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Hair transplantation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures today. It is therefore extremely important that hair transplantation, which greatly changes people’s lives, is successful. However, in some cases, it becomes evident at the beginning that hair transplantation will fail. By having a look at these 5 signs, you can reach a conclusion about the success of hair transplantation. Let’s examine them together.


1. Donor Area

Hair transplantation is not a suitable procedure for everyone. First of all, the person who will undergo hair transplantation procedure should not have any health problems such as cancer or diabetes. Apart from this, it is important that the general health condition of the person is good. After this condition is met, the first area to be examined is the donor area. Grafts to be used for hair transplantation are taken from the nape and side areas. Because the grafts in these areas are natural hair and are extremely resistant to hair loss. If there are not enough grafts in the donor area, other hair in the body is checked. If intense hair transplantation is required and there are not enough grafts there either, then hair transplantation can be cancelled.

The grafts in the donor area and body hair do not show completely similar characteristics. Body hair is usually sprinkled so that a dense look is achieved. Considering all these, if there are not enough hair follicles in the donor area, the procedure performed may not meet the expectations.


2. Density

Covering bald areas and increasing hair density is one of the main goals of the hair transplantation procedure. Planning must be done carefully at the beginning to ensure density. It is important to determine the angle of the hair and to distribute the existing grafts to these areas appropriately. In this way, the result will be balanced and intense. And it will meet the expectations in general.

The fact that the density cannot be achieved due to some reasons is enough for the hair transplantation to fail. At this point, if detailed planning has not been made and a careless procedure has been performed, the result will be negative.

Jamie’s Hair Transplant Procedure

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3. Hairline

The most important area in hair transplantation is the line in the front part of the head. This is also called the front hairline. This line should be set naturally and correctly. Mistakes to be made during this time may cause the result to be unnatural.

Single grafts should be used for the front hairline. If multiple ones are preferred, an unnatural result is obtained. In addition, it should never be forgotten that they should be transported at a certain angle. The first thing people pay attention to in hair transplantation is the front hairline. If the procedure performed here is wrong, it is inevitable that hair transplantation will generally fail.


4. Hair Loss

The reason for performing a hair transplantation procedure is hair loss. Permanent hair loss causes baldness or thinning of hair. To eliminate this problem, grafts taken from the donor area are transferred to the relevant area. However, hair loss should have stopped completely in the process just before hair transplantation. If hair loss continues, additional treatments are applied to stop it first and hair transplantation is performed at a later stage.

If hair transplantation is performed despite an ongoing hair loss, the density of the hair will disappear over time. Thus, the effects of hair transplantation can disappear in a very short time. This will be a failed hair transplant.

failed hair transplant

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5. Doctor and Clinic

The success of hair transplantation is directly related to the doctors and the clinic performing the procedure. Failure will be inevitable if doctors or clinics that are not known in this field are preferred simply because they are cheap. Because such places exist only for profit-related purposes and may not show the ultimate attention.


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