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Turkey has recently taken its place among the most developed countries in the field of hair transplantation. Unfortunately, foreign countries never fail to defame Turkey by making up baseless news because they’ve lost so many customers. People living abroad are choosing to undergo hair transplantation procedure in Turkey because it is performed at less cost, using advanced methods and with a 100% success rate.

While this is the situation in Turkey, foreign countries choose the path of unfairly blaming Turkey for the patients they’ve lost. They make bad comments about Turkey and to crown it all, they also make various excuses to prevent patients from coming here. On the other hand, Turkey adds new stories to its success in the hair transplantation sector every day.

How do other countries in the hair transplantation sector try to invalidate the success of Turkey? What are the hidden reasons for these negative comments?


Advantages of Having a Hair Transplantation Procedure in Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries where the hair transplantation operation is best performed. Its services are above the quality standards and the costs are much lower than in other countries. The country’s outstanding achievements in the sector are known by everyone. Many specialist physicians trained in the field of hair transplantation perform their successful operations in Turkey. Clinics being above world standards is one of the issues that Turkey attaches great importance to. Government’s contribution to health tourism in Turkey is another important reason why the sector has been on the rise to this extent.

Turkey is a leading country in the field of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation procedures performed in Turkey provides a natural look without disturbing the existing structure of one’s hair. After the hair transplantation procedure, the hair becomes as bushy as before. Hair transplantation procedures performed by Turkish hair transplantation specialists offer patients guarantee for many years.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

The hair transplantation procedures in Turkey can be performed on both men and women. Of course, more male patients come from abroad because there is more demand by men in general. Hair transplantation patients in Turkey go back to their countries happily and with high confidence. Therefore, in later periods, they come to Turkey to spend time for touristic purposes.

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How Many People Come to Turkey Every Month to Have Hair Transplantation?

Approximately over 60 thousand patients come to our country every month to have hair transplantation procedure. Patients from foreign countries come to institutional health centres and make the necessary planning for their hair transplantation. These patients not only benefit from Turkey’s successful hair transplantation services but also have the opportunity to explore the beauties of the city they’re staying in.

The results obtained in research studies conducted show that, in 2018, more than 500 thousand patients came to Turkey to have hair transplantation procedure. Thanks to this success, Turkey is flooded by visitors/patients who want to have hair transplantation procedure every day. And this number continues to increase every year. On the other hand, other countries resort in discrediting Turkey because they are suffering due to their own citizens preferring Turkey for hair transplantation procedures.


It Is Important That the Procedure is not Only Cost-Effective But Also of Good Quality

The advantage of having hair transplantation in Turkey is not only cost-effectiveness. The most important criteria are quality and success. Performing the procedure in accordance with hygiene rules and successful operations by world-class specialist physicians make Turkey a preferable country.

In many countries, classical hair transplantation methods are applied. However, in Turkey, customized hair transplantation service is provided. Therefore, every tourist coming to Turkey for hair transplantation talks about this wherever he goes and in his own country and helps Turkey to improve its reputation. Turkey improves itself further as patients express their satisfaction and more patients prefer Turkey for their procedures.

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Hair Transplantation Prices in Turkey

Hair transplantation prices vary in Turkey. The prices may vary depending on the condition of the person, the amount of hair to be transplanted, the number of sessions to be made and the procedures of the hospital where the operation will be performed. For this reason, tourists should first choose the city, the hospital they want to have their hair transplantation in and the doctor to perform the procedure.

negative comments

Afterwards, he/she should visit the doctor he/she has determined and have a one-to-one examination to explain his/her complaints and expectations from the procedure. Then the specialist will determine a treatment method as per patient’s demand and will start the hair transplantation operation in agreement with the patient as soon as possible.

If you would like a free hair analysis and price information, just fill in the online consultation form of our clinic. Cosmeticium does not charge any fees for this service.


Discharge on the Same Day

Since hair transplantation is not a very heavy procedure, the patient may be discharged on the day of hair transplantation if anesthesia has not caused any side effects. If the patient feels well, there is no obstacle for him/her to leave the hospital. After that, it is enough to apply the care creams and recommendations given by the doctor.



Almost all patients who come to Turkey for hair transplantation surgery go back to their country as fully satisfied with the result. Relatives of patients, who observe successful results, also prefer Turkey for hair transplantation. When this is the case, other countries that have lost their patients to Turkey do not refrain from defaming Turkey with fake news and slanders. In our article, we tried to show you that these slanders and false news are huge lies.

In light of all this information, never listen to bad insults and false rumours coming from foreign countries. Come to Turkey and take the first step for a successful result in hair transplantation.

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