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One of the first cities that come to mind when it comes to hair transplantation is İstanbul. It is a center that attracts attention with its well-equipped clinics, specialist doctors and advanced techniques. When you choose a special center such as Istanbul for hair transplantation, do you know what awaits you? You will not only get your hair but you will also get much more thank the desired outcome thanks to the hair transplantation you will have in Istanbul. If you are wondering what awaits you in Istanbul, continue reading our article.


Why Should You Choose Istanbul for Hair Transplantation?

Turkey sweeps quickly to be the world’s new hair transplantation center. In Turkey, most of the hair transplantations are carried out in Istanbul. There are many clinics here and hair transplantations are performed in these clinics in accordance with international quality standards. Hair transplantation is performed with newly developed technological devices and techniques, which significantly increases the success rate. Apart from that, Istanbul has many advantages.


Istanbul is located in an easily accessible location by air. Besides, you won’t have any problems in accommodation with its hotel capacity. There are also many clinics, which means that you don’t have to waste time in long waiting lists for hair transplantation. You can make your full decision with the online consultation before the hair transplantation phase. Then you can have your hair transplantation at any time. It would be the most logical choice to prefer Istanbul for hair transplantation due to the numerous advantages similar to these mentioned above.


1. Fully Equipped Hospitals Above European Standards


Turkey, in general, is thought to be behind the EU countries. However, the situation changes when it comes to hair transplantation. Thanks to the state’s support of health tourism and other factors, Istanbul is far ahead of Europe in hair transplantation.

  • There are high number of fully equipped hospitals.
  • The newest techniques for hair transplantation are used.
  • In spite of all this, hair transplantation prices in Istanbul are at a very reasonable level.

In other words, there is no more assertive city than Istanbul for a high-quality and affordable hair transplantation. There is a serious flow from all over the world to Istanbul for hair transplantation and other cosmetic procedures. This clearly shows the hair transplantation quality in Istanbul. The world’s interest in Istanbul causes the hair transplantation centers to constantly renew and improve themselves. All these strengths increase the quality hair transplantation and it even exceeds EU standards.

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2. Patient Satisfaction Rate

Do’s and Don’ts in Hair Transplantation

It is known by everyone that hair transplantation in Istanbul is of high quality. The reflection of this quality can be seen in the patient satisfaction rate. Advanced techniques such as DHI and FUE are used in hair transplantation. They provide high success. Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the expectations of the patients are more than fulfilled.

After hair transplantation, patients regain their natural hair. This situation positively affects not only their physical appearance but also their psychology.

Tens of thousands of patients come to Istanbul every year for many plastic surgery procedures, especially hair transplantation. These patients are treated in the highest quality clinics using the most advanced techniques and their expectations are highly met. It is not a coincidence that Istanbul is at the top of the list of cities prepared considering the patient satisfaction rate.


3. Enjoy the Beauties of Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has many historical and natural beauties. You will need to stay in Istanbul for 3-5 days when you arrive for hair transplantation. During this time, you can visit Istanbul and have a mini-vacation.

The beauties of this city, which has been the capital of many states throughout the history, fascinates those who see it. It can also be said that this city is an intersection center for many cultures. You can have the opportunity to get to know these cultures more closely during your mini vacation.

When all these are evaluated together, it can be said that after you have hair transplantation in Istanbul, you will gain many beautiful memories of this city. Istanbul is waiting for you for this wonderful experience.

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