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Although hair transplantation is generally accepted as an operation preferred by men, the number of women who apply for this operation is quite high. Moreover, this number is increasing. One of the main reasons for this increase is the development of techniques on hair transplantation and the ability to respond to almost every need. However, determining the need for hair transplantation can confuse women.

In this article, you will find some information about the problem of hair loss and hair transplantation in women.


Hair Loss in Women

The causes of hair loss in women are different. As is known, balding of the forehead of men is a phenomenon usually transmitted genetically. Women may have such a problem genetically. But the cause of hair loss in women is not always genetic. Iron deficiency and anemia may be one of the causes of hair loss. Women should have their vitamin and iron values checked periodically and intake enough iron. Reduction of iron in the body can lead to hair loss.

There are some diseases that cause hair shedding among women such as:

  • Systemic disorders,
  • Thyroid equilibrium problems,
  • Hormonal problems,
  • Feverish and severe discomfort,
  • Any surgical operation,
  • A new drug that is recently used.

This problem should be solved as early as possible as hair loss causes psychological problems for women, as well.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women


Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss in women doesn’t occur only in the area of the forehead unlike hair loss in men. It may also be on the forehead, but hair loss can be seen on the sides and on the top of the head. Measures should be taken immediately after hair loss begins. Protecting and maintaining hair; iron or vitamin deficiency treatment are among the measures that can be taken. On the other hand, if you cannot avoid this situation despite all the things you do, women can also think about the hair transplantation operation.

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Hair Transplantation in Women

If your hair has gone beyond spilling strand by strand and the thinning in the spilled areas is felt too much, it is necessary to take a different measure. You can consult a doctor if there is intense spillage and thinning has increased too much. There are some requirements for hair transplantation. For example, a sufficient number of hair follicles are required for hair transplantation. Generally, the number of hair follicles is sufficient for hair transplantation. After the skin and hair analysis is completed, your doctor may decide if you are eligible for hair transplantation.


Does Hair Transplantation Give the Same Results in Women?

As is known, hair transplantation is an operation carried out using your own hair entirely and gives natural results. Women can have hair transplantation just like men. There is absolutely no gender discrimination in hair transplantation operations. Accompanied by an appropriate clinic and specialist doctors, women can also get rid of the problem of hair loss and enjoy their new hair.

The hair that will come out after the hair transplantation process will be entirely yours and you will have a completely natural looking hair after the necessary time.


When Should Women Consider Hair Transplantation?

If hair loss has reached at a serious level and thinning has increased too much like in men, it can be started with the advice of your doctor. The same procedure applies to women as the procedure is the same as that for men. Therefore hair transplantation is an operation that can be recommended to women.

There are some points you should be aware of before the operation. For example, it is necessary to stay away from smoking and alcohol and not to take blood thinners before the operation. Smoking and alcohol should not be used until at least 3 days and blood thinners such as aspirin until 7 days before the operation. In the stages of hair transplantation procedure;

  • Hair shaving and local anesthesia
  • Getting sufficient number of hair follicles from the donor area
  • Opening the channels on the scalp
  • Transplanting the collected hair follicles into these channels

The donor area may be at the back of the neck and back of the hair as in men. The important thing is that it is a region with enough hair follicles.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method


Transplantation Process and Recovery Period

The hair follicles collected during the transplantation process are placed in the channels on the thinning area. The more accurate the angle of this transplantation is, the better the result will be. That is why women should also choose certified and well- equipped clinics that have specialist doctors. The process should be done gracefully to make the result look natural. The next process is the same with that in men. The hair transplantation area should not be in contact with anything and it is vital to try to sleep at an angle of approximately 15 degrees for the first 3 days. These recommendations are important to avoid for the newly planted hair follicles in order not to get damage.

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When Will Hair Grow Again?

There is no difference in the hair transplantation operation of men and women. The first hair after the operation will spill in a short time, this is a natural result of the application called shock spill. Then your new hair starts growing slowly. After the first 3 months, the results will be manifestly visible. After 6 months, 60% of it is seen and this is a satisfactory level. It can take 1 year to reach the perfect level.

You should have the first washing and care procedure in the hair transplantation center after about 36 hours. And then you can wash your hair daily in accordance with your doctor’s instructions.

You should follow your doctor’s advice completely. The new hair follicles are sensitive and you may need to stay away from the pool, sauna and heavy sports for a while to avoid damage. If you follow the advices, your new hair will have grown and had a natural look just like your other hair in about 8-10 months. But the waiting time required to reach completely natural and bushy hair is approximately one year.

At the end of a year your hair follicles will have been revitalized and there will be no difference between your new hair and your old hair. Because hair transplantation is a natural process using your own hair follicles, the results will also please you. There is no reason for women to fear or abstain from this process. Every woman who suffers from hair loss can have this operation when the necessary conditions are met. Hair loss is a problem that can cause serious psychological problems. So if you cannot take measures or prevent this problem, there is no harm in having hair transplantation.

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