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Hair loss is one of the important problems people face. Baldness occurs due to noticing this problem late and the inability to come up with a solution. The permanent solution of baldness is only possible with hair transplantation. Therefore, people are very interested in hair transplantation. They look for different countries and different clinics to have this procedure done. Germany and Turkey stand out as the two most important options.

We have compared for you the prices, performances, and success rates of the two leading countries of the hair transplantation sector; Turkey and Germany.


Comparison of Hair Transplantation in Germany and Turkey

Hair transplantation is an extremely special procedure. The grafts taken from the donor area are transferred to the hairless area with very special techniques. Thus, baldness in the hairless area is eliminated. Before comparing Germany and Turkey, it will be useful to give general information about these countries.

Germany is certainly one of the most developed countries in the EU. It is considered among the richest and most prosperous countries in the world. Turkey is at the intersection of important regions such as Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In terms of the health sector, it is more advanced than many countries, including Germany. During the pandemic, it provided free masks and respirators to many countries, including developed countries such as the USA and England.

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Hair Transplantation in Germany

Advanced techniques are applied for hair transplantation in Germany. Some clinics provide hair transplantation services in many parts of the country. However, it can be said that the number of clinics known for their quality is slightly more limited. In some periods, this situation causes long queues for hair transplantation.


Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The most advanced and high-end techniques for hair transplantation are applied in Turkey. Thanks to state support for health tourism, Turkey is rapidly proceeding to become a country for the health sector. There are many hair transplantation clinics in the country. It can be said that the service quality here is higher than the international quality standards. The high number of JCI accredited clinics is one of the most important indicators of this.

The most developed hair transplantation techniques such as DHI and FUE are used in Turkey. The surgeons practicing these techniques have serious expertise in this area. The medical infrastructure of the clinics is highly developed. In short, Turkey easily meets all expectations in the hair transplantation area at the highest level.

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Hair Transplantation Cost in Germany and Turkey

The wealth of Germany and other EU countries is known by the whole world. This situation is reflected in the hair transplantation prices.

  • The amount to be paid for ordinary hair transplantation in Germany varies between €3,000 and €9,000.
  • In Turkey, the cost of the same hair transplantation is only between €2,000 and €2,500.

Price comparison infographic for Germany and Turkey

The prices in Germany include only hair transplantation. Apart from this, the pricing of accommodation, meals, transportation, and other details is made separately. This is a factor that considerably increases hair transplantation costs in Germany. Some clinics charge extra fees even for consultations.

The price in Turkey, on the other hand, includes transportation, accommodation, meals, and similar services. The consultation is completely free. Before the operation, it is possible to have a face to face or online meeting with the doctors. Necessary services are provided to meet all your requests and to eliminate any questions in your mind. Detailed planning for patients coming from different countries to Turkey is made by the clinics. So you don’t have to deal with accommodation, transfer, and similar details.

Considering both countries, it can be said that Turkey is cheaper than Germany by 50-70%. Moreover, as the procedure to be performed is hair transplantation, it can easily be said that Turkey is far ahead in terms of quality.

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Advantages Provided By Turkey in Hair Transplantation

Turkey is on its way to become a world center for hair transplantation. The number of people coming here from many countries of the world to have hair transplantation is now expressed in tens of thousands. Even this high number of people preferring Turkey for hair transplantation reveals how advantageous it is. Other advantages can be listed as follows:

Hair Transplant in Turkey

  • Although the service quality is extremely high, hair transplantation prices are low.
  • All planning is made by clinics.
  • No additional fee is charged for services such as transportation, transfer, and accommodation.
  • It is a country that stands out with its historical and natural beauties.
  • It is extremely rich in terms of culture.
  • Hair transplantation and a mini-vacation can be combined.

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