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Clinic selection is extremely important for plastic surgery. This is also true for hair transplantation. So much so that people can even go to different countries because of the quality and price of the procedure. Turkey is one of the most important options in this area. In case of hair transplantation, Turkey, being one of the first countries that come to mind, attracts attention at lower costs. So, why is Turkey cheap in hair transplantation even though it gives the highest quality service? We have gathered all the answers for you.


Reasons of Why Hair Transplantation is Cheap in Turkey

The fact that hair transplantation is cheap makes people think that the quality may be low. First, it should be underlined that such a situation is not valid in Turkey. The hair transplantation services provided in Turkey are one of the world’s highest quality services. The success of the procedure is extremely high and the expectations of the patients are generally met. That’s why tens of thousands of people come here from different countries for hair transplantation every year.

There are many different reasons why hair transplantation is cheap in Turkey. These reasons and their evaluations are listed below.


1. Tourism

One of Turkey’s most important incomes is tourism. Different incentives are given for the development of tourism. It should not be forgotten that these incentives are also valid for health tourism. These incentives and other tourism factors enable the development of hair transplantation clinics. For example, Turkey’s most important touristic city Istanbul has a large number of clinics. Incoming patients both visit this city and have hair transplantation done. All the details help reduce hair transplantation costs.



2. High Number of Clinics and Specialists

The more abundant a product is, the lower its price. It is known by everyone that Turkey’s health system and health education are quite advanced. For instance, during the COVID-19 period, Turkey has sent masks and breathing apparatus to many developed countries. This development in the health system has led to a high number of hair transplantation specialists. Besides, the number of clinics that provide hair transplantation services is similarly high.

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3. Easy and Cheap Transportation

Turkey is at the intersection of important regions such as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This condition leads to different transportation options for coming to Turkey. Besides, the amounts to be paid for transportation are also very convenient.


4. Accommodation

There are many alternatives for accommodation in Turkey. These alternatives are more affordable than in other countries. In short, accommodation costs are low. When you decide to have hair transplantation, you do not need to pay extra fees such as accommodation and local transfers. All of them are services included in the hair transplantation treatment package.


5. Exchange Rate

The exchange rate effect is at the basis of why many services are cheaper in Turkey. The recent depreciation of the Turkish lira has made the cost of hair transplantation cheaper in foreign currency.

There are different reasons besides the ones listed here. However, these are the main reasons why hair transplantation is cheaper in Turkey.

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Advantages of Turkey in Hair Transplantation

When choosing a clinic for hair transplantation, the quality of service should be considered first. The reason is that the more successful the procedure is performed, the more expectations will be met. The high success of the hair transplantation in Turkey is known by everyone. This situation can be considered as an advantage.Hair Transplant in Turkey

Another criterion in the selection of the clinic is the price. Among the two clinics with the same service quality, the more reasonable one is more attractive. Turkey is almost unique at this point. While the hair transplantation is 7.000 – 11.000€ in the EU countries, it is only between 2.000 – 2.500€ in Turkey. Moreover, this price includes accommodation, transfer, transportation, and similar services. Taking all these into consideration, it can be said that the hair transplantation prices in Turkey are more reasonable. Turkey’s other advantages include:

  • The high competence of doctors and clinics ensures that hair transplantation is performed quickly and successfully.
  • Operations that last 2-3 days in clinics in different countries, in Turkey it only takes 7-9 hours.
  • Free consultation service is provided at every stage.
  • All planning for your visit to Turkey is made by the clinic.

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