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Dental implants, or dental implants as they are also known, offer long-lasting and powerful solutions to people who have lost one or more teeth. This method is very effective today for lost teeth.

If you are wondering how much pain you will experience during the dental implant healing process and what awaits you, all the details are in our article.

Dental Implant Pain

How Painful is a Dental Implant?

People who are going to have dental implant treatment think that this procedure is an extremely painful procedure because of what they see on the internet. Such concerns may be experienced especially due to the images and information about the procedures performed during surgery. It leads to the belief that the pain that will arise will be too high. But it can be said that this treatment is not as painful as it seems.

The pain level was measured using a scale rated from 0 to 10. The result was that the pain level in the 24-48 hour period after treatment was only between 2-3 and three. This is the level of pain for those who have good bones and don’t need a lot of soft tissue surgery. The people in question can go through this process very comfortably with simple painkillers.

Pain during surgery is usually thought to be caused by the procedure performed on the bone. But the main cause of the pain is a result of the procedures performed on the soft tissue in that area. Therefore, the fact that the procedures performed on the soft tissue are less will ensure that the pain that will occur is also less. In the case of removing a small flap from the soft tissue here, the pain level will be 3-4.

The procedure can generally be described as painless. But a titanium implant placed in the jawbone can cause pain in the ear. The surgery is a minimal procedure and there will be no obstacle for you to return to work in a short time.

In dental implant treatment, some patients may need to have a bone graft. In such cases, dental implant pain can be up to 6. These pains usually subside within a few days and then go away on their own. But if the level of pain is high, these patients are prescribed strong painkillers. In this way, it is ensured that they get through the period in question very easily.


Is there a lot of pain during the procedure?

Performing a surgical procedure and having a part of your body cut open may initially sound scary and very painful. In dental implant treatment, the process of removing the soft tissue in the jaw and then placing the implant in the jawbone is performed. Therefore, it is quite normal to think that this procedure is quite scary and painful.

During the procedure, you will not feel the slightest pain. The reason for this is that the surgery is performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. Thus, you are prevented from feeling pain during the procedure. Pain in the procedure occurs with the disappearance of the effect of anesthesia after surgery.


What to Do After the Implant?

After the procedure, the healing process begins immediately in the relevant area. You may have difficulty eating regularly because the wound in that area is fresh and sensitive. For this you need to give preference to soft food. It is also very important to avoid tobacco and caffeine products to prevent the failure of the procedure and to minimize the risks of different complications.

After the procedure, you need to make sure that everything goes well and that no complications develop. For this, you should go to regularly scheduled controls and you should never disrupt the controls.

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Is a Dental Implant Worth It?

The cost of dental implant treatment is higher than other prosthetic treatments. In addition, the final results after the treatment and the completion time of recovery are high. However, it is ensured that the lost teeth are permanently replaced. The fact that the teeth are as strong as the natural ones is important advantages of this treatment. Moreover, the treatment in question is long-lasting. It is thanks to such advantages that it is said that “It is worth it too much!”

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?


Post-Procedure Pain and Recovery Process

With the change in the level of dental implant pain that will occur after the treatment, the healing process is experienced gradually. These can be explained as follows:

A few hours after the procedure

Since the effect of anesthesia and sedation does not fully pass, not much pain and discomfort is felt during this period. But after a few hours, the effect of anesthesia begins to pass and the feeling of discomfort manifests itself. These pains are normal in this operation as in every surgical procedure.

24-72 Hours

In the 24-72 hours after the operation, your pain level will increase a little more. Then the reduction process will begin. It’s important that you regularly use the painkillers prescribed by your doctor. You can also apply a cold compress with ice packs to the area or make salt water rinses.

It is quite normal to feel pain in the implant area and to have bleeding, bruising and swelling in this area. The symptoms involved peak in the first 3 days, and then begin to subside.

3-7 Days and After

It is normal to have some pain and tenderness after 3-7 days and after. However, it is important that the pain begins to subside, especially after the first 3 days. It is okay to return to work or school 1-3 days after the procedure.

A significant reduction in each symptom will occur. Bleeding is very important here. In the first 3-4 days it should be completely stopped. Bruises and swelling begin to decrease after 1 week.

After about a week, the pain and tenderness in your mouth subsides. After this period, you can brush your teeth very lightly.

7-14 Days

After 7-14 days, your mouth is completely healed. As long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, your pain will be gone. You need to go to the appointment planned by your doctor to be sure of recovery.

After the first 1-2 weeks, the feeling of discomfort and pain should completely pass. However, when you put some pressure on the implant, it is perfectly normal for sensitivity to occur. Bruising and swelling have now become minimal.

Feeling pain after the first 1-2 weeks is not considered normal. The basis of this situation may be infection, metal allergy and failure to place the implant correctly. If there is swelling or redness with severe pain during this period, you should see your doctor.

After 1 Month

The pain is now completely gone. Pain is not expected during this period. If there is pain, it is due to an infection or a different problem. Therefore, you need to contact your doctor for this.

After 3 Month

3 months after surgery, pain may occur due to different reasons. Nerve damage, allergic reaction, blood supply problems and infections are the most common causes.

1 Year and After

No pain is expected 1 year after the procedure. If there is pain, there is a different reason behind it. Pain may occur due to gum problems, infection or a different problem.

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Causes of Pain After Dental Implant

Dental implant pain can occur due to different causes. An example of this is when you put some pressure on your dental implant and you feel pain and tenderness. The causes that lead to pain at this point are:

Loose Lid

Pain may occur after the procedure due to the loose lid on the implant.


Pain may occur due to infection. These can lead to a feeling of pain for 3 months or even longer. However, pain caused by infection may also appear earlier.

Loose Implants

If the implant is not placed correctly and remains loose, pain may occur.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is rarely seen in the procedure. But when nerve damage occurs, pain can occur.

Medical Conditions

Pain may occur due to some medications used and autoimmune diseases.

Implant Rejection

Depending on this situation, which is likely to be experienced after surgery, pressure and discomfort occur.

Dental Implant Pain

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What Can Be Done to Relieve Pain?

Dental implant pain, although low-level, is an uncomfortable condition. However, you can get rid of these pains to a great extent with simple precautions and instructions from your doctor. This way you will not experience this feeling of discomfort. Here’s what you can do at this point:

  • Use medications prescribed by your doctor and other over-the-counter painkillers.
  • If you have not been prescribed pain medication by your doctor, you may take over-the-counter medications such as naproxen, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.
  • Apply a cold compress to the relevant area to relieve pain and reduce swelling.
  • Get plenty of rest and avoid moving as much as possible.
  • Stay away from hot and hard foods, especially in the first days.
  • Brush your teeth carefully if approved by your doctor.
  • Gargle using a mixture of salt water to be prepared with warm water and thus reduce the risk of infection.
  • Consider your doctor’s instructions and recommendations.
  • Contact your doctor if an unexpected effect is seen.


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If you are considering a dental implant but are afraid that you will experience pain, this is normal. First of all, remember that this procedure does not cause as much pain as it is thought when done correctly. After the procedure performed by expert and experienced dentists in the field, you can overcome the healing process smoothly and painlessly.

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