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People who have lost their hair can regain their former appearance with the hair transplantation they will have at the clinic. Today, the success rate in hair transplantation is extremely high. However, in order to achieve this success, there are some procedures that should be performed at the clinic immediately after hair transplantation.

Although there are different techniques for hair transplantation, it can be said that the procedures applied after these techniques are generally the same. These steps include removing the bandage and washing the hair. From the outside they look like very simple procedures, but they must be done at the clinic. Otherwise, the success rate of hair transplantation will decrease and perhaps a significant part of the transplanted hair will come to nothing.

In this article, we will mention about the important steps to be applied in the clinic after hair transplantation.


Opening the Bandage

Local anesthesia is used in hair transplantation and the patients are discharged from the hospital after the transplantation. Bandage was applied to the patient. These will help the area where the hair follicles to be protected from the external influences. The general health of the patient is also taken under protection. The patient who returns home with this bandage should never intervene with it. It is removed on the next day. After this process, the donor area where the hair follicles are taken is dressed and put into contact with air. After the dressing, no bandage is applied again and the wound is left to heal.

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Hair Wash

The hair is not washed immediately after removing the bandage. The bandage is removed on the first day of operation and the hair is usually washed on the second day. Because at least 36-48 hours must pass after the operation to wash the hair.

The hair is washed after hair transplantation and this washing process goes on for 15 days as described below. The scabs and dried blood fall down from the hair washed every day. Thus, the scalp returns to its normal state. To emphasize it again, the first wash should be performed in the clinic, not at home. You can do the next washing yourself at home as described by your doctor. The steps for washing are as follows.

1. Lotion

Hair washing starts with spreading the foam lotion over the hair transplanted area. The foam-shape of the lotion makes it easier to spread. Finger tips are used for this process and the foam is spread lightly without applying pressure on the scalp. It is strictly forbidden to rub the scalp during the procedure. The fully spread lotion is left on the scalp for 30 minutes and the next step starts. During the waiting period, the lotion will penetrate deep into the scalp. This is an extremely important step both for nourishing and cleaning the scalp.

2. Shampooing

After lotion application, washing process is started and shampoo is used for this process. The shampoo is not poured directly on the hair, but first on a soft sponge. Then foam is obtained by squeezing the little wetted sponge. Foams taken from the sponge are spread onto the hair gently as with lotion. At this step, rubbing and pressure on the scalp should be avoided. After the foam has spread completely, it should stay for about 1 minute. Then we proceed to the next stage.

3. Rinsing

The water to be used for rinsing should be warm. Hot or cold water should not be preferred at this stage. Also, pressurized water should not be preferred for rinsing. Hair should be rinsed with warm water without scrubbing. Foams on the hair will be easily cleaned. Excessive pressure on the skin while rinsing may cause damage to the newly transplanted hair. Therefore, rinsing should be as careful as the other stages.

4. Drying

In the last stage, the hair is dried. Paper towels should be preferred instead of fabric towels. The hair is dried with a paper towel without putting pressure and the process is completed. Fabric towels should not be used even if paper towels are not sufficient for drying. A hairdryer can be used at this stage. After the hair dryer is set to cold setting, the hair is dried by holding it from afar.

The first wash is generally carried out in this way. It is very important to carry out this washing in the clinic. The lotion and shampoo to be used will also be recommended by the specialist in the clinic. Using any other shampoo or lotion may damage the hair.

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The hair should be washed every day for the first 15 days. In the first 12 days of this period, approximately 90% of the hair and the dried blood will be gone. In the last 3 days, the hair should be washed with a very light massage with fingertips and all the scabs and dried blood should be cleaned. So at the end of 15 days, the scalp should be completely cleaned and returned to normal.

The hair washing steps described are valid for the transplanted area. For the donor area where the hair is taken, such an application is not necessary. After 36-48 hours of hair transplantation, the donor area can be considered as healthy skin. Therefore, as in normal times, lotion and shampoo can be applied here; the skin can be massaged or even rubbed. Therefore, there is no requirement that the above-mentioned processes should be carried out at this step. However, when washing the hair transplantation area, the above-mentioned steps must be followed.

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