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Smoking negatively affects many organs, especially lungs. Such negative effects can also be seen on teeth. Nicotine and other harmful substances in cigarettes are harmful for your teeth and gingiva health. In addition, regular smoking can cause teeth discoloration. Well, how do smoking stains on teeth go away? What harm do these stains have in terms of health? All details are in our article.


What Are the Harms of Smoking Stains on Teeth?

It is a situation known by almost everyone that smoking is risky for health. However, the number of people who know the negative effects of smoking on teeth is less. Although the negative effect of smoking on teeth is not mentioned much, the negative effects are usually seen here first.

One of the first things that people pay attention to in human relations is your teeth. If there is color change on your teeth that appears when you smile, this situation draws attention directly. People, who have problems such as discoloration and bad breath, do not want to smile. This situation causes a decrease in self-confidence. Apart from smoking stains on teeth, different negative effects are also seen. Some of these are bad breath and decrease in tasting ability.

Smoking Stains on Teeth

Smoking is a significant risk factor for periodontal disease and gingiva diseases. It can also trigger inflammation there. Possible irritation may adversely affect jawbone over time. And, at the end of this whole process, even tooth loss may occur.

As a result, decay occurs due to smoking. It can make restorative dentistry interventions more challenging.

The number of negative effects listed here can be increased. The only result of this bad habit is thought as stains on teeth. But it has much more negative effects. The most effective method to be followed in order to get rid of these problems is quitting smoking.


How Does Smoking Cause Teeth Yellowing?

When you examine tooth structure closely, you will see that it has pores just like your skin. Nicotine and tar contained in a cigarette enter into these pores and stay there. Although nicotine is normally a colorless substance, it turns yellow due to contact with oxygen.

Smoking-related problems show themselves more quickly in those with poor oral hygiene. Normal color of hardened plaque and tartar is yellow and brown. With tar and nicotine, these colors become darker and cause worse appearance.


Best Ways to Remove Smoking Stains on Teeth

Smoking stains on teeth are important aesthetic problems. However, this problem is not just about aesthetics. It also negatively affects a person’s dental health and self-confidence over time. For these reasons, such a problem should be solved as soon as possible. The methods to be used for stains and respective details about them are generally as follows:

Smoking Stains on Teeth


Natural Remedies at Home:

You can try natural remedies at home for smoking stains on your teeth. These methods are generally as follows:

  • Rinse Your Mouth With Water and Brush After Smoking

Rinsing your mouth with water after smoking is an effective way to eliminate negative effects of smoking. Especially, when you do this, using a brush gives much more effective results. In virtue of the mentioned methods, you can get rid of substances such as nicotine and tar that enter into the pores.

  • Brush Your Teeth at Least 2 Times a Day

Brushing your teeth regularly with a quality paste is very important for dental health and cleaning. Toothpastes allow pores to be cleaned effectively and foreign substances inside to be cleaned. With their content, toothpastes contribute to tooth whitening.

  • Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Quality and characteristics of a toothpaste product directly affect the result. Pastes that contain peroxide-containing whiteners give effective results at this point. When combined with professional whitening, smoking stains on teeth are largely removed.

  • Use Dental Floss

It can be thought that using dental floss is not directly effective on stains. However, regular use of dental floss has a positive effect on dental health. In addition, it prevents tartar and plaque formation. So, stain formation is also prevented proportionately.

  • Consume Right Foods

Foods such as celery, carrot and apple contribute to teeth cleaning and support teeth whitening. Such foods improve saliva formation, which is considered as washing component of a body. Foods rich in vitamin C prevent gingivitis and help keep mouth healthy.

Citrus fruits, pineapple and similar fruits play a role in whitening by contributing to saliva production. Sour fruits such as lemon also give effective results in whitening. However, it should not be exaggerated while using lemon. Otherwise, more harm might be experienced than good.

  • Do Not Set Your Oral Care Back

Perform your oral care regularly and never neglect it. Smoking stains on teeth can be effectively cleaned in this way. In addition to standard procedures such as regular brushing and flossing, mouthwash should also be used. With mouthwash, plaque and tartar formation is prevented and factors that cause color change are also removed from mouth.

  • Baking Soda

One of the effective home remedies for smoking stains on teeth is baking soda. Carbonate has a slightly abrasive feature. Much more effective results are obtained when mixed with peroxide. Peroxide provides oxidation and stain removal.

  • Lemon and Apple Vinegar Mixture

Lemon and apple vinegar mixture is another natural method to use for teeth whitening. You can apply this mixture, which is prepared by mixing apple vinegar and lemon, on your teeth. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth afterwards.

  • Use Mouthwash

Brushing teeth with a mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide gives very effective results for whitening and fighting bacteria. It is also effective in preventing gingiva diseases. After taking enough mouthwash in your mouth, shake it for about one minute. Then rinse your mouth with plenty of water.


Solutions Your Doctor Can Provide for Smoking Stains on Teeth:

Another solution for smoking stains on teeth is professional procedures performed by your dentist. These give precise results and also positively affect dental health. The methods used are as follows:

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  • Dental Cleaning

One of the most effective methods of removing stains is dental cleaning by your doctor. With this process, both yellow spots and tartar formation can be removed. Professional cleaning before any whitening treatment will make the treatment more successful.

This cleaning, which is made for smoking stains on teeth, also helps your doctor notice any gingival disease.

  • Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure performed by dentists using special substances. It gives very effective results. It should not be forgotten that the treatment can only be applied by professionals.

Carbamide peroxide or similar gels are used extensively in this treatment. There are technical details such as applying related gels only to teeth and applying a protective substance to gingiva before the application.

  • Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are developed to remove smoking stains and similar problems on the teeth. Veneers, which are bonded onto teeth as a thin layer, significantly eliminate aesthetic problems. Veneers with options such as porcelain and composite resin should be made by specialist and experienced dentists.

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There are different ways to have a beautiful smile. You can use different methods to get rid of smoking stains and similar problems on teeth. However, for an effective and permanent solution, definitely choose the teeth whitening methods applied by specialist doctors.

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