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Do you have sagging and wrinkles on your face that do not match your age? Don’t they make you look older than you are? If your answer is “yes”, you can also benefit from the facelift procedure. Interest in this particular method is increasing day by day. People have a younger appearance thanks to this operation. The facelift is a surgical procedure. It can be expressed as the stretching of the skin on the face. It should not be forgotten that this special procedure must be performed by a specialist surgeon to have an effective result. The Facelift procedure attracts the attention of people with the different benefits it provides. In this article, we have gathered for you the 7 most remarkable features.


7. No Age Limit

Talking about facelift, people usually think of old people. Accordingly, it is thought to be a treatment applied only to the older age group. However, such a situation is out of the question. All adults who have completed the developmental period can benefit from this procedure.


6. Can Be Combined with Additional Procedures

Facelift, which is a surgical procedure, can be combined with other procedures easily. For example, in addition to this procedure, you can also have the eyelid lifting done in the same operation. Thus, you can solve more than one problem in a single surgery.


5. It is not Noticeable from Outside

In this procedure, surgery is performed thanks to the incisions made on the sides of the face. This situation worries many people about scars. Regardless of the surgery, there is a possibility of having a visible or less visible scars due to the incisions formed. Having these scars on the facial area is an extremely negative situation.

When you choose a surgeon who is an expert in the field for facelift operation, he will be able to hide the incision scars. For this, it is possible to use hair or other elements. Thus, it will be almost impossible to understand the process from the outside.


4. Provides a Natural Look

In the past, facial aesthetics used to be apparent when viewed from the outside. You may even remember that some of them were extremely unattractive. There are no such adverse situations in the facelift procedure. You will notice that the result after the procedure is very close to your natural appearance. Instead of an exaggerated stretching procedure, only wrinkles and sagging are removed.

Woman Facelift


3. Long-Lasting Result

One of the frequently asked questions about the facelift procedure is how long the effect will last. It is very difficult to give a clear answer to this question. However, if the person takes good care of herself, it can be said that the result will be long-lasting. There will certainly be no sagging and wrinkles on your face in a short time. For all this, the patient must take care of herself and act according to the doctor’s instructions.


2. Shapes the Neck and Jaw Line

The reduction of the fat under the skin and the gravity cause sagging on the skin. The sagging skin usually shows itself in the neck and chin area. So much so that, sometimes you seem like you have a second chin. You may prefer the facelift procedure to permanently get rid of these problems. During this procedure, your chin and necklines are reshaped.


1. It Works on Different Signs of Aging

The facelift is an extremely effective procedure and can eliminate more than one aging effect accordingly. As it is known, problems may occur on your face due to factors such as the sun, old age, gravity, and smoking. The fat loss and thinning of skin tissue on your face are the main sources of these problems. With the facelift, excess skin is removed; the muscles and tissues in the lower regions are tightened. Thus, the face and neck area is much smoother. In short, it has the power to remove sagging and wrinkles appeared on your face due to different reasons.

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