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Breast implants are placed in the relevant area to make the breasts look larger and livelier. However, in the later period, removing breast implants may be necessary due to different reasons. The decision of removing breast implants is an extremely difficult one, and this decision must be made carefully and meticulously together with a specialist surgeon. Otherwise, the result may not meet the expectations. So, how is removing breast implants performed? How do the breasts look after the removal procedure? All the details are in our article.


The Main Reasons for Removing Breast Implants

Removing breast implants may be required for different reasons. The outstanding ones are as follows:


Sagging Implants 

Unfortunately, breast implants may tend to sag over time. In case of sagging, some women may decide for the removal of the implants instead of a breast lift. After the removal of the implants, a breast lifting operation can be performed. However, you must have realistic expectations about having young and attractive breasts before the operation.


The Size Begins to Be a Problem

Women want to have larger breasts, especially at their young ages. However, this tends to change from the age of 40. Thus, the large implants placed at a young age may start to cause problems in later periods. The fact that large breasts pose a problem and limit mobility in activities such as running, yoga, and surfing may lead to the idea of removing breast implants.

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A General Problem Occurring with The Implants

The lifespan of silicone implants is 10-15 years, while it is 6-8 years for saline implants. If the implants aren’t removed although the time has expired, different problems may arise. The most common problem is the capsular contracture, which manifests itself in the form of a change in shape and hardening of the implants. Some women may decide the removing of breast implants completely instead of having the problem fixed.


Implants Getting Very Old

Implants must be replaced with new ones before they expire. Otherwise, different problems may arise. Some women may prefer to have breast implants removed instead of replacement. It would not be wrong to say that women who do not care about the appearance of breasts any longer make such decisions.


Implants Beginning to Deflate

Depending on time and different reasons, implants may deflate. In such cases, the implants need to be replaced. However, some women may prefer complete removal rather than replacement. If the decision to remove the implants is made only for financial reasons, it should be noted that there will not be much difference in cost between removal and replacement.


Removing Breast Implants vs. Reducing Them

Removing Breast Implants

When a comparison is made between removing breast implants and reducing them, it can be stated that the reduction option will meet the expectations more. Because the complete removal of the implants will cause your breasts to sag more and look older than they are. The breast lifting operation to be performed after this stage may not fully meet your expectations.

Performing the breast lifting procedure together with the implant reduction will give better aesthetic results.

Always consult your surgeon before deciding for removing breast implants completely or reducing them. It is important to consider this issue in detail. Thus, the result at the end of the process will be the result that best meets your expectations.


Application Phase

Removing breast implants is a fairly simple procedure. Here, it is the removal of the pocket/capsule that the body forms around the foreign substances. However, sometimes the procedure may become a little more complicated depending on a torn capsule or a different problem. The desired result is still obtained under such circumstances.

The removal procedure is performed by forming an incision in the lower part of the breast and/or around the areola, just like the implant placement procedure. After the incision, the capsule is removed and the incisions are closed and the procedure is completed.

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How Do Breasts Look After Removing Breast Implants?

The most frequently asked question is how the breasts will look after removing breast implants. But the answer to this question is different for everyone and depends on three important factors. These are:

  • The size of the implants placed
  • How big the breasts were before the implant was placed
  • Changes that have occurred in the body after implants are placed (weight gain and loss, menopause, pregnancy, etc.)

As you can imagine, as the size of the implants increases, the rate of affecting the breasts also increases. Therefore, if your implants are large, their damage to the breasts (sagging, deflation, etc.) will be more. On the other hand, the damage of small implants is negligible.

After Removing Breast Implants

Deriving from here, it can be said that there will be no excessive deterioration in the appearance of the breasts after the removal of small implants. However, it can be stated that the appearance of the breasts will deteriorate significantly after the large implants are removed.

When removing breast implants is performed on a young woman, the breast tissue will recover and heal faster. However, in an elderly woman, the rate of recovery will be slow and the degree of recovery will be limited. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that the age factor is also effective at this point.

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Recovery Process

As stated above, removing the implants is an extremely simple and short procedure. Accordingly, it would not be wrong to state that the recovery period of the patients is also short. Patients are usually discharged on the same day. The average time for patients to return to work is 2-3 days.



Although removing breast implants is simple, the decision to be made and the way to be followed afterward are very sensitive. Surgeons working in Cosmeticium have detailed discussions with you on this issue and develop the best options for you. At this point, they are not just your doctors, but they also guide you. Thus, your decisions will be much more accurate.


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