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Liposuction can be expressed as a procudure which helps to remove stubborn fat. This procedure which is preferred widely nowadays gives effective results for reshaping specific body areas. So, is it possible to have liposuction for the second time?

How often liposuction procedure can be applied? Can liposuction be applied for the second time in the same area? Will exercise and diet be necessary? All answers are in our article.


How Often Liposuction Can Be Applied?

When human body is examined, it will be seen that fat is generally in two different areas. These are abdomen and chest area. However, it can be said that fat content here can be destroyed with dieting and exercise in general. Looking at the location of fat, it will be seen that there is a superficial layer just under the skin and a different layer deeper. Liposuction is generally used to remove deeper layer.

Cannula and suction machines are the basic equipment to remove deep fat layer. However, if fat in this area is very hard, it may not be possible to remove it directly. In such cases, fat must first be destroyed and liquefied. Different techniques such as laser or ultrasound are used for this. By this process, both stubborn fat is removed and relevant area is reshaped. Care is taken to ensure that the generated result is smooth.

Liposuction for the second time can treat many problem areas. It is a surgical procedure and it has some risks. There are some situations that patients cannot go home without healing process is completed. Therefore, the correct application of liposuction at the first time saves patients from extra trouble. After healing phase is completed, it is possible to apply the procedure to different areas with extra sessions.

What Should Be Done for Fast Recovery After Liposuction?

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Can Liposuction Be Applied for the Second Time in the Same Area?

In case of a need to apply liposuction for the second time to the same area, it can be said that this procedure is also possible. At this point, there is no obstacle.

However, the important thing here is fat to be taken from that area. If there is enough fat in the relevant area and it is possible to remove them with liposuction, there is no harm to apply the procedure to the same area second time.

Usually, applying liposuction for the second time to the same area can be a little bit more difficult than the first time. There will be different reasons of this. However, it can be said that this procedure is safe in general.

Another important thing that should be known is that you should be a suitable candidate to have liposuction for the second time. Keep in mind that no doctor will apply liposuction to you when you are not a suitable candidate.

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Will Diet and Exercise Still Be Necessary After the Second Liposuction?

Liposuction can be expressed as a procedure which removes stubborn fat permanently from the body. However, it should be known that this method never replaces diet and exercise. More clearly, liposuction is not a weight-loss method, it is a method of body reshaping. In order for results to be permanent, patients should do diet and exercise after liposuction. Otherwise, results may disappear over time.


Scientific Research

Different studies have been done on whether exercise is mandatory after liposuction. One of them was carried out in Brazil and 36 women who had liposuction were followed. Half of the women did diet and exercise after liposuction while the other half did not. After 6 months, when they looked at the liposuction areas, it was understood that there was 10% increase in visceral fat in women who did not exercise. The results of women who did exercise were also preserved. So even if you have liposuction for the second time, you should ensure that diet and exercise are part of your life.

It can be said that when diet and exercise are not done after fat is removed from body, or the calorie amount which is taken and burnt does not change, body will want to preserve fat balance. Therefore, fat can occur in different parts of body in the beginning. Later, liposuction area can be fatten. When all these are evaluated together, it can be said that exercise and diet have important role in having permanent results after liposuction.

We tried to compile things to know about liposuction for the second time. You can click the link below for more detailed information about the procedure.

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