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People tried different ways to make their noses smaller in size or make them look smaller. There were many people who wanted to make their noses smaller in natural ways. Then, can such non-surgical methods be an answer to the question “How to make your nose smaller?”? Or, are they insufficient? Details are in our article!


How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller with Exercise?

At the top of the list for non-surgical methods to make a nose smaller, massaging exists. The purpose is to make nasal wings smaller and it is claimed that the result can be obtained in 15-20 days. With the massage, it is aimed to relocate and reshape the muscles in nasal area. However, there is no scientific evidence that shows this method is working.


How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller with Makeup?

One of the non-surgical type of answers for the question “How to make your nose smaller?” is makeup. With makeup, you can temporarily overcome this problem. However, don’t forget that, with this method, your nose will look smaller only during times when you wear suitable makeup.

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Do Natural and Non-Surgical Methods Work?

Some believe that they can make their noses smaller without any surgical operation. It is claimed that many different substances like ice, garlic powder, apple vinegar and ginger powder provide smaller nose. Well, do these really work?

Until now, there is no evidence that shows any non-surgical method actually works. Furthermore, there is also no evidence regarding massaging or using clips that are also claimed as non-surgical methods.

It is unfortunately not possible to make your nose smaller as you desire with massaging or herbal products. The only way to resize your nose without a surgery is non-surgical rhinoplasty. In this process, a special and temporary filling material is injected into nasal area. This way, nose is reshaped.

With temporary filling in nasal area, symmetry problems are completely solved. This is a non-invasive method and it is possible to see the results right away. But, effects of the filling material used in this process vanish in time. That means, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a temporary solution.


How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller with Rhinoplasty?

How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller?

The only permanent solution for people who are looking for an answer to the question “How to make your nose smaller?” is a surgical method. Known as rhinoplasty, this procedure is a surgical operation of which purpose is to reshape or correct nose structure. Depending on a patient’s conditions, two different types of rhinoplasty can be performed:

  • Making nose smaller in overall size
  • Making special nose sections smaller

Nose consists of bone, cartilage and tissue and it has extremely complex structure. Every human’s nose is special and different in size, profile and shape. Thus, any surgical operation to be performed is determined in a custom way. Even a small change here can greatly affect how a nose looks. Therefore, it is very important for patients to choose surgeons who are experts in their fields and to determine how nose reduction should be performed.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and includes some bone, cartilage or tissue removal depending on what a patient needs. In necessary cases, bones and cartilages are reshaped. This is an extremely sensitive procedure and it must be performed by surgeons who are experts in this field.

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Is It a Painful Surgery?

Regarding the surgery that is the answer to the question “How to make your nose smaller?”, general perception is like this surgery is painful. Yet, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia and no pain is felt. After the surgery, nasal congestion, swelling and mild pain occur. These are all temporary.

It will be suitable for patients to request 2 weeks off from work after the surgery. Since air splint will be used, it will not be suitable to go to work. Additionally, depending on the performed operations, patients are required to rest until swelling and bruises are all recover completely. During this phase, patients are required to avoid heavy exercises. General details regarding rhinoplasty, which is the answer to the question “How can you make your nose smaller?” are simply like this. You can check our rhinoplasty procedure page and learn all details regarding the procedure.


Which Nasal Problems Can Rhinoplasty Fix?

How to Make Your Nose Smaller?

Being the answer to the question “How to make your nose smaller?”, rhinoplasty provides the ability to reshape your nose. With this procedure, you can obtain changes in shape, size and profile. Problems that can be aesthetically solved with rhinoplasty are as below:

  • Reshaping nose tip
  • Making bulbous nose smaller
  • Adjusting nostril sizes
  • Fixing asymmetry problems
  • Narrowing down nasal bridge tip
  • Removing bumps on nasal bridge so that patient’s profile can be changed

Being the first thing that comes to mind when the question is asked as “How to make your nose smaller?”, rhinoplasty not only solves aesthetic problems, but it also solves some of the functional problems. Functional problems that can be solved with rhinoplasty are as below:

  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal inflammation
  • Cleft palate and lip
  • Asymmetry due to a trauma or injury
  • Chronic sinus problems
  • Congenital deformations

Rhinoplasty is performed because of different reasons. Some people have this surgery only because of aesthetic concerns and some have this surgery to solve their breathing problems.



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There is no evidence that shows non-surgical methods work as an answer to your question “How to make your nose smaller?”. Some methods like makeup can provide temporary and limited solutions. If you want to make your nose smaller permanently, only rhinoplasty can provide this to you. As Cosmeticium, we have serious level of experience and expertise about rhinoplasty. Our surgeons, who are the bests in their fields, will develop solutions that are suitable to your expectations and needs to make you have the nose in your dreams.


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