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Rhinoplasty is a procedure applied to eliminate cosmetic and medical problems in the nose. Today, rhinoplasty is preferred by men as well as women. Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that young people are also interested in the rhinoplasty procedure to a considerable extent. Young people are usually a little more impatient to have the nose they dream of. However, having rhinoplasty at the right age is extremely important for a successful outcome. So, what is the ideal age for rhinoplasty procedure?


Why Are Young People Impatient About Rhinoplasty Procedure?

There are two different issues based on the desire to change the nose structure. These are medical and cosmetic reasons. As far as young people are concerned, it is seen that they usually want to change their nose structure due to cosmetic reasons.

Today, the serious spread of internet technology affects young people in different ways. It is known that young people are in constant interaction with each other through social media networks. During these interactions, cyberbullying is also quite common. Here, some of the bullyings are in the form of making fun of the nose structure. Young people are interested in the rhinoplasty procedure to avoid being teased with their noses and to have a much nicer nose.

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Is Rhinoplasty Suitable for Young People?

There is no upper limit for the Rhinoplasty procedure for adults. Again, there is no such thing as the ideal age of rhinoplasty for them. However, the situation changes when it comes to young people. Because the development of young people continues depending on their age. Therefore, development is expected to be completed for the Rhinoplasty procedure. Because the developmental changes in the bone structure after the surgical procedure may cause some problems. Therefore, young patients should be examined more carefully before the procedure and their developmental status should be checked. People who have completed the development of their nasal structure can have rhinoplasty surgery with peace of mind.

ideal age for rhinoplasty

One of the conditions required for this operation is emotional maturity. In other words, it can be said that besides bone development, reaching emotional maturity is also extremely important. It is known that some decisions taken during young ages may turn into regrets in adulthood. Most such decisions are made before emotional maturity is reached. As the Rhinoplasty procedure has permanent results, the decision should be made after emotional maturity.

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How Long Do Rhinoplasty Effects Last?

Rhinoplasty is the shaping or restructuring of the tissue, bone, and cartilage in the nose structure. It would not be wrong to say that the operations performed after the development is completed will be permanent for a lifetime. Because the bone structure does not change during adulthood unless a serious health problem is experienced. This means that the reshaped nose is completely permanent.

Examining the effects of aging on the face area, it will be seen that it does not cover the nose too much. Areas other than the nose are affected by aging more. Therefore, the changes after the rhinoplasty procedure remain permanent for a long time. Although this is extremely positive, it makes it more important for young people to think in detail before the procedure decision.

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How to Determine the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

As emphasized above, there is no definite age for adults as the “ideal age of rhinoplasty”.  But the situation changes when it comes to young people. The ideal age of rhinoplasty for each young person is different and unique for him or her. At this point, physical and emotional development is checked. The age at which the development is completed is considered to be the ideal age.

The easiest way to determine your ideal age for Rhinoplasty is to go to a specialist in this field. After meeting with your surgeon, it will be determined whether you are suitable for the procedure. Apart from this, it is not possible and right to determine the ideal Rhinoplasty surgery age on your own. Making such a decision can cause irreversible problems. This situation, in return, can adversely affect your quality of life.

Please remember that you should choose surgeons who are experts in the field for your expectations to be fully met. Such a physician will make a much more accurate decision about the ideal age. He or she will also perform the procedure effectively and give you the opportunity to have the nose of your dreams.

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