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Kevin Costner, one of the most important names in Hollywood, is one of the celebrities who have had a hair transplantation procedure. It is not clearly known when the famous actor, who has a unique style, had the hair transplantation procedure. However, it is accepted by everyone that the result is perfect. How was Kevin Costner’s hair transplant performed? Which method was used? You can find all these details in our article.

Who is Kevin Costner?

Kevin Costner is an American film actor and director. The 65-year-old famous actor, born in 1955, has appeared in many movies. He crowned his success in the American movie industry with the awards he received.

The American actor got a more special look as he got older and he used this situation extremely well. He is shown among the celebrities who are not afraid of getting old. However, after a while, it is thought that he decided to have hair transplantation due to fear of looking old and several other reasons. After the hair transplantation procedure, there was no adverse situation in his career. The actor is still among the sought-after names on the big screen today.


Kevin Costner Haircuts 

From time to time, many Holywood celebrities are seen with very different hairstyles. Kevin Costner haircuts, on the other hand, generally look like each other. Without trying many different hairstyles, he prefers to preserve his overall appearance.

Kevin Costner Hairstyles

From Left to Right: Short Spiky Haircut – Ivy League Haircut – Crew Cut


BONUS: Kevin Costner Long Hair 

Here is a nice surprise for you. Except his first years of being a celebrity, we mentioned that he preferred hairstyles like above. In the photo below, on the other hand, you will see Kevin Costner with long hairstyle. A magnificent visual from the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. Before being one of the best actors, a very different hair style was preferred for his role.

Kevin Costner Long Haircut


Is Kevin Costner Bald? 

Famous actor experienced hair loss problem, just like all other aging people. Although hair thinning is seen in some parts of his hair, Kevin Costner is not bald.


Kevin Costner’s Hair Loss

Being constantly in front of people prevents changes from being kept secret. This situation was also valid for the famous actor. After the age of 40, the problem of hair loss reared its ugly head for the famous actor. First, his hairline went backwards, then thinning began at the top of his head. This situation adversely affected Costner’s general image.

kevin costner hair transplantation

No explanation has been given regarding the causes of hair loss that Kevin Costner has experienced. However, when the photos are examined, it is understood that the loss is male type hair loss. Of course, what is syllogized here is only an estimate. Hair loss may have occurred for an unknown reason.

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Kevin Costner’s Hair Transplantation

No official information has been given about how and when the famous actor had his hair transplantation procedure. However, experts estimate that the hair transplantation was performed between the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007.

In the hair transplantation procedure, it is estimated that the hairline is first pulled a little forward. Because when the differences between the photos are examined, it is noticed that the hairline came forward a little. Later, the sparseness at the top was removed. Hair density has been increased to a certain level.

It is not difficult to guess that the hair transplantation procedure has been performed by a professional team. It is obvious that a hair transplantation suitable for Kevin Costner’s age has been preferred. Because of all these reasons, hair transplantation is only recognized by experts in this field.

kevin costner hair transplantation

When the result is evaluated in general, it can be explained with the word “natural”. Hair transplantation performed within the bounds of possibilities available in 2006 was extremely successful and the result was natural hair.

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What Method Was Used in Kevin Costner’s Hair Transplantation?

First of all, it should be underlined that no official statement has been made regarding his hair transplantation. Therefore, evaluations can only be made only upon the estimates of the experts in this field. As is known, FUT and FUE techniques were used for hair transplantation at that time. When the FUT technique was preferred, scarring was almost inevitable on the scalp. In the FUE technique, there was no scar and the hair strands were transferred to the scalp one by one.

Dr. Caglar and Dr. Batu - Cosmeticium

Not increasing the density of the hair excessively and moving the hairline a little forward indicates the FUE technique here. Such a magnificent result has been obtained with the use of microneedles. Thanks to all this, Kevin Costner has become one of the concrete examples of the solution to hair loss.


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