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Hair transplantation is a method that permanently solves people’s hair loss problem. Therefore, hair transplantation has been successfully performed for a long time. Expectations for this procedure are changing and new methods are being developed. The DHI technique has been developed as such. It is considered as the most advanced and successful technique in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation with the DHI technique is performed in different countries. However, Turkey stands out with the advantages that it has. In the continuation of our article; you will find the answers to the questions such as: Why is it a good idea to have DHI hair transplantation in Turkey? What are the advantages that are not found in other countries?


The DHI Technique and Its Features

The DHI technique has been developed to overcome some problems in earlier techniques such as FUT. In this technique, special pens called “Choi pen” are used. Therefore, it is also known as “pen hair transplantation”. The grafts collected one by one from the donor area are carefully placed in special pens. Then they are planted to the hairless area at the desired angle. The use of pens allows canal opening and hair transplantation to be performed simultaneously. Thus, the grafts are placed in canals of the perfect size for them. All these increase the success rate of hair transplantation.

The DHI hair transplantation technique has several advantages. The outstanding ones can be listed as follows:

  • More intense hair transplantation
  • Permanent and certain solution to baldness
  • Opportunity of transplantation without a haircut
  • Being a method of the latest technology
  • A natural look


Can DHI Hair Transplantation Technique Be Used in Any Clinics?

DHI is a recently developed technique. In this technique, special technological tools are used. Considering their use and other details, it would not be wrong to say that it is a special procedure. Hair transplantation is performed in many clinics around the world. However, it would be wrong to say that this method can be performed in all hair transplantation clinics.

For the DHI technique, the doctor needs to have knowledge and experience. If a doctor who does not have them performs the DHI technique, the result will be a huge disappointment.

DHI Technique compared to FUE Method

DHI technique is applied successfully in clinics in Turkey. In particular,  Cosmeticium Clinic in Istanbul successfully provides hair transplantation services to thousands of patients from all over the world every year.


The Advantages of Having Hair Transplantation with the DHI in Turkey

Above, the advantages of the DHI technique are mentioned in detail. The high success rate of this technique is an extremely important advantage. In this part of our article, we will talk about the advantages of having hair transplantation in Turkey with the DHI technique.


1. Maximum Graft Transplantation in a Short Time

The DHI technique is slightly slower than other methods. The reason is that more intense hair transplantation can be performed in the cm2 area.  This is overcome in Turkey by two doctors participating in the operation. Thanks to two doctors, 5,500 and sometimes even more grafts can be transplanted in a single session. Thus, hair transplantation is completed in one session.


2. Performance of All Procedures by Specialist Doctors

Hair transplantation is a procedure consisting of several stages and all of these stages are extremely important. In some countries, transplantation of grafts is performed by healthcare professionals besides doctors. This may mean a decrease in the quality of the procedure. This is different in Turkey. All procedures related to hair transplantation are performed by doctors with expertise and experience in this field. Thus, a significant increase in the quality of the procedure is there.


3. Certified Clinics

Different certificates and approvals are required to demonstrate the quality of the clinics. The clinics in Turkey are quite ahead in this sense. They have all the necessary certificates and approvals in this field. This shows that hair transplantation quality with the DHI technique is extremely high.


4. High Quality and Reasonable Price

The DHI technique is performed with extremely high quality in Turkey. It can be said that it is even above international quality standards. Therefore, people from all over the world come here for hair transplantation. In addition to the quality, the advantage of reasonable prices draws attention. When the prices are compared with the USA and EU countries, it is seen that the figures are almost 70% more reasonable. Moreover, these figures include services such as accommodation and transportation.

When all these are taken into consideration, Turkey is acknowledged to be a serious destination for hair transplantation with the DHI technique.

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