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DHI Choi Pen hair transplantation method is a new hair transplantation technology often preferred because it is painless and the healing period is fast. The risk of damage to the hair follicles while getting the grafts is 2-3 per thousand. Choi pen means the pen used in the DHI hair transplantation method. Hair follicles are placed carefully using the pencil technique. For this reason, DHI hair transplantation method gives faster and more effective results.

What is wondered most is why the success rate of DHI hair transplantation is higher. Let’s examine the reasons together.

If you want to have hair transplantation, you should consult a hair transplant specialist first. When you apply to a hair care specialist, experts will analyze your hair in the hair transplantation center. In accordance with this analysis, the structure of your hair, the amount of shedding, the area where the grafts will be taken and the amount of graft are determined. After the hair analysis, necessary tests are performed. When the doctor approves the tests, the hair transplantation process can start.

After the tests are approved by the doctor, the experts determine the area in your hair that is suitable for transplantation. While deciding on the area of transplantation; your forehead and neck space, the structure of your hair follicles, the resistance of your hair and your genetic structure are also taken into consideration. After paying attention to these factors, the place to be transplanted is drawn with a pen and the most suitable hair transplantation method is determined for you.


What Happens During Hair Transplantation?

You went to the clinic for hair transplantation and you were taken to the operating room. Then, a mild local anesthetic procedure known as sedation is administered to prevent pain. Thanks to this anesthesia, you will not feel any pain or ache during the operation. If your doctor has chosen DHI hair transplantation method for you, the grafts will be taken from your nape and temples.

During the operation, some tissue is left in the area while the taking the hair follicles. This is because the grafts have a longer life. The grafts taken are stored in a solution. As there aren’t any cuts in DHI Choi hair transplantation, the patient is expected to recover in a short time. The hair to be used is placed in the Choi pen and transplantation is performed.

Correct placement of the hair is carried out in the growth direction of the hair follicles. Correct placement of the hair follicles is achieved with the help of Choi pens. The grafts are placed more effectively and easily because the incision is not performed during the operation. Because the grafts are placed easily, much more hair can be transplanted in the same area. At the same time, the wounds can heal much faster as there in no incision.

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What is the Recovery Time of DHI Choi Hair Transplantation?

As DHI Choi does not have any cuts in hair transplantation, the healing time is much shorter. Also, the crusting process usually takes 4-5 days. If you still have crusting despite the fact that more than 15 days have passed after the operation, you should consult your physician as the crusting will delay hair growth.

3 months after the spilling period is completed, the new hair transplanted by the DHI Choi method starts to grow. After 3 months, half of the hair that has been transplanted by this method will be quite visible. The image in the sixth month is very satisfactory. It is estimated that it takes a year for the hair to become completely natural.


What Makes DHI Choi Hair Transplantation Different From Other Methods?

What makes DHI Choi hair transplantation method different from the other methods is that it is the most effective method despite being a treatment taking a long time. The hair is transplanted one by one in the DHI Choi hair transplantation method.

The hair to be transplanted are kept waiting in the classic hair transplantation methods while they are transplanted individually without being kept waiting in the DHI Choi method. This saves time for the patient. In this way, more hair can be transplanted on the same area.


What are the Advantages of DHI Choi Hair Transplantation?

As DHI hair transplantation method is a new and advanced technique, it has some certain characteristics. Here are the most important advantages;

DHI Technique compared to FUE Method

  • There is no obligation to shave hair in the DHI technique. Just shaving the donor area is enough.
  • As the pens used in the DHI technique open smaller holes, the recovery time will be much faster.
  • While the grafts taken using the FUE technique are placed in a special solution until the canal is opened, they are placed into the pens and directly transplanted into the target area in the DHI method.
  • There is scarcely any bleeding in the DHI technique
  • DHI technique is more ideal for those who want to have dense transplantation. In FUE technique, it is possible to place 45-60 grafts per cm² and 80-90 grafts per cm² in DHI method.
  • Patients undergoing hair transplantation using the DHI technique can return to their normal routine much faster.
  • In the DHI technique, up to 5500 grafts can be transplanted by 2 doctors per day.
  • In DHI technique, the risk of damage to the hair follicles is much lower than FUE.
  • Because there is less crusting and trauma DHI technique, recovery is faster and results are much more natural.
  • In FUE method, channel opening and transplantation can be done in 2 separate processes while in DHI both of them can be done simultaneously.

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What is the Success Rate of DHI Choi Hair Transplantation?

The DHI Choi method, one of the hair transplantation methods, is extremely advantageous. Because there aren’t any small cuts are for the transplantation of the grafts and this accelerates the recovery time. So you don’t wait long to recover and you can return to your daily routine in less time. However, more hair transplantation can be done as there isn’t any cut again. So you can have more bushy and dense hair than before.

The blood circulation becomes faster and the hair roots are fed better thanks to the denser hair transplantation since there is no cut. But otherwise the blood circulation will be a little slower, so the hair follicles can’t feed enough. Another advantage of DHI Choi hair transplantation is that it will give a more natural look as the transplanted hair follicles are quite a lot. Since it is a direct transplantation method, the direction of hair growth can be determined more easily.

Thanks to all these advantages of DHI hair transplantation, the success rate in the operations has reached up to 95%. This is the record-breaking success of the DHI method which is a new technology.


What are the costs of DHI Choi Hair Transplantation?

Costs of hair transplantation depend on the amount of grafts to be used, the volume and quality of hair. However, prices are also determined per session. 1 session or 2 sessions may be enough for some people according to their needs and expectations.

You should do a very good research when you have DHI Choi hair transplantation. The place where you will have hair transplantation should be a hygienic clinic with specialist doctors. Since it is a completely surgical and expertise-demanding issue, the doctors or specialists working in this area should be very experienced in this field.

You should give importance to these details when making your decision. Otherwise, you may encounter various health problems including failure of the operation.

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