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Hair transplantation is the best solution for people who lost their hair. Interest in hair transplantation that provides a permanent solution is increasing day by day and people are having hair transplantation to regain their lost hair. People who want to monetize the need for such procedure have started to open clinics in this field. The main goal of clinics opened by non-experts is not to get your hair back, but to earn money. It is important to know that such clinics, many of which do not even have a specialist doctor, are a huge threat. Therefore, care should be taken for the clinical selection for hair transplantation and hair transplantation should be performed in one of the clinics that are found to be reliable as a result of the research carried out.

Hair loss occurs for different reasons and it is usually permanent. At the end of this process, a significant part of the hair is lost and as a result, sparseness and baldness occur. People with hair loss lose their self-confidence due to this situation and almost become weary of life. Hair transplantation is the most important solution for psychologically affected people. Hair transplantation performed by a professional specialist in a clinically qualified clinic is a permanent solution. However, it is very difficult to use similar expressions for procedures performed in hair transplantation clinics without a doctor!

What are the main risks of a hair transplantation procedure in which a qualified and experienced physician is not involved and what are the possible health problems after that?


1. Excessive Bleeding of Scalp

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. In the first stage of this procedure, grafts are removed from the donor area. They are then transplanted in the respective region. Normally, it is normal for small amounts of bleeding to occur in the donor area and in the transplanted area during this procedure. This bleeding manifests itself in the form of redness. So, there is no excessive bleeding. However, in the procedures performed by inexperienced doctors, the bleeding becomes clear and intense.

There are different methods used in hair transplantation and all of them have surgical procedures. The knowledge and experience of the physician performing the procedure mean that the procedures are carried out with no bleeding and as easily as possible. However, a small mistake made by inexperienced doctors will cause intense bleeding. It should not be forgotten that there are many veins in the head and transplanting hair follicles is a very sensitive procedure. Therefore, it must be performed by experts.

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2. Infection

Very small incisions are made in hair transplantation procedures. Although they are small, they are open wounds and can cause a serious risk of infection when performed by an inexperienced physician. It is possible that the person will have serious health problems if an infection starts around the incisions made in the head due to lack of knowledge, heedlessness, carelessness and a wrong move made. This infection can be resolved with antibiotics or different treatments after a certain period of time. During this period, the person may not be able to return to normal life. In addition, depending on the severity of the infection, even the transplanted hair can be damaged. And this draws attention as a more negative condition.

unsuccessful hair transplant


3. Severe Pain

Some procedures performed during hair transplantation may cause some pain after the operation. Especially after anaesthesia goes down, pain begins to be felt. However, this pain is not very severe and continuous. It can be expressed as a temporary and mild pain.

When the hair transplantation is performed by inexperienced people in clinics without a doctor, the intensity of the pain is much more severe. Inexperienced doctors can make a larger incision than needed or perform a similar wrong procedure. In such cases, more severe pain occurs after hair transplantation. Moreover, most of them do not disappear in a short time and continue for a while. Therefore, it affects the quality of life of the person very negatively.

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4. Swellings

Local anaesthesia prior to hair transplantation and other injections required for the procedure will cause slight swelling. These swellings are important for the success of the procedure and can be seen as a result of anaesthesia. They disappear automatically after a short time and thus do not adversely affect the quality of life of people.

The swelling that occurs after hair transplantation performed by inexperienced doctors who are not experts in their field is much different. The main reasons for the excessive swelling can be listed as overuse of anaesthetic drugs for anaesthesia and choosing the wrong methods. All of this can cause the swelling to be worse than it should and affect the entire head.


5. Scars

A large number of incisions are made in the head during hair transplantation. These are micro-incisions, and they never become apparent once they are healed. Therefore, no scar remains in any part of the head due to hair transplantation. However, in amateur clinics, larger incisions are made, and then when they are healed, the scar becomes permanent. This situation leads to scars directly visible on people’s heads when looked from the outside. This is an extremely negative situation and different surgical operations are needed to correct it. In addition, these incisions significantly increase the risk of infection. And this is a serious threat to people’s health.

unsuccessful hair transplantation


6. Unnatural Results

Hair transplantation is the transfer of one’s own hair to a different area. In this way, the transplanted hair cannot be distinguished from natural hair after a while and a natural look is achieved. For this, details like hair transplantation density, the hairline, etc. should be adjusted correctly. In procedures performed by the clinics without a doctor, this cannot be fully achieved, and unnatural results may occur. Depending on this, your money may be wasted. In addition to having a bad result, remember that you are less likely to get your hair corrected again.

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7. Failed Results

One of the most negative results of clinics without a doctor is the failure of hair transplantation. If the grafts removed from your donor area are transplanted incorrectly, they will die completely after some time following transplantation, resulting in zero results despite all the effort and cost. Since a significant amount of the grafts in your donor area will be used, the number of grafts may not be available for another hair transplantation procedure if necessary.

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