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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most preferred body shaping procedures worldwide. It is an excellent method for women who want to change the shape and size of their breasts. It is performed with the use of silicone or saline implants specially prepared for the patient’s unique structure. An experienced and expert surgeon in this field is important for going through a successful and trouble-free procedure and the subsequent healing process.

Possible swelling, redness and bruising after surgery may cause anxiety in some patients. Even if it is temporary, with the advice to be given against these side effects, you will be able to get through the process without any problems.

Breast augmentation surgery will allow you to have the breasts of your dreams. Swelling after this surgery is an expected side effect.

When does the swelling go down after breast augmentation surgery? What should be considered in this process? All the details are in our article.

Breast Augmentation Swelling Day by Day

It is very normal to experience swelling after surgery. It can be considered as a reaction of the body to the surgical procedure. This swelling, which occurs after the operation, peaks in 3 days for a significant part of the patients and starts to decrease afterward. Most of the swellings are gone within 6 weeks. However, a little more patience is required for the remaining mild swelling to go away. 3-4 months after the operation, the swelling will be largely gone.

The experience of the surgeon performing the operation, how much trauma the tissues are exposed to during the procedure and the recommendations given afterward have an important effect on the swelling. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that the most important defense against excessive swelling is to choose an experienced and expert surgeon.

If you experience an abnormal increase in swelling after surgery, you should contact your doctor immediately and report the situation. Thus, with additional precautions to be taken, necessary interventions will be made to eliminate the complication and necessary recommendations will be given.

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Is It Normal to Have More Swelling in One of the Breasts?

After breast augmentation surgery, some patients may experience irregular swelling in their breasts. This is very normal and is usually caused by the breasts healing at different rates. The associated irregularity resolves spontaneously within a few weeks and often no additional treatment is required.

Although it is normal to have more swelling in one of the breasts, it should also be noted that this may be a sign of plethora. If you are worried that something is not right and you are worried about excessive swelling, you can contact your surgeon.

Is It Normal to Have More Swelling in One of the Breasts?

Is It Normal To Have Abdominal Swelling After Breast Augmentation?

After the operation, it can be expected that the swelling in the breast area will go down to the abdomen with the effect of gravity. There are some simple measures you can take to reduce the swelling in this area. These are as follows:

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Doing light exercises such as walking
  • In cases where swelling is severe, stopping or changing pain medications with doctor’s approval
  • If you are experiencing stomach swelling due to constipation, ask your surgeon for help.

Some pain medications can cause constipation. In such a case, changing the drug will be very effective in eliminating the problem.

Abdominal swelling is considered normal. The swelling goes away on its own within a few days. However, it should be kept in mind that some drugs and inactivity can cause slow digestion and consequent constipation. In such cases, the swelling in the abdomen may last a little longer.

The Most Effective Tips for Reducing Swelling After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Swelling is normal after breast augmentation surgery. These swellings usually go away on their own without the need for any additional treatment. However, simple measures you will take to reduce swelling can make the process take much shorter. These effective measures are as follows:

  • The surgical bra gently compresses the breasts and thus helps reduce puffiness.
  • The plant called Arnica can give effective results in removing bruises and swelling. You can talk to your surgeon about arnica supplementation.
  • In the first period after the operation, you should not force your body too much. During this period, light exercises such as walking will contribute to the reduction of swelling.
  • If you still have swelling in the upper part of your breasts 3 months after the operation, you should consider that these may be the implants themselves. It may take 6 months or more for the implants to fully settle.

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Tissue Stretching After Breast Augmentation

In order for the breasts to look natural and be soft, the skin must have sufficient elasticity. For this, tissues need to expand. This process is completed in different times for each patient. Patients with small and tight breasts probably need several months to achieve the desired results.

For patients with relatively larger and looser breasts, this process takes an average of 6-8 weeks. At the end of this process, the breasts are recovered and can look like the final results.

Do You Feel Depressed After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

When you ask patients who have had breast augmentation surgery if they are satisfied, almost all will say they are satisfied, but the first few days might be tough. Physical healing is often considered important in this procedure, and emotional healing is often overlooked. However, it should not be forgotten that it is common for patients to experience a short-term mild depression after surgical operations.

The sadness in the first days of the surgery disappears when the healing process is completed and the patients return to their daily routines. Especially the fact that their breasts get closer to the image they want every day is extremely effective in eliminating the sadness of the patients.

Depending on the anesthesia given during the surgery, the drugs used and the procedures performed, the breasts may look strange in the first period. As a result, a temporary feeling of doubt may occur. This suspicion can cause emotional difficulties and short-term depressive feelings.

The important thing at this stage is to be patient and accept that this process is normal. The sadness that occurs after the operation usually disappears completely within 2-3 weeks with the effect of the healing process.

It is normal to experience mild depression and it is not very difficult to deal with. However, if you are experiencing severe depression and cannot cope with it, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about the issue. In the meeting you will hold, your situation will be examined in detail and necessary information will be given. Thus, it will be much easier for you to overcome the doubt and sadness you experience.

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