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Hair is very important for the appearance of both men and women. Hair that is at the desired length and well-groomed provides an extremely positive effect on the appearance. Ideal hair length is very important for the desired outlook. At this point, sometimes you may want your hair to grow faster. Is there a way to increase hair growth? Is it really possible? The answers to all these questions are in our article.


1. Use Less Shampoo

“Use less shampoo” may seem an awkward recommendation to you. But when you examine it in depth, you will realize how important it is. The main task of shampoos is to ensure the cleaning of the hair. There are different chemicals in the shampoos to clean the hair that gets greasy and dusty during the day. Therefore, shampooing your hair frequently means your hair is exposed to more chemicals.

use less shampoo

Most shampoos do not provide hair care besides cleaning it. Therefore, you can prefer shampoo for cleaning, conditioner, or hair masks for hair care. Using less shampoo affects hair care and thus the speed of your hair growth.

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2. Don’t Use Heat Generating Appliances

The first condition for your hair to grow faster is to have healthy hair. Appliances that generate heat are not very innocent at this point. Hair straighteners, hairdryers, and similar appliances negatively affect the hair structure with their excessive heat. Although they can help shape your hair, you need to stay away from such heat-generating appliances as much as possible. If you have to use them, try to use only for a short time. Thus, you will witness that your hair grows faster.


3. Use Hair Conditioner

Hair wears out over time due to external factors and similar conditions. This will adversely affect hair health and naturally hair growth rate. So, what is the way out of this negative situation? This is when hair conditioners and similar hair care products come into play.

Hair conditioners have a special place among hair care products. They are known as products that protect and repair the natural structure of the hair without damaging its structure. Hair conditioners eliminate the damages which the heat-generating appliances, external and other factors give to the hair. Besides, it provides nourishment of hair. All of this provides an increase in hair growth rate. However, it should not be forgotten that the hair conditioners mentioned here are of good quality. Poor quality hair conditioners of unknown brands will have a negative effect.


4. Rinse with Cold Water

Rinse with Cold Water

One of the recommended procedures to speed up hair growth is to rinse your hair with cold water. When you hear it for the first time, this advice may seem awkward to you. The relationship between hair growth and this is not very clear. However, long-term studies of experts reveal that cold water rinsing affects hair positively.

Rinsing with cold water leaves the outer layer of the hair smooth. This provides very important advantages to the hair. First of all, it prevents moisture loss of the hair and prevents it from getting tangled. Apart from these, it is also effective in removing the heat damage. However, to have all these positive effects, cold water rinsing should be done as short as possible. It is a little bit more difficult to see these effects when cold water rinsing is applied for a longer time.


5. Be Gentle When Brushing / Combing Your Hair

Combing or brushing the hair is an extremely important process. This process should be done as gently and accurately as possible. Otherwise, wrong hair brushing will trigger hair loss. Most people comb or brush their hair while it is wet. Because it is easier to comb wet hair. But wet hair is also much more fragile! Therefore, it should be remembered that one has to be careful in brushing or combing wet hair.

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