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The number of people who want to improve their appearance with aesthetic operations is pretty high. Ivanka Trump is one of these women who change their appearance with surgical procedures.

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of old president of the USA, Donald Trump. She has become focus of interest when Donald Trump became the president of the USA. Ivana modeled at her young ages and decided to follow in her father’s footsteps in the future. She started to make changes in her appearance as she started to get into politics. The change in appearance of Ivanka, who was in front of eyes since her childhood, has not gone unnoticed by anyone. The claims about aesthetic operations began to be heard and with herself not accepting these claims, arguments grew even more that it drew attention of critics.


Which Aesthetic Operations Did Ivanka Trump Have?

Although Ivanka Trump left the claims made to her about plastic surgery unanswered, it is thought that she had breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and botox procedures. Considering the change within years, remarkable improvements have strengthen these claims that plastic surgery effects exist.


Ivanka Trump’s Breast Augmentation Procedure

According to one claim, Donald Trump told his daughter Ivanka Trump that it would be better if she enlarges her breasts. Of course, we do not know if this is true or not. For whatever reason it might be, Ivanka’s breast augmentation procedure suits very well.

Ivanka Trump’s Rhinoplasty Procedure

It seems that Ivanka Trump added rhinoplasty to her plastic surgery adventure. She probably didn’t like the way her nose look, so she had a rhinoplasty surgery. With rhinoplasty, Ivanka seems to have a flatter and thinner nose.

Ivanka Trump’s Botox Treatment

It is thought that she had botox make her cheeks look filled. It is also possible that she had botox to get rid of wrinkles or stop aging.

*Well, did Ivanka Trump clarify the topic about her stating that she has these procedures done? Like all famous names, of course not! Now, let’s get to the opinions of experts…

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What Do Plastic Surgeons Think About Ivanka Trump?

Of course, it is not an unusual situation that Ivanka Trump may have plastic surgery operations. Many women say that they go to plastic surgeons and want to look like celebrities with whom they consider as their idol. It is also quite understandable to look like a woman like Ivanka Trump and want to be as beautiful as she is. A plastic surgeon especially suggested that Ivanka had rhinoplasty (nose aesthetic) and that she had visible scars.


Another plastic surgeon stated that she did not only stay with a simple rhinoplasty, she repeated the rhinoplasty many times. He also claimed that Ivanka regularly had botox and breast augmentation surgery. Ivanka Trump still has not responded to these claims and questions.

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Many Women Take a Leaf from Ivanka Trump

According to a study, Ivanka Trump is one of the most searched faces on Google. Many women make Ivanka an idol for themselves and have a series of plastic surgery to look like her. Of course, these requests are reduced to a suitable and realistic way with interviews with doctors.

The plastic surgery adventure of Ivanka Trump is like this. Although the surgeries which she possibly had are constantly discussed, it seems that this situation will continue. Whether as a result of surgery or naturally, Ivanka is unquestionably a very beautiful and attractive woman.

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