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Hair transplantation is an important process for people to regain their old appearance. This process, which has been done in a limited way in the past, is now performed more successfully thanks to the developing technology. Especially with the recently developed methods, almost no trace is left in the donor hair region.

Despite the today’s advanced technology, it is a fact that people have some hesitation about hair transplantation. The reason for these hesitations is that they don’t have enough knowledge about some issues, the process is not believed to be successful and that the clinic which will perform the operation is not trusted. At this point, people want to talk to someone who has had hair transplantation done before or learn about their comments. Comments on hair transplantation experiences can remove some question marks in people’s mind, as well as encourage people to have hair transplantation.


Comments on Hair Transplantation

Comments on hair transplantation provide a more accurate estimate of the outcome of this procedure. How long the process lasted, how long it will take for the hair to recover, whether there was pain during the procedure, how much scarring will remain in the region where the hair was taken, and the answers to similar questions can be accurately answered thanks to the comments. Therefore, for those who want to have hair transplantation or who have an idea at this point, it is known that these comments are of great importance.

Six patients who have previously undergone hair transplantation at the Cosmeticium clinic shared their experiences as a brief comment. These patients have different amounts fo hair transplanted. When the following experiences are examined, you will learn more about hair transplantation.

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1. James 28 (UK)

Before the procedure, the procedure was explained in detail. The surgery for hair transplantation took a little longer than I had expected, but I did not feel any pain during the operation. The operation team gave me the necessary information at all stages. Everything was perfect. The hotel, accommodation and hospital were literally flawless. I didn’t expect to get such a high quality service. Thank you so much for everything.


2. Antonio Y. 26 (ES)

The hair transplantation team was very professional. It was obvious that they do their jobs very seriously. Before the procedure, they gave me brief information and told me what the procedure would be like. They answered all the questions I asked. I got a little more relaxed with the answers I received and my confidence in the team increased. Even during the surgery, they gave me the necessary information and made me feel comfortable. Frankly I didn’t expect it to be so comfortable. I was informed about the issues I should pay attention to after hair transplantation. There was a high success rate in the transplanted hair. I got my old hair back. I didn’t expect to get such successful results. The hotel, accommodation and meals were also very nice. Thanks.


3. Antonio G. 34 (ES)

I had some hesitations before hair transplantation. I was informed in detail before the hair transplantation procedure started. I also asked even the smallest detail I wonder. In return, I received reassuring answers. I was told that there would be no scar in the area where the hair was taken. It was really without any scars. There’s no scar on my neck and it’s not even obvious where the hair was taken. The transplantation lasted about 90 minutes. During the procedure, I did not feel any pain, ache or burning. The team was really professional. I felt they were paying much attention to my health. Other than that, the hotel and other accommodation details were also faultless. I’m so happy to have my hair back. I did not expect such a change. I would like to thank all Cosmeticium team.



4. Wasım 34

I checked in at the hotel before hair transplantation. I felt like I came on vacation, not for hair transplantation. The hotel was very good and it had the comfort of a 5 star hotel. On the day of hair transplantation, a number of tests were carried out and then the process was started. I asked the questions in my mind before the surgery and I got convincing answers to all of them. After the procedure began, they numbed the skin of my hair. So I didn’t feel any pain. After a little more than an hour of surgery, they covered my head with a bandage. The next day the bandage was opened. The next day they washed my hair carefully. I wasn’t expecting such good service. I’m very surprised. Now I have my hair like before. Thank you for everything.

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5. Alessio D. 39 (ES)

In my 20s, my hair started to fall out and the front part was completely gone. It was always in my mind to have hair transplantation after my hair was gone, but there was no time. When it was a good time, I came to the clinic for this procedure and received information about hair transplantation. After I decided to have hair transplantation, my wife and I checked in at the hotel. This was also a mini vacation for us. I did not feel any pain during hair transplantation. The transplantation team was very good. They answered all the questions I was curious about. After the process, they told me how to care for my hair. They told me all the details. So I got healthy hair. I’m very happy, everything was perfect.


6. Jack 43

I was quite indecisive about hair transplantation. I was confused as to how my new look would look and I had thought that the hair transplantation might fail. In order to overcome my indecision, I stated that I would like to learn more about it. I came across with the care that I hadn’t really expected, and I was very surprised. So I decided to have hair transplantation, and I’m so glad that I have made that decision. I have hair now, and it gives me confidence. My hair gets stronger day by day. Thank you very much for everything. It was a procedure that exceeded my expectations. If you have experience in hair transplantation, you can share in the comments section.

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