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Hair transplantation operations are one of the most preferred plastic surgery procedures of recent years. Those who want to gain an aesthetic appearance and avoid the hair loss problem prefer hair transplantation operations and get a new look. Generally, men prefer hair transplantation because they suffer from more intense shedding than women. Due to the fact that it is a frequently applied procedure, hair transplantation centers have reached a considerable number. In the clinics that provide hair transplantation, free market prices are valid and each clinic adopts a different price policy by suggesting its own particular features.

Why is there such a price difference between clinics? Are the most expensive places the best? We’ve searched the answers to all the questions you wonder.


What are the Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation Prices?

Hair transplantation prices vary from clinic to clinic. While making an evaluation among countries, it is also known that each country has its own prices. In the price policy that is affected by various criteria Turkey comes one step ahead in terms of both price and quality. Many hair transplant centers serving throughout the country provide professional services to their customers at very reasonable prices compared within the world wide scale. Although there is a belief among people that the highest quality service will be obtained from the most expensive places, this opinion is not 100% accurate! Let’s examine the criteria which determine the prices in hair transplantation clinics in Turkey together.

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Quality of the Clinic

The quality of the clinic is one of the most important factors affecting the prices in hair transplantation centers. Clinics that have determined the highest level of performance in service policy reflect this quality difference in their prices. Customers who want to get a 100% guaranteed service from reliable clinics, undergoes the operations by taking this price difference into consideration. Hair transplantation is a serious operation. Therefore, it may be necessary to make the right choice while deciding on the clinic and to ignore the price difference.


Expertise of the Doctors Working in the Clinic

Our Doctors

The first thing that comes into mind when categorizing a clinic as “high-quality” is the field of expertise of the personnel working in that clinic. An expert with sufficient knowledge performs all the operations successfully. It is an undeniable fact that qualified surgeons also work in clinics that are generally qualified and have made their name known in large areas. Surgeons who have specialized training in hair transplantation perform this job in the most professional way. In order to avoid regrets, it is important to prefer competent doctors experienced in hair transplantation and to have the operation done by them.


Quality of the Clinical Equipments

Most hair transplantation centers use equipment of the same brand. Although there are many different sets on the market, it is important to find the clinic with the highest quality of these equipments. Centers that use substandard equipments will not produce successful results no matter how professional they work. Clinics determine the prices according to the quality and brand of the devices they prefer. Centers using equipment that comply with European standards keep their prices high. But in return guarantee a 100 percent customer satisfaction.


The Location of Hair Transplantation Center Affects the Price Seriously

In Turkey, it is possible to see many different centers engaged in the transplantation operations. At least 2-3 hair transplantation centers are found in almost every busy area in big cities. However, centers that perform hair transplantation operations in small cities also stand out. The location of these centers is an important criterion for determining the hair transplantation prices. Generally, the location of the clinic is the basis of prices that vary according to the district. If the preferred clinic is located in a central location, the prices will be accordingly high. It is easy to get services in the clinics close to the centers such as hospitals, which are easily accessible, but high costs should be incurred.

This criterion is not as important as the others. If it a quality clinic, it is not very important which location it is in.

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Services Before Hair Transplantation Operation

known before hair transplantation

After deciding to have hair transplantation, the process until the operation is important. Most importantly, during this period, the patient and the doctor should have the same idea and defend the same thing in their thoughts. This has a serious impact on the healing process. It is also important to ensure the complete supply and use of medicines to be used before the operation. It is not recommended to use blood thinners. The doctor should warn the patient and examine the medications. The patient should also follow the doctor’s advice regarding the use of alcohol and cigarettes.


What Kind of Hair Care is Needed Before the Operation

People who decide to have hair transplantation should get detailed information from their doctors and follow these instructions exactly. The shampoos to be used before the operation should be have natural structure rather than chemical content. It is important to clean the hair and scalp before the operation. The clothing to be worn on the day of operation should be such that it can be put on and taken off comfortably. Tight and uncomfortable clothing causes problems in the operational area while taking them off. It is inconvenient for the patient to consume foods that are difficult to digest soon before the operation. Lighter foods ensure a comfortable operation. Doctors should give all necessary warnings to patients in advance.


Services to be Provided After Hair Transplantation Operation

After hair transplantation, patients should stay away from hairdressing for at least 8 months. During this period when all kinds of chemical intake is prohibited, patients should protect the cultivated area against all kinds of chemicals. The operation area, which requires great care against impact, requires as much precision as possible during the healing process. Persons who have undergone the operation should determine their sleeping positions in such a way that they do not put pressure on the head and they should prefer loose clothes. During the mutual communication between the doctor and the patient, the doctor should inform the patient about the rules to be followed after the operation.

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