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Tummy tuck operation is a widely used aesthetic surgery method to remove the fat and skin layer in the abdomen area. Negative results of tummy tuck operations in some cases can provoke a misleading thought in people that it is a frightening surgery. Nowadays, with the developing technology, tummy tuck surgeries can be performed by specialist physicians in a very short time.

How to perform a correct tummy tuck operation? What are the stages? It’s all in our article.


What is Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Tummy tuck procedure is an operation performed under general anaesthesia for people who have excess fat and skin and who have sagging around the abdomen area and other similar problems. It can be applied to every healthy person, male or female. It is a common procedure performed on people having a recessed navel after pregnancy.

The operations take between 3 and 4 hours depending on the situation. However, a small tummy tuck operation may take between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on the patient. The size of the work to be performed is a factor.


Old Appearance Is Obtained After The Operation

It may take several months for the person to regain his/her former appearance after this operation. Oedema and suture scars disappear within certain periods depending on the treatment. Tummy tuck operation is started under general anaesthesia in order to correct the sagging caused by excessive weight loss.

Along with the recommended diet and exercising before surgery, these surgeries are not immediately dated. The patient is followed up for a while as a priority. An immediate decision can be made for the abdomen which is in a bad enough condition to deteriorate health. This is primarily determined by the tests to be performed.

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Operation Stages

  • Operation is started with general anaesthesia.
  • A horizontal incision is made in the area between the groin and the stomach to the extent necessary for the operation.
  • After the incision, the abdominal skin is removed, and the weakened muscles are identified and strengthened.
  • A second incision is made in the next step. The option of reshaping the belly can be considered at this stage if needed.
  • The upper abdominal skin is pulled down and the two skins are put together to make it ready for suturing.
  • Excess skin and fat are removed before suturing.
  • After the surface is tightened, these two parts are sutured, and the operation is completed.

tummy tuck


Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

The technique applied during this operation starts with a wide examination of the area where the skin will be completely removed. After the psychological state of the patient is taken into consideration with the examinations to be performed, the decision for the operation is taken. Subsequently, healthy eating and regular sleep are recommended until the day of surgery. Nothing should be eaten until 12 hours before surgery.


Intraoperative Applications

The skin layer to be removed from the abdomen area during surgery is drawn and various preliminary information is given to the patient for a flat tummy tuck operation. A pre-planned strategy is applied for the skin to be stretched under the belly button. The sagging or cracked skin, which is cut, is removed and the skin is stretched from top to bottom following a thin line. Suturing is performed in such a way that it is 1 span below the belly button.

If there are still some disturbances in appearance, the fat layers in the fluctuated areas are removed using liposuction and a flat surface is obtained. Thanks to the aesthetic stitches, there is never much scarring in the abdominal area of the patient.


Ministry Approved Centers


Postoperative Patient Status

In order to prevent bleeding and oedema after the surgery, medications given by your doctor should be used in a timely manner and sudden movements should be avoided. At the same time, dressings should be handled on time and regularly. The patient’s movements should be slow for a while due to the inner sutures causing stretching of the substrate.

Repeated pregnancy and excessive weight gain after surgery may prevent the permanence of this surgery. The patient may experience the same sagging and stretch marks. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to be very careful after tummy tuck surgery.

  • The person can take a bath about 3 days after the operation.
  • You can go back to work after 8 weeks if you have a heavy job or after 2 weeks if you have an office job.
  • If the operation is for a small part, then the given time may be shorter.
  • Since the cuts are made as to be hidden under the underwear, it is recommended to go under the sun at least 3 months after the operation.

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Recovery Time

After these operations, the patient is usually kept under control in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. The corset, which is worn immediately after surgery, should be worn continuously for 1 month in order to prevent sagging and oedema and to protect the wound. These corsets increase the success of the surgery.

Depending on the amount of anaesthesia given, the average recovery time after surgery is between 20 and 30 minutes. After 4 hours, the patient can walk with the help of someone. The next day, he/she becomes self-acting. The pain after the operation is very normal. Your doctor will give you painkillers at a level that will minimize these pains. Since sutures will be intact within 15 days, the patient should avoid sudden coughing and sneezing.


Who Can Undergo Tummy Tuck Operations?

  • It can be performed on men and women, regardless of gender.
  • It is more suitable for those who have no general health problems, who are able to get anaesthesia and who do not plan pregnancy afterwards.
  • For women who have just given birth, there must be at least 1 year between the surgery and the birth.
  • Those who have not had a major operation before may be considered suitable for this operation.
  • It can be applied to all healthy individuals between 18 and 65 years of age who can be prepared for all possible outcomes that may be positive and negative since it is a surgical method.

Surgical intervention is not a lifelong solution but a tool. It is effective only when it is performed correctly, and all the efforts are continued patiently.

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