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Also known as rhinoplasty, nose plastic surgery provides us the chance to overcome breathing problems as well as reshape nose. With this procedure, both health problems and aesthetic concerns can be eliminated. Quality of life increases considerably.

How is nose plastic surgery done? Which steps does it include? How long is the recovery time and what should we expect? All answers to these questions are in our article.


NosePlastic Surgery Procedure Steps

Rhinoplasty is a highly comprehensive procedure and it consists of a few steps. These steps and related information are as given below:

1. Anesthesia

The first step of the operation is anesthesia. Sedation or local anesthesia can also be used for the operation. However, general anesthesia is usually preferred. This way, patients feel nothing during the surgery.

2. Incision

Depending on the way of procedure, incision can be made from inside or outside of nose. After the incision is made, nasal cartilage and bone can be accessed easily.

3. Reshaping Nose Structure

At the third step of nose plastic surgery after making the incision, applications to correct any structural and functional defect start. At this stage, different applications can be considered depending on the structure of the nose and the problem. Sometimes cartilage and/or bone is removed from nose and sometimes graft is added. For such requirements, sections obtained from rib or ear cartilage are used in general.

If there is any respiratory problem due to tissue generation or septum deviation, it is also corrected. Different techniques can also be applied to do so.

4. Closing Incisions

After the process is completed, incisions are closed. While doing so, surgeon pays attention to cover incision scar and preserve regular nose shape.

5. Result

After the nose plastic surgery, tampon can be used in order to prevent bleeding. Furthermore, bruising and swelling can be observed as well in the beginning. But all these go away in a few weeks and obtained result can be seen more clearly.

nose plastic surgery

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Nose Plastic Surgery Recovery Period

During the first days after rhinoplasty, mild to moderate pain can be experienced. For that, you have to use painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Additionally, during this period, you should stay away from direct sunlight, smoke and alcohol as well. This way, your recovery period will be shorter. Healthy nutrition and consuming plenty of water are other things to effect this period positively.

Recovery time after nose plastic surgery may be different from person to person, but on average, patients return to their regular life within 1-2 weeks. Patients need to spend first week resting. After one week, light exercises can be done. 15 days after the surgery, it will be realized that swelling and bruises are gone considerably. Yet, 4-6 weeks would be required to have the normal appearance again. During this period, some amount of swelling may remain and this is totally normal. For the exact results, patients need to wait 6-12 months.


What Should I Expect from Nose Plastic Surgery?

Since you will need to spend the first week completely resting, you need to take a week off for this period. Depending on the context of the operation performed, you may need to stay at the hospital for a few days. For this, you should better find a companion. Tampons placed into your nose after the surgery mean that you will not be able to use your nose for a while. This situation may cause discomfort for you during the first week. You may feel irritancy around your nose and throat. For the first 3 days, swelling around your nose will exist and all these will start to go away after some time.

After nose plastic surgery, functional problems in your nose will be gone completely and you will be able to breathe comfortably. In addition to that, if you request it, your nose will be reshaped as well. This way, you will have the appearance in your dreams.

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