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John Travolta who is known worldwide has been regarded as one of Hollywood’s best names for many years. He has starred in countless movies and productions. He has been the name whom is sought-after sometimes for comedies and sometimes for action films. All this ensured that John Travolta was always in front of the public. His hair loss was noticed by everyone. The stages of hair loss can be understood even with a simple search on Google. Today, it would not be wrong to say that John Travolta has his hair today. So how is it possible? How has John Travolta’s hair transplantation period proceeded? Which technique has been used in hair transplantation? What kind of procedure has been applied? You can find answers to these questions and many other similar ones later in our article.


Why Has John Travolta Lost His Hair?

He is one of those people who has managed to become famous at a young age. This clearly reveals the change he has experienced during the process from youth to old age. Over the years, he has experienced a serious hair loss. This shedding even gave the signals of going to baldness. John Travolta, who has mainly lost his hair, had to choose short hairstyles for a while.

John Travolta Bald

It is not clear why John Travolta has experienced hair loss. As it is known, there are different causes of hair loss and some of the hair loss does not stop despite being treated. As a result, permanent baldness occurs. It is estimated that John Travolta also experienced this type of hair loss. Because the famous actor has consulted to the best dermatologists of the world in this process and tried to prevent shedding. However, it is very difficult to say that he has succeeded. Ultimately, John Travolta has lost some of his hair permanently.

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John Travolta’s Hair Transplantation

We can start this part of our article by saying that John Travolta is very happy with his new hair. He has managed to have much more dense hair than before. However, the celebrity hasn’t made detailed explanations regarding his hair transplantation due to privacy. Therefore, it was discussed whether John Travolta had hair transplantation or not for a while. However, when the final result became obvious, it was announced by the experts that he had hair transplantations.

John Travolta Before Hair Transplantation

It will be understood by looking at his old photographs that there is a certain degree of balding at the top of the celebrity’s head. Also, it can be easily noticed that the hairline goes backwards. In the new photographs, this situation has changed completely and the hairline has positioned forward. In addition, baldness on the top has totally disappeared. Although some claim that this is done with different treatments, such a permanent change is only possible with hair transplantation. Therefore, it can be said that John Travolta has had hair transplantation.

John Travolta After Hair Transplantation

It is estimated that John Travolta had his hair transplantation done in 2016. The absence of a formal explanation on this subject and the clear results of hair transplantation within 1 year highlighted this date.

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Which Technique Has been Used in John Travolta’s Hair Transplantation?

It is very difficult to give an exact answer to this question. Because he hasn’t made any explanation about his hair transplantation. However, experts say after a short review that the method used is the FUE technique. To emphasize it again, these are the experts’ claims and there is no certainty.

As known, there are different techniques used in hair transplantation. Considering the year 2016, it can be said that the FUT or FUE techniques are more prominent. FUT is a much older technique and has some disadvantages in itself. The scars remain after the procedure. FUE is a much more advanced technique and gives more successful results. While hair strands are taken in strips in the FUT technique, they are taken one by one in the FUE technique. In this way, there is no scar left. Also, the desired angle can be given to the hair strands and a more natural appearance is obtained. Today, DHI, which means Direct Hair Implant, is the most advanced hair transplantation method.



It is suggested that John Travolta has preferred the FUE technique and therefore his hair looks natural. Leaving these discussions aside, it can be seen that his hair transplantation is extremely successful and he owes this incredible change to his hair transplantation.

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