Fonda benefits from plastic surgery procedures or not.


5. She Does Not Try To Be Perfect

Fonda’s appearance can be described as “perfect” by people who looked from outside. However, the famous actress does not focus on being perfect and does not make an effort for it. Fonda focuses on transferring her inner energy to others and building meaningful relationships with them.


6. She Makes Exercise Selections Considering Her Age

Fonda states that she gained a significant advantage by exercising during her youth. Because, today she feels stronger, thanks to the exercises she did years ago. In spite of this, she is aware that she can no longer do some exercises due to her age. She now selects her exercises according to her age. Walking, lighter weights and slower movements… But keep moving.

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7. She Doesn’t Prefer To Retire And Stand Back

Today, a significant part of people retire and stand back when they reach the age of 60-65. And, they are not very involved in life. She expresses that she constantly needs work and that she should work for other people she supports. Even she himself sees it as crazy that she can still work at this age. Being active all the time has a positive effect on her general appearance. Jane Fonda tries to preserve her beauty not with the effects of plastic surgery procedures, but with such choices.


8. She Uses Cannabis-Based Skin Masks

One of the secrets behind Jane Fonda’s skin is cannabis-based face mask. Such masks nourish skin and keep it moist. She also states that she uses lotions for other parts of her body. Fonda says these are also cannabis-based.


9. She Sleeps Early

Fonda is the name that gives great importance to her routine about sleeping. The fact that she is not married and does not have a boyfriend, provides her an important convenience at this point. Her sleep routine is to go to bed at 9 PM. Yes, it may sound a little surprising, but Fonda prefers to sleep very early. Fonda prefers to put a heavy blanket over her while she sleeps. She states that she sleeps more comfortably this way.


10. She is Not Afraid of Issues about Mental Health

It was quite difficult for Fonda to act Grace in an important production such as Grace and Frankie. She resonated with some of the complex emotions. At this point, it took her 1 year to deal with her character, and she eventually returned to treatment. In short, she is looking for solutions by going over such problems. She doesn’t go into a denial defense.


Which Operations Has Jane Fonda Had as Plastic Surgery?

Although Jane Fonda states that her beauty secret is exercising, it is also known that she had several plastic surgery operations. Jane Fonda contributed to her beauty with plastic surgery. She decided to have a breast implant while she was still at the beginning of her career. When she was in her 40s, she had a facelift procedure. However, when she reached the age of 70, she had a new facelift procedure as well when sagging and wrinkles occurred on her face. Finally, she had eye surgery to get rid of eye bags and benefited from chin lift procedure.


Jane Fonda emphasized many times that she does not want plastic surgery to change her completely. She stated that she wanted to remove eye bags, not lines and wrinkles, with the facelift she had received. She definitely wanted the aesthetic procedures she had done not to be exaggerated. This can be considered as an important beauty secret of Jane Fonda.



Jane Fonda is a fitness guru. A celebrity who always exercised regularly throughout her life. Even if you are Jane Fonda, it is not possible to eliminate all the effects of aging with exercising alone. The most important sign of this is the cosmetic procedures performed by her. She has achieved her current beauty by performing many aesthetic procedures.

Jane Fonda has managed to have her current beauty thanks to plastic surgery. You can do it as well. If you are thinking about having a plastic surgery done in Turkey, Cosmeticium is a clinic that is capable of meeting any kind of need regarding aesthetic operations. Expert and experienced surgeons will meet your expectations and make you have a young look.


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