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Hair loss is a serious problem for many people. It both makes us look older and reduces our self-confidence psychologically. A lot of people do not want to engage with social environments because of this issue and have various distresses. Hair transplantation operations are promising operations for this problem. There are many ongoing technological and surgical developments in the field of hair transplantation. Now, most of the operations end up quite well. However, one of the most important issues that should not be forgotten is that you must not be hasty about the results of these operations.

This is not a procedure limited only with a surgical operation. You need more than a few hours or a few months to see the results. The hair transplantation treatment requires a certain amount of time. It has some stages. You can learn about these stages before you decide on the operation and you can take a decision accordingly. And also adjust your expectancies accordingly.

How long should I wait for the complete result after the hair transplantation operation? What should I expect?


The Stages of the Hair Transplantation Operation

In the first 2 weeks after the operation, redness on your scalp and small scratches might be observed. Mild bleedings might also occur. This is related to canalizing on your scalp and placing hair follicles in the opened canals during the operation. Canalizing on skin is a bleeding procedure, you do not feel anything during the operation but might feel a mild pain afterwards.

These scars and bleedings will form a scab after a very short while. Scabbing over is a natural course of the utmost normal healing process. In the end of the second week, all the scabs fall in a large extent. Your scalp looks like just before the operation and no redness stay at all.

  • Between 2 and 8 Weeks

Your newly transplanted hair will start to fall off after 2 weeks. This is a situation known by all. It is called a shock loss. It is generally seen in the end of the hair transplantations or the operations that are made with laser. A big part of yoeur newly transplanted hair will start to shed suddenly and the area that hair follicles were placed will go bald like before. But do not worry about this situation. This is quite natural and very common. Because the first hair that had been transplanted there cannot hold onto instantly. As a result, both the area that the transplantation is made on and the donor area where the hair follicles are picked from will be healed completely between 2-8 weeks.

  • Between 2 and 4 Months

In the period between 2. and 4. month growing of your hair will slow down a bit. 5% of growth can be observed in new hair. As it is seen, there will be a partial growth of your newly transplanted hair up to the 4. month, and it will reach to even better levels afterwards.

  • Between 4 and 5 Months

After the 4. month, your hair starts to grow. But you should not expect all the hair that is transplanted to grow instantly. Because at first, only one quarter of them grow. This is related to the fact that your scalp does not answer to the operation at the same time as a whole. You need to wait a bit more to see them all grow. It will not stay like that just because only a part of it grew.

For you to not be hasty and all the hair to be grown, you should discard at least a six months of duration. The slow growth and the unbalanced distribution maybe will not make it look like what you wanted, but this is not an important problem. This situation will also change by time. You should be patient during this time, because these are situations that are seen by everyone and quite natural.

  • Between 6 and 12 Months

The 6 months after the hair transplantation operation, is the period where you will see your new hear in real terms. But of course, the hair transplantation treatment is not a process completed after 6 months. It might take 1 year for your hair to reach to a natural look. But after the operation, from the sixth month to the ninth month, you can observe that most of your newly transplanted hair grew. This means that after the sixth month, satisfying results will be observed.

In this last period, recovery and condensing happen in your hair. You can see that you start to have even more dense and abundant hair. This shows that the operation has been done with a high success rate. After the 9. month, this look of your hair becomes even better. In a one-year period, you can see your hair growing just like before and your appearance changed completely.



Your Expectancies from The Hair Transplantation Operation

Maybe you don’t have as abundant hair as you wanted right after the hair transplantation operation. Still, it is for sure that it will be different than before and your hair will grow again. You will be pleased with the results unless you face with any problems. Your doctor will inform you about your expectancies before the operation. The operation is not limited by a simple transplantation operation in appearance. This is even a deeper procedure and aims to reactivate the hair follicles under the scalp. Therefore, it requires a long time.

You can get information from your doctor about what you must pay attention to in almost all the stages. For example, if your doctor warned you about smoking and some medicine in the first 2 weeks after the operations, you must absolutely listen to these warnings. Resurrection of your hair follicles is also related to the healthiness of your body and blood flow. You should also take care of yourself as much as possible since this is a resurrection and renewal process.

Also, having very lively and completely abundant hair or obtaining even more dense hair than it is possible might not be realistic. If your doctor is a specialist and experienced, he or she will inform you on these matters. In short, you should also be realistic about the results of the hair transplantation operation and should not ignore your doctor’s advices.


The Success of the Operation

A natural look as a result of the hair transplantation also depends on your doctor’s success in a large extent. If your doctor is professional and experienced enough, the doctor will adjust the angle successfully while canalizing during the hair transplantation. Adjusting the angles is the part which requires the finest work. You should definitely choose a clinic which has required certificates about health and the required equipment, as well as specialist doctors who attend to the operation. If you do not make a compromise and not forget that this is a process, and wait enough while complying with the instructions, the result will please you greatly.

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