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Hair transplantation is a method that has become especially popular since 2008. Like ordinary people, many famous names have had hair transplantation and regained their former appearance. Some of the famous names who had this procedure have never preferred to explain this situation. Andros Townsend is presumed to be one of these names.

If you are a famous name and everyone’s eyes are constantly on you, you need to pay attention to the statements you make. With millions of eyes on you, you should remember that even the smallest changes can be noticed. The famous footballer Andros Townsend may have had his hair transplant done for this.

When we look at the photos of the famous footballer in 2017-2018, there is a significant change in his hair, although it is not very clear. But the subsequent change is very pronounced. If Andros Townsend has not had a hair transplant, he has found a miraculous technique against hair loss.

Is hair transplantation behind Andros Townsend’s amazing appearance? What’s the secret to her new look? All the details are in our article.

Andros Townsend Hair Transplant

How Did Andros Townsend Decide to Have a Hair Transplant?

Andros Townsend is a name that football fans are familiar with. A lot of people are only interested in the football side of him. But some have also preferred to speculate about the changes it has made to its appearance.

The famous footballer’s excellent goal against Manchester City in December 2018 was chosen as the Premier League goal of the season. Thus, he brought up the famous name. Townsend, who is also on the England national team, likes to boast about his afro hair and beard.

Reduced hairline is a rather negative situation for someone who likes to brag about their hair. In addition, the fact that his front line of hair went back even caused him to receive comments that it made him scary. If you are a famous football player, you have to endure the comments made by millions of people. It is estimated that the famous footballer made such a decision due to the change he has experienced and the comments made.


Andros Townsend Before Hair Transplant

Andros Townsend had already started losing his hair from the age of 20. According to the data announced by the American Hair Loss Association, it is very rare to see this type of hair loss before the age of 21. But that was unfortunately the case for Townsend. In the early years of his professional football, his hair had taken the shape of an M.

The decline in her hair was very easily noticeable. According to the Norwood-Hamilton scale, which was developed to determine the degree of hair loss, it was at the level of 3-4.

Andros Townsend Before Hair Transplant



Causes of Hair Loss

When looking at Andros Townsend hair loss, it can be stated that the most important cause of it is male pattern baldness. In male pattern baldness, there are hair follicles that are extremely sensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Shedding is caused by DHT hormone. Male pattern baldness is transmitted genetically. It is passed on from the mother or father.

Due to DHT, hair follicles first begin to shrink, and then loss of function and loss occurs. The fact that DHT blockers such as finasteride give the desired result in the treatment is important in terms of showing that the problem is caused by DHT.

It is estimated that Troy Townsend, the father of Andros Townsend, cut his hair short to hide the decline in his hairline. In short, the father of the famous footballer may have male pattern baldness. So male pattern baldness may have been genetically inherited from its father.

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His Hair Adventure

The change in Andros Townsend’s hair occurred in a certain process. Details of this process are as follows:

Early 2016

In 2016, Andros Townsend, who was 25-26 years old, experienced significant hair loss. At this age, a significant loss of his temples has occurred and the front line of the hair has taken the shape of M. This hairline shape can be considered normal for your 40s and 50s. However, it is not normal for someone who is still in their 20s and is one of the important signs of male pattern baldness.

Hair loss in your mid-20s is not considered to be very common. But you can be sure that it is much more common than you think. Studies show that 25% of men who experience male pattern baldness start to lose their hair at the age of 21. Andros Townsend is also part of this group.

According to the Norwood scale, which was developed to measure the level of hair loss, the famous football player is at the level of 2-3 here. Level 3 is the earliest stage of considered hair loss.

Andros Townsend's Hair in 2016


End of 2016

When the famous footballer joined the Crystal Palace team, there was a marked change in his hair. The fading and M-shaped front hairline has disappeared. He also shortened her hair completely during this period. Looking at the previous photos, it is noteworthy that bald areas seem to have disappeared significantly. The cause of this condition is thought to be scalp pigmentation.

Scalp pigmentation is a method that can last up to 8 years. It can be specified as a tattoo method applied to give the scalp the appearance of hair. Tattoos are made on the scalp in the form of small dots and a shadow is created here.

Scalp pigmentation can also sometimes be used to cover the visibility of hair transplantation. After the operation, the scalp can be closed in this way while the hair grows back.

Andros Townsend's Hair - End of 2016


2018 Year

The famous footballer was noted for having much denser hair in this period than in the past. This situation has led to the emergence of hair transplantation speculations.

Fans began to question where and how the famous footballer’s hair came from. This is a very normal questioning, because Andros Townsend seemed like someone new, with thick hair that came alive compared to the past.

Andros Townsend's Hair in 2018


2020 Year

After the quarantine period in 2020, the famous footballer has thicker hair. Her hair has taken on a much more lush appearance. In fact, the famous footballer shared on his Twitter account that the rumble of his hair did not even allow him to cut it.

2022 Year

Andros Townsend preferred shorter hair during this period. However, his hair is still lush. It is a period in which the permanent results of hair transplantation are enjoyed.

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With Which Method Did He Have Hair Transplantation?

Andros Townsend had scalp pigmentation done before a hair transplant. In this method, also known as SMP, small tattoos are made on the scalp to mimic the appearance of the hair follicles. When done correctly, this method can hide scars. It also gives a visually fuller look with hair.

This method is not a real treatment and does not allow hair to grow out. By giving only the illusion of hair, it ensures that the traces of hair loss are closed. It is estimated that the spill marks in the front area of the famous footballer were closed in this way before the operation.

Considering the change in Andros Townsend’s hair, it can be clearly stated that he had a hair transplant. The renewal of the hairline and having denser hair are the most important signs of this. No explanation has been given as to which method he prefers.

When her hair is examined, it is seen that there are no operation scars. From this point of view, it can be stated that he may have preferred the FUE technique. But it should be remembered that this is an estimate.

From the FUE technique, hair follicles are taken from the nape and side areas and transferred to the balding areas. In this method, almost no traces remain. Both the donor area and the area where the transplantation is performed look very natural when viewed from the outside.


Andros Townsend Before & After Hair Transplant

While the M shaped front line and the sparseness in the anterior regions were noticeable before the operation, all of them were eliminated after the operation. The density in the anterior region has increased by 3 times. The openings in the temples have closed, and the front line has come a little forward.

All these changes indicate that the famous footballer has a hair transplant. Although these claims and predictions have not been confirmed, the opinions of experts are as follows. You can take a look at the images below to understand the change more clearly.


How Many Grafts Were Required?

It was not disclosed how many grafts were used in the operation. An estimate can be made at this point by looking at the photos before the operation. Between 1,600 and 2,000 grafts are required to close the openings in the temple areas. In addition, grafts were used for the crown and anterior region.

Andros Townsend Hair Transplant

All these evaluations indicate that approximately 2,500 to 3,000 grafts were used for Andros Townsend hair transplantation. This many grafts can be transplanted in a single session.

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Was Andros Townsend’s Hair Transplant Be Successful?

When it is accepted that the claim of Andros Townsend’s hair transplantation is true, it can be stated that the result is extremely successful. Even when the before and after photos are compared, it is seen how successful the process is and how it provides a magnificent change.


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