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People want to be accepted and liked. For this reason, they care about their appearance. Millions of young people look in the mirror, check their hair and wonder whether they will be bald in the future. Because, nowadays, baldness is not only a problem of later ages. Even at a young age, people are at risk of going bald. This risk is expressed as early baldness.

How to recognize signs of early baldness? Why should actions be taken without being late? What are the most effective treatments? All in our article.


What is Early Baldness?

Hair loss can start at different ages due to different factors. Today, the most important cause of hair loss is hereditary factors. Hypersensitivity to androgenic hormones as a result of hereditary predisposition causes male-type hair loss. Male type hair loss can make itself felt at different ages. However, cases, where it makes itself felt clearly before the age of 27, are expressed as early baldness.

Sometimes different hair problems can show themselves during adolescence. Serious hormonal problems lie at the root of hair problems experienced during this period. Hormonal changes during adolescence are more effective on men’s hair. Because, men have more androgens.

There are some important risk factors for early baldness. According to a large-scale study which was conducted in 2017, the most important risk factors are alcohol consumption and a family history of baldness, in other words, hereditary factors.

Early Baldness


Environmental Factors

Environmental factors are also effective on early baldness that occurs due to hereditary causes. Therefore, those who think that they will become bald at early age should take precautions as early as possible. They can get help from environmental factors so that hair loss can be slowed.

Stress is leading the environmental factors that will trigger hair loss. Continuous exposure to high stress level can increase hair loss. Similarly, malnutrition, sedentary life and wrong hair treatments also have a negative effect on hair loss.

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How to Recognize the Symptoms of Early Baldness?

To prevent early baldness, you must first understand whether you are at such a risk. The sooner you realize the risk of baldness and take precautions, the more positive the result will be for you. Therefore, symptoms of early baldness are of great importance. Here are those signs:

Symptoms of Early Baldness

  • Thinning Hair

Before shedding occurs, hair begins to thin. It is not easy to notice thinning hair. For this, every month, hair and scalp should be photographed and compared with the same angle and the same light intensity. Thus, if there is hair thinning, you will immediately notice the problem thanks to this comparison.

  • Excessive Hair Loss

Hair loss up to 100 strands in a day is considered normal. However, losing more than 100 strands is the most important sign of hair loss. Of course, it is not possible to count the shed hair strands one by one. However, every morning when you get up, you can look at the number of hair strands on your pillow. Or you can check how much hair goes with the water while you are taking a shower. If you notice that an abnormal number of hair strands are gone, you have hair loss problem.

  • Thinning at Crown Area

One of the most important signs of early baldness is the decrease in hair density in crown area. However, this is very difficult to detect. After all, when you look in the mirror, you cannot directly see your crown area. For this, you can use a second mirror and check your crown area with this second mirror. If there is thinning and hair loss, you are at risk of early baldness.

  • Front Line Retraction

The first effects of hair loss are usually evident in front hairline. Retraction of front hairline over time is one of the most important signs of male type baldness. The way to understand this is quite simple. By comparing your old photos with your current ones, you can easily tell if there is a change in front hairline.

  • Expanding Part of Hair

Androgenetic alopecia is a hair loss type seen not only in men but also in women. However, hair loss in women, unlike men, is not seen in certain areas but in almost all areas.

To notice this sign, crown area of hair should be compared by looking at old photos. If this cannot be done, this comparison can be made with the help of monthly photographs.

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Why Precautions Should Be Taken Without Being Late?

Questions and Answers

Androgenetic alopecia, which causes early baldness, does not stop on its own. Even starting at an early age is one of the important signs that it will be severe. Therefore, it is very important to take action without delay.

It is possible to slow down or completely stop hair loss that occurs at an early age. However, if it is preferred to wait instead, hair follicles may be permanently lost and permanent baldness may occur.


The Most Effective Treatment Methods against Early Baldness

There are different treatment methods for early baldness. Depending on the condition of hair loss, one or more of them may be preferred.


PRP Treatment

PRP, also known as enriched plasma, is a treatment with plasma obtained from the centrifugation of a patient’s own blood. PRP, which is one of the non-surgical treatments and injected into scalp, gives effective results in cases where hair follicles are not completely lost. Growth factors and nutrients in plasma nourish and support hair follicles. Thus, hair loss stops or slows down.

PRP for Hair Intensity



Minoxidil and finasteride are the leading drugs used for androgenetic alopecia. These drugs give effective results in cases where hair follicles are not completely lost. However, long-term drug usage is required for these results. Therefore, it is among the less preferred methods.



Having a healthy lifestyle is important for all hair loss types, not just for early baldness. A healthy body means healthy hair.


Hair Transplantation

It is the treatment that comes to the fore in cases where hair follicles are completely lost. DHI or FUE technique is used for hair transplantation.

In the DHI technique, grafts that are collected one by one are transferred to bald area with the help of implanters known as Choi pen. In the FUE technique, grafts that are collected one by one are placed into channels that are opened one by one.

After hair transplantation, there is no scar in transplanted area and donor area. The result is natural and permanent. There is no risk that transplanted hair will shed later.


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Androgenetic alopecia is the most important cause of hair loss today. If this problem occurs before the age of 27 and increases the risk of early baldness, different treatment methods can be used.

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