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Success of hair transplant depends on not only the procedure in which grafts are transplanted but also the procedure after hair transplant. During this period, protecting scalp with care will ensure flawless hair growth. Accordingly, candidates may ask different questions regarding the things to consider during recovery phase. One of these questions is about hair gel use. Is using hair gel after hair transplant risky? How long should be waited before that and why? All answers are in our article.


Why Should I Wait Before Using Hair Gel After Hair Transplant?

You may be a little bit impatient to see the result after hair transplant. Especially, you may want to display your new hair to the people around you as soon as possible. But, in order for recovery period after hair transplant to progress flawlessly, you should not forget that there are some things for you to pay attention to.

Using hair gel to shape your new hair may be really tempting. But, since using hair gel after hair transplant will negatively affect recovery process, it must be avoided. It is a known fact that, just like hair gel, using other hair shaping cosmetic products has similar negative effects.

The reason behind the necessity of not using hair gel is that hair follicles need to grow through scalp. For this, hair is expected to go into resting phase. If the process continues as expected, hair gel use must be avoided for the next 3 months after hair transplant surgery.

How Long Does Hair Loss Take?

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Why Is Using Hair Gel Just After Hair Transplant Risky?

Hair gel is a sticky product. When it is applied to hair, it is impossible for hair gel not to clog pores. Furthermore, it may make grafts, which haven’t fully settled yet, lose their places. All these will have negative effects on the general results of this surgical procedure.

For recovery phase to continue flawlessly, hair gel must not be applied onto the area where hair transplant is applied. Yet, there is no risk for other areas where transplantation didn’t take place. Therefore, it can be said that hair gel use after hair transplant is risky only for the area where grafts are planted.


Things to Pay Attention during Recovery Phase

After hair transplant, you are briefed by your surgeon about how to protect planted grafts. Besides this, you will also be informed about the way you should wash your hair and a suitable shampoo product. The first hair wash after hair transplant will be performed by your surgeon 48 hours after the surgery, at clinic. You are expected to perform further washing by yourself in a suitable way.

You should avoid extreme effort and stress after the surgery. And also you should stay away from using hair gel, hair sprays and hair dryer for a while.

Excess sweating causes infection risk and softening of scabs, which have great importance during recovery phase. Therefore, after the surgery, sweating should be avoided. Moreover, it shouldn’t be forgotten that pool and sea water increase infection risk.

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We know that you are impatient to see the result. Yet, you must be patient. You must avoid any step that may jeopardize everything. Using hair gel after hair transplant is one thing to avoid. For at least 3 months after hair transplant, hair gel use should be avoided. Gel may harm new hair and affect recovery phase negatively by clogging pores. As Cosmeticium, we provide detailed information to you regarding the process after hair transplant. We tried to tell you the things you should avoid and how they affect you in detail. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.


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