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Face is the most important part of people’s appearance. Depending on aging and face structure, wrinkles and sagging may occur in time. In order to overcome such problems, different cosmetic procedures are used. Mini facelift is one of them. Well, what is mini facelift? Who are suitable for this operation? What are the advantages? All details are in our article.


What Is Mini Facelift?

Mini facelift is a surgical procedure performed to overcome sagging, wrinkles and similar problems especially around middle face, chin and neck. In this procedure, minimal-sized incisions are used and face lifting is done. Incisions are so small that no visible scar occurs after the procedure. Despite that, incisions are created on face’s natural lines. This way, any possibility to realize scars that occur after recovery phase is completely eliminated.

After this procedure that focuses on neck and bottom part of face, patients look 10 years younger on average. After the procedure, patient expectations are substantially met. Mini facelift that provides natural youthfulness becomes more and more popular day by day.


Suitable Candidates

Mini facelift is a procedure about middle and bottom parts of face. It is a suitable procedure for candidates with sagging and wrinkles around neck, chin and bottom part of face. Candidates over 30 can benefit from this procedure. Candidates should have no condition that prevents them from getting this surgery.

Mini Facelift


How Is Mini Facelift Procedure Performed?

Mini facelift can overcome middle-level sagging and wrinkles. This procedure is performed by considering existing conditions of a patient. Steps taken during this surgery are as below:

  • Local anesthesia is performed. This way, patients feel no pain during the surgery.
  • Incisions are opened after anesthesia for lifting, around natural face and hair lines.
  • Lifting is done to eliminate wrinkles around middle and bottom part of face through incision opened next to ear.
  • After lifting, excess skin is removed.
  • It is ensured that skin obtains a younger and wrinkle-free appearance.
  • After these steps, incisions are closed and procedure is completed.


How Long Does the Application Take?

In the past, face lifting procedures took long time. Accordingly, recovery period took more and experienced pain amount was higher. Today, with advanced medicine and technology, mini facelift only takes 1-2 hours. Short surgery duration also positively affects recovery time and experienced amount of pain.


Recovery Process

During the next days after this operation, bruises and swelling occur around face. These are expected situations. Within a few weeks, bruises and swelling will go away significantly without any need for extra treatment.

Just 3-4 days after the surgery, patients can return to their daily routines and jobs. Yet, during the first few weeks, attention should be paid and face must be protected from external effects. Shortly after the surgery, you can start using facial expressions again.

Certain results of the surgery are seen after 2 weeks. It shouldn’t be forgotten that edema, especially during the first days, covers certain results.



The most important advantage of this procedure is leaving no scar while effectively overcoming facial wrinkles. Incisions are successfully hidden by using natural face lines and hairlines.

New appearance of a patient’s face after this procedure is almost the same as his/her face 10 years ago. When looked from outside, facelift history cannot be observed and there occur no unnatural changes on a patient’s face.

This is a procedure that does not require general anesthesia. Therefore, it has shorter recovery and hospital stay periods. Patients can return to their daily routines in short time.

SMAS Facelift

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Differences of Standard and Mini Facelift

There are significant differences between standard facelift procedure and mini facelift. In this procedure, small incisions are opened and natural appearance is aimed. This is the most suitable method for candidates, who have wrinkles and sagging around bottom part of face and neck, from the age of 30. Patients can bring wrinkles under control without aging and having serious facial deformation.

This procedure was developed for neck and bottom part of face. If there are wrinkles and sagging around eyes and upper face, standard facelift should be preferred.


When to Return to Normal Life after Mini Facelift Surgery?

After the procedure, patients are required to stay at the hospital for the night. During this time, patients are observed and it is ensured that everything is fine. During the first days, mild pain may be experienced. With painkillers, this period can be spent comfortably.

In the next few days after the surgery, bruises and swelling may occur. Yet, these will go away without requiring any treatment. Patients can return to their daily routines 5-7 days after the surgery. However, for this, it must be remembered that doctor consent is required.


Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Facelift

There are different questions wondered about this surgery. Frequently asked questions and related answers are as below:


  • What to pay attention before this surgery?

Any medicine that you are on must be stated to the surgeon. Blood thinners and medicines specifically stated by your doctor should be discontinued.

  • Is it a painful surgery?

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and no pain is felt. After the surgery, patients may feel mild level of pain. This situation can be overcome easily by taking a painkiller.

  • Can this procedure be combined with different cosmetic applications?

Based on patient’s conditions, mini facelift and nose surgeries, fat injection, stem cell treatment and similar treatments can be combined.

  • Are the results of this procedure permanent?

The results are permanent. Aging process for a patient, who obtains a younger look after this surgery, continues.

  • What to pay attention after this surgery?

Within the next 2 weeks after this surgery, using cigarette and alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Additionally, any activity that increases blood pressure should also be stayed away.

  • Does there occur any change in facial expressions after this surgery?

The fundamental target of this procedure is to prevent wrinkles and sagging that occur due to aging and similar causes. The result is definitely not a new face. The target is to provide younger face of a patient. The results are natural.



With minimal facelift, wrinkles and sagging in neck and bottom part of face can be eliminated. Incisions are opened on areas where they can be hidden and therefore, no scar is visible to outside. This is an ideal method for people who want to get rid of aging effects.

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