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In some cases, patients may require more hair transplanted. For these patients who want a firmer and dense look on their hair, not all methods may meet their expectations. The FUE method has been successfully implemented for a long time and it meets the expectations. DHI method is the newest and most advanced procedure in hair transplantation sector.

Why should DHI method be preferred for those who need more and more hair transplantation? In this article we will examine the details of this. Before that, we will talk about other methods of hair transplantation.

Why should people who will have a large amount of hair transplanted prefer DHI Method? We will examine the details in our article. But beforehand, let’s mention about other hair transplantation methods and clarify why DHI method is more advantageous.


Hair Transplantation in General Terms

Hair transplantation is a small-scale cosmetic surgery performed primarily by plastic surgery teams. It should be done in the conditions of the private hospital and operating rooms. Before the hair transplantation begins, the photos are taken in order to be informed about the condition of the hair. Then, the area where the hair follicles will be taken and the area to be transplanted is shaved with the machine.

The hair roots are removed from the hair located on the upper parts of the two ears, which are designated by the doctor, by using micro surgical methods. These roots are transplanted in the region where the surgery will be performed.

The methods known in the field of hair transplantation are gradually playing second fiddle with the development of technology. For example, hair transplantation technique, which was used as FUT method in the past, was replaced by FUE method. Although FUE is still a successful hair transplantation technique, DHI has several advantages over FUE.

There is no need to scrape the hair in the DHI method. Roots are removed from the hair on the upper part of the ears, which is the unspilled region. Then, these roots are transplanted in sparse areas and the process is completed. This method is currently the most practical and the most advantageous method as it is completed within the shortest period.

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What are the differences between FUE and DHI?

Although DHI hair transplantation method is not very new, its applications are seen in recent days. First, the two most commonly used methods in hair transplantation operations are:


FUE Method

In FUE method, micro channels are opened after shaving the scalp. The collected hair roots are transplanted in the opened channels in the sparse region. The most important step of the process is to open the channel. The channel must be opened at the right angle to match the structure of the existing hair. Performing this process professionaly determines the future naturalness and density of the hair. The operation is completed in 4-8 hours according to the number of roots to be transplanted.

FUE Hair Transplantation Method


DHI Method

The DHI method is also known as direct hair transplantation. The reason for this name is that the transplantation process is done directly with special pens. The collected hair follicles are placed in these special pens and can be applied directly to the region without the need for channel opening. This is the most important difference between the DHI method and the FUE method.

Another advantage of the DHI method is that the recovery time is much shorter. The reason for this is that the scars of the transplantation which is carried out by using very fine point pens are very small. Therefore, it tends to recover much faster. You can go back to work even on the same day. At the same time, you do not need to shave your hair in DHI method. Even for this feature, many people have started to prefer DHI method.

prefer DHI

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Why Should DHI Method Be Chosen?

DHI hair transplantation is the most technologically advanced procedure of hair transplantation. Therefore, it is a more advanced method than others. This method allows the hair transplantation to be performed in a short time. The Choi Pen, used in this procedure, is capable of performing 2 operations at the same time. One of them is to open the channel in the hair follicles, to take the hair follicles from there and to transplant the follicles taken with the same tool in the balding area. Therefore, this process is more time-saving compared to previous applications. It can be easily applied under local anesthesia.

The most important issue in hair transplantation applications is how the hair will grow, how the shape will be and whether the outlook will be natural after the hair transplantation process. Therefore DHI application is one of the procedures that answer these questions. In hair transplantation with DHI method, the hair retains its natural appearance and grows naturally. The healing process is much shorter.



We have examined the advantages of the DHI method. DHI method is the most suitable option especially for those who need denser hair transplantation or a greater amount of hair follicles. Because maximum cultivation per cm2 can be achieved with this method. This is achieved by the very fine-tipped hair transplantation pens called Choi Pen. The special Choi Pen hair transplantation pens, thanks to their thin tips, allow much more hair follicles to be transplanted in the smallest area.

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