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Today, hair transplantation operations are particularly popular among men. Hair, which is the first way to gain a brand new image in terms of appearance, becomes completely different thanks to hair transplantation operations. After the hair transplantation operations, which play an important role in regaining the lost self-confidence, new hair that will be used healthily for long years are obtained. Thus, new styles that will make a difference to every moment of life will emerge.


1. Hair Transplantation Operation Increases Existing Self-Confidence

People who have hair transplantation will gain serious self-confidence. It is also obvious that there is an increase in existing self-confidence. The lack of self-confidence, which leads to many problems such as introversion in social life, decreases after the operation and a more social personality emerges. The hair, which is one of the most important parts that complements the face, enables people to take part in any environment easily and become more active. The level of communication also increases together with self-confidence.


2. The Transplanted Hair Can Take Any Shape

The hair you gained thanks to the operation can take any shape. People can use their hair in any models after they have recovered from the healing process. New hair can be dyed, cut and all kinds of hairdressing applications can be made. It is possible to use it in different styles. The hair styling problem, which is a big problem for people without hair, is thus eliminated.


3. Hair Transplantation Operations Enables You to Quickly Climb Career Steps

One of the biggest problems experienced by people with hair problems is being passive in business life. This problem, which negatively affects the image, prevents climbing the steps in the profession in many cases. People who have hair transplantation can reach the targets they desire more easily with their new appearance.


4. More Social Personalities with New Hair

People who have a hair transplantation operation can easily participate in any environment depending on their self-confidence. People who live in their own world have a very active personality with their new hair. In addition to taking part in all activities, he can also be the designer of many organizations.


5. Being More Preferred by Ladies

People who have had hair transplantation become almost newborn. People who have a completely different appearance can make a difference in many environments with this opportunity. After regaining self-confidence, people who become active have the power to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Hairstyles that can be used in different models improve the relations with the opposite sex and can produce surprise results.


6. Hair Transplantation Operations Make People Look Younger

People with hair problems often look much older than they are. Hair loss problem has a negative effect on showing the people much older. People with hair transplantation will get a younger look up to 10 years. Thanks to the hair transplantation operations that give positive results in every sense, especially men take important steps towards being well-groomed. Starting with the hair, the care process continues with the body and they will have a serious desire to compensate for the losses they have experienced so far.

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Factors That Trigger Success in Hair Transplantation Operations

Hair transplantation operations may not give the same results in all people. The procedure which is carried out depending on the properties of the hair roots and skin is the same. But the results vary from person to person. The main factors of this difference are the characteristics of the hair. This situation, which results from the physical characteristics of the individuals, has a significant share in the success rate of the results obtained. The direction of hair growth and thickness are another factor affecting success. The total amount of hair to be transplanted and the properties of the area may affect the success rates of the operations.

In addition to these factors, daily lifestyles and diets of individuals directly affect the structure of hair follicles and thus affect the success rate. According to the genetic factors, people get different success rates in their new hair. Generally successful hair transplantation applications give 100% success in most cases while 70-80% success in some others depending on these factors. Nevertheless, the operation of a candidate suitable for hair transplantation can be performed successfully.

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How Does the Hair Transplantation Process Do On and When Does Hair Grow?

First of all, hair transplantation operations are the procedures that should not be rushed. It would be wrong to wait for the hair to grow out the next day. As the pores heal and the wounds dry out, the hair slowly begins to grow. It is necessary not to rush this process and to follow all steps in order. In the first month of this process, the transplanted hair follicles shed away. After a while, it looks as if no operation was carried out in that area. This is called shock shedding and is a temporary condition that is completely normal. Although this situation creates panic, it requires patience.

If you wait for 3 months, you can easily noticed that the new hairs grow as the wounds on the scalp heals. The new hair, which continues to grow up to 6 months in total, begins to make a noticeable difference with the completion of six months. If the procedure is performed correctly, it is possible to use these new hairs in a healthy way after six months.

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How Long Does It Take for The Transplanted Hair to Return to Normal?

After the first 6 months, hair is seen to grow strongly. But in total, it takes one year for the hair to regain its fullness and merge with the body. If this process requires patience, people can have a completely different look at the end of one year. During this period, care should be taken to make care daily and weekly without any disruption. Delaying sessions, not taking care in time, not following the recommendations create negative results on the hair follicles. In the event that this process is successful, it is possible to achieve completely imaginary hair after one year.

If this process which requires patience passes successfully, people can have a completely different look at the end of one year. During this period, meticulous care should be done daily and weekly. Delaying sessions, not taking care in time, not following the recommendations create negative results on the hair follicles. If this process is successful, it is possible to achieve completely desired hair after one year.

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Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation Operations

After the hair transplantation operation, it is necessary to carefully follow the post-operative process in order to gain hair successfully. During this period of continuous communication with the doctor, it is necessary to be careful and strictly follow the advices regarding nutrition, sleep and all kinds of social activities.

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