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Hair transplantation is an important surgical procedure that changes people’s physical appearance. After this procedure, a significant improvement is experienced in the psychology of people due to their changed physical appearance. Therefore, it can be considered as a procedure that affects people in every way. Hair transplantation can be performed at any time of the year as long as the doctor’s instructions are followed. This includes the summer months. However, if you are planning hair transplantation in summer, please remember that you should stay away from the sea and pool for 3 weeks. Apart from the sea and the pool, there are other issues you should consider if you are planning to have hair transplantation in summer. Thanks to these issues, the success of hair transplantation will be much higher. In our following article, you will find things to consider during the summer vacation after hair transplantation.


1. Avoid Chlorine

Pools are one of the easiest ways to cool off in summer. However, some chemicals, especially chlorine, are added to the water to ensure that the pool water is clean. Chlorine is known as a substance that damages hair. With exposure to too much chlorine, hypochlorous acid can accumulate, which can cause cells to be destroyed.

Chlorine in swimming pool water can dry the hair, causing it to become porous. This is considered as a detail that shows that the scalp and hair absorb more chemicals. As a result, existing hair becomes more fragile. It may slow down or completely stop the growth of new hair follicles. It should not be forgotten that such effects will have serious negative consequences, especially after hair transplantation.

Despite such negativities, if the patient goes to the swimming pool, hair should not get wet. Besides, washing the hair with clean water before going in the pool makes the chlorine absorption more difficult. Again, immediately after leaving the pool, the hair should be washed with shampoo.

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2. Benefits of Sea Water

If you are swimming in the sea, you will witness the different effects of the sea. While the sea dries your hair, it also causes your hair surface to become rough. Salt in seawater, on the other hand, can contribute to the healing of the scalp. Being in salty water will cause an event called osmosis to begin. Thanks to this event, the wounds on the scalp are cleaned and the healing process is shortened.

Direct sunlight on the scalp is harmful. However, the positive effects of salty seawater can be mentioned. But, it should not be forgotten that the seawater must be clean. Since it will be almost impossible to avoid your scalp when you enter the sea, in any case, it is recommended to wait 2-3 weeks.



3. Don’t Expose Your Scalp to Direct Sun

There may be an increase in sensitivity in your scalp after the operation. Due to this sensitivity, direct exposure of your scalp to the sun may cause sunburn. The most negative consequence of this situation is that the transplanted grafts are damaged.

Exposure to the sun immediately after hair transplantation can cause pigmentation on the scalp. You can use a hat or similar protective item in the first days to avoid such negativity. Thus, you will ensure the safety of the transplanted grafts more effectively.

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4. Hair Transplantation and Vacation

Correct planning is extremely important for having hair transplantation and vacation simultaneously. If you want a holiday with sea and swimming pool, you should put at least 3 weeks between the holiday and hair transplantation. If you choose Turkey for hair transplantation, you may be offered other alternatives at this point. You can go to many beaches on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. You can also see the historical and natural beauties in regions such as Cappadocia and Istanbul more closely.

The details about hair transplantation and summer vacation are generally as mentioned. At this point, we would like to remind you that you should not act contrary to your doctor’s instructions. If you want successful hair transplantation, you should pay attention to this.

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